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Lil Wayne

Arrested in Idaho

10/6/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

: As of late Saturday, Lil Wayne is free on $10,000 bond.

TMZ has learned that rapper Lil Wayne was arrested early Saturday morning in Boise, Id.

Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., was booked into the Ada County Jail by the Boise City Police around 7:30 AM MT this morning. The Sheriff's Department website indicated he was booked on felony charges of being a fugitive.

Boise cops tell TMZ Wayne was arrested immediately following his concert Friday night at Boise's Qwest Arena. We're told he was picked up on a felony warrant out of Fulton County, Ga., for a felony possession of drugs charge. Authorities from Georgia contacted Idaho police and gave them the heads up about the warrant.

Cops tell us he was very cooperative and was arrested without incident. He is now in protective custody pending an arraignment and extradition hearing, which will take place Monday afternoon.

Wayne was previously nabbed in July on a gun charge in New York, and in 2006 he was busted in Atlanta for drug possession.

Calls to Lil Wayne's publicist were not immediately returned. No other information is yet available.

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Wow so much haters, that why most of you don’t grow to be successful. You need to abort of self-hate and learn to appreciate life more. Fools

2576 days ago


Wow... I have never seen such Hate on a blog page..... Over someone no one knows personaly. as an Idahoan I thought it was hillarious that someone knowingly had a warrant and went on tour without resolving the matter first, that is just asking for trouble and loss of money with all the refunded tickets for the next show.... Boise Cops dont give a rats ass who you are or what you do...its a good thing he didnt run or pull a gun cuz round here its Open season for the BPD....just look at the rate they are running down freeked out teenagers with unloaded none working guns.

2576 days ago


Is that a set of testicles tattooed on his forehead? If so... Idaho Sen. Larry Craig would like to have a word

2576 days ago

Pretty Ricky    

His buddy "Birdman" need to fly or drive his whip down there and get Lil Wayne out. There is alot of crazy ass white people in Idaho they might try and hurt him.

2576 days ago


You have got to be kidding me...

I just looked up reparation-WOW since it works that way, I am going to sue the designer of the poodle skirt for naming a skirt after a dog. And if he/she has passed away, next of kin will have to do. I didn't grow up in that generation but someone in my family did, so that will be my argument. Wish me luck

2576 days ago


How did this blog started as Lil Wayne and became the validity of reparations.

2576 days ago


First of all, has Lil Wayne ever attacked ya'll. Ya'll would think the man went on a mass killing spree the way ya'll talking. Half the people on this web-site smoke weed or drink way too much. So yee without dank (weed for the slow persons) or drank cast the 1st stone.

2576 days ago


Good question!!

Stupidity needs to get lost. 9/11 was our wake-up call. .

Seems like when illegals and our borders became our task at hand-someone threw slavery in the mix too.


2576 days ago


America, America, Amarica!!! Black, White, Black, White!!! Divided!!!! Am may went to jail for crimes he commit or crimes the justice system will have to prove he commit, the same justice system who tried O.J, Sen Craig, Foley, Martha Stewart, Isiah Thomas any many others in the past and many to come, whats up with all the racist remarks??? For what i can see 'some' rappers pride themselve as being thugs and should expect to receive what thugs usually get... What about Senators to you trust and voted for, white/black/green whatever color, breaking the rules too... Have some of you take the time to read the transcript on the conversation Mark Foley had wth the underage kid?? have some of you who claims the street is one thug safer watch Dateline To catch a preditor lately?? what about this "dirtbag" that's on national television admitting to be a child preditor?? what if he was not white??? Google "a false sense of security" educate yourself its not black and white America its RIGHT & WRONG!!! JUDGING SOMEONE BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY LOOK IS DANGEROUS AND STUPID!! MOST OF THE TIMES THE ONE'S YOU TRUST BLACK/WHITE/GREEN, IS THE ONES WHO SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!!! AND YES I AM WHITE!!!

2576 days ago


I don't kno y he keeps doin something that just keeps gettin him in trouble I'm a fan I support him but dis maddness needs 2 stop

2576 days ago


If race is that much of an issue for you people, which clearly it is; because you are ranting and raving like a bunch of lunatics, then clearly it has something to do with your own insecurities... If you're happy with who you are, then someone else's remarks shouldn't offend you!

2576 days ago


It really amazes me when people read a 3 paragraph article on someone and forms so many opinions. I honestly wish that all who posted a negative comment would do there homework before posting a comment.It is funny to read the comments about Lil wayne and then read the comments of an article about Lindsey Lohan or Brittany Spears. At the end of the day they are all regular people just like you and I who make wrong choices in life sometimes. Believe me when I say I do not promote the wrong doings of either one of the individuals mentioned above but please millions of people get arrested on a daily basis and they dont get this much attention. Get a grip, there is so much more to worry about.

2576 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

I personally do not believe that skin pigment has much to do with intelligence! As far as Lil Wayne goes, if you are a well known star and plan to be in the public eye, well, you take your chances! He had an outstanding warrant and got popped for it! As far as the race card goes, color doesn't change this much either. There is plenty of genocide going on in Africa and other parts of the world perpetrated by people trapped in some very unfortunate situations- of all colors and creeds! Take a look at Rwanda if you don't believe me! In Europe is was that Hitler nutjob! White, black, tan, brown, whatever! I don't care if you're Robert Blake, OJ Simpson ( who I do believe was at the very least was partially set up for this last incident), Phil Spector, or G.W. Bush, If you do the crime, be prepared to pay the consequences! Sounds like pain old stupidity was the major contributing factor here!

2576 days ago


137# thats the best you could come up with? why dont i just leave?even if i did leave it wouldnt change american history.the millions of people in other contries hate america. all of what i wrote is true and you cant handle the truth. if i went back to africa it would do no good. the whites run africa too.they raping africa of her diamonds and forcing africans to dig for those all the rich and famous can be like bling done with this subject i know that all white people arent racist.i will continue to love my fellow man whatever race he may be.

2576 days ago


my comment is for 136#

2576 days ago
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