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Britney and Sis Run for the Border

10/7/2007 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unfitney and little sis Jamie made a stop at Taco Bell last night, in the company of about a hundred paparazzi. One problem though; Brit Brit forgot how to order food, y'all! How she gon' get her some vittles?!

The popwreck tried to order grub for herself and Jamie, but ding dang it -- she was yelling through her raised door window, and the Taco Bell employees couldn't hear her. How do you work these fancy electronical windows anyways?! Mama Lynne would know what to do!

Finally, photogs took pity and placed the order for her, even bringing ditzy Britz her food. Them drive-thrulaters can be tricky buggers!


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Is this never gonna stop??? Went the paparazzi stops making a big deal out of this has- been unfit mother than the general population can stop suffering having to hearing about. So what she's got a number 1 song on the charts this is not the measure of a person of value, it only measures their commerciality, just ask Curt Kolvane or what ever his name was.

2573 days ago


imagine having a skanky sister like her as role model.god help her.want bets on when she screws up.wont be long.

2573 days ago


Finally someone who doesn't want anything from her. Britney needs to reconcile w/ her mom, because you only get one mother. I am sooo glad to see her mother finally decided to end this tough love and go to her daughter's side. Brit ney needs that mothering figure right about now, she has fallen off track with herself. Britney is a strong woman with strong southern back ground so she will bounce back.

2573 days ago


lilo left rehab today

2573 days ago

Puter Boi    

I wonder if Harvey Levin has already briefed his crew on contingency plans upon hearing of Britney's death? I suspect he has a calender in his office so he can count down the days. Probably has an office pool going...betting on which pushy photographer will finally send Britney over the edge.

I'll wager the wonderful "reporter" responsible will get a bonus from Harvey.

There will be celebrations at TMZ's headquarters and a curious lack of remorse.

2573 days ago


I felt a little sorry for her but enough is enough!!!!!! What the f is wrong with her? She doesn't look like she is hurting and wtf is she doing driving her little sister around? She isn't fit to drive her dog let alone her sibling!!!! AND HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what's up with her never wearing seatbelts? And in the second video there's a freaking cop in the background who doesn't do a damned thing about it~! I guess he/she was too busy eating his/her donut(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2573 days ago

Lenn K.    

This really can be how the paparizzi spend their time stalking a overweight, no-talent, overspending, motherdearest, drug addicted, drunk, and just plain stupid turd. The world can tell the media is how for death or something close to it. Why on earth would the media be this rabid for this nutcase, attentionseeking, out-of-touch, out-of-brains Kook!!!???

2573 days ago


Why do you always have to pu!t in that "y'all" and" ding dang it" all the time. I really don't think that is the way she talks!

2573 days ago

Blah blah blah    

She does an excellent job of making the papz look like total and complete idiots. Come on, catering to her, getting her food, going into the restroom with her. You morons are nothing more than her flunkies. And she doesn't even have to pay you guys. The joke is----YOU.

2573 days ago


No talent? Please do not insult Britney! She has a lovely voice.

2573 days ago


Oh, great -- She's barrelling down the busy roads of SoCal at all hours, and she is too ... ahem ... "out of it" ... to even operate the car window.

Just great.

I'm surprised the enabling local cops didn't run over and place her order for her.

... Can't wait 'til the judge gets ahold of her.

2573 days ago

Get a Clue    

If you earn over $700,000 per month, why on earth would you eat Taco Smell food?

Why would you dart into public restrooms barefoot?

This chick is pure trash.

2573 days ago


Yeah, Britney is back on top of the charts! The girl has it going on.

2573 days ago


I don't understand why Britney needs to be photographed evryday. Can't she stay home for a while and come back rejuvenated and turned a new leaf? And when does Britney ever eat home-cooked meals? Such a big mansion, probably with an extravagant kitchen that needs a cooking feast!

2573 days ago


I see the hack(s) is(are) up and at it early this A.M.

2573 days ago
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