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Paris Parties Like It's Her Birthday

10/7/2007 9:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ cameras caught up with a sparkly Paris Hilton as she helped celebrate her sister Nicky's twenty-fourth birthday at Vegas Nightclub LAX on Friday night. When does this girl sleep?!

All eyes were supposed to be on Nicky, but Paris -- still surprisingly extension-free -- stood in the spotlight to give her lil' sis a birthday shout-out. Then, for the rest of the night, Paris danced wildly on a couch -- grabbing all the attention. What a bday surprise!


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5 cent    

Paris went to jail then she swore
to help charaties, then got bored.
She may think "that's hot"
but I say it's not
She's queen skank of all media whores!

2570 days ago


If you’re going to take David Letterman to task about this interview, you’ll have to do the same with his studio audience, and most of his T.V. viewers…they obviously loved it

Hilton is little more than a snobbish, media opportunist. By using her family connections, her wealth and constant posing, Hilton is viewed as someone who always “sells” herself whenever she is in front of the media in a way that is really quite common. It’s what people find so offensive about her. You never see this with Cate Blanchett, Reese Witherspoon or Scarlett O’Hara, or many other talented and admired celebrities.

Hilton lacks a certain quality and genuineness – and you can’t hide this from the camera. This is why she plays into gaining popularity with certain people, like teenagers, who are more naïve. She obviously idolizes the money and fame she desperately seeks in order to somehow validate who she is as a person. It is genuinely sad to watch.

As for her "fans" that post here; you are obviously in the minority.

2570 days ago


By the way, I posted the above comment before, but I don't want to give Hilton any more of my time -- she just isn't worth it.

2570 days ago

What a talent-less slut!

2570 days ago


To Vix, Shar, and May – Good comments!

It’s how most of the American public feels.

To Sierra #64 – Mirren’s comment on Paris

The only ones who compare Hilton to Princess Di are some of her fans and those like Helen Mirren who didn’t say that Hilton was like Princess Di, but said that “she – like Diana - has developed that deliberate foolishness, which is disarming.” By the way, Mirren often criticized Princess Diana cruelly to the press as far back as 1996, labeling her as “stupid,” and praised Camilla.

To Geri: #51 “Playing for Good”

Everybody knows this – her publicists made sure of it. Nothing like riding in on the coattails of the Hilton name and Hilton Foundation to get one much needed positive publicity – and invitations to “appear” at some charity events. We’ll all wait until she’s been giving her own serious time/money to charity for years – and without her publicists working so feverishly behind the scenes. Many other real celebrities we respect and admire have been doing this for decades. Got it?

By the way, we’ve been donating our time and resources to charity for many years and never asked for anything in return. Let me use your words: Are you so “stupid that you don’t know about this?”

2569 days ago


TMZ. What do you mean when does she sleep? She sleeps all day when the world is working....Gets up at 3 or 4pm. Goes shopping, eats, then gets ready to party and goes out at 12Mid or 1AM. That is her usual life 90% of the time.

2569 days ago


What's wrong with Paris wishing her sister a Happy Birthday? I found nothing wrong with what she did & as far as her dancing, she never claimed to be a professional dancer, she's just having a good time.

I guess all you useless jealous poor souls resent that they are both famous, beautiful & rich. If I had their money & looks I'd have a pretty big birthday bash too & would hope my sister would do the same, at least she was there.

2569 days ago


BTW - anyone who bashes Princess Diana has something wrong with them. I never liked this woman, coming to our country, winning awards that should definitely have gone to someone else - GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM YOU SNITTY SNOBBY BRIT

2569 days ago


I see that Paris has really changed since her unfortunate incarceration. NOT
Still the same meaningless life.

2569 days ago


Happy B-Day Paris,

Sweet Cheeks

2569 days ago


Paris has to have the attention. She is a selfish, trashy girl. She knows exactly what she is doing and acts like she is so innocent. Money can't buy class.

2569 days ago




2569 days ago

Go away!!    

#77 pukey, as a matter of fact I saw the same 'holding back the waterworks' wonky mug on parasite while David Letterman exposing her for the airhead that she is. It was so embarrasssing, if I didn't hate her so much I might have felt some compassion for her. As it was, I just felt it was due time someone gave her all the respect she deserves. She sooooo stupid she thought she won Dave over, when he only took the hook out and threw the fish back after catching it hook, line andsinker.

George W, I bet you were one (of the few) fans who screamed for Sarah Silvermans head after her jokes about parasite but you have so little good fodder for this twit that you will grab on to anything even half resembling a compliment. You really don't have alot to work with though do you?

2569 days ago


Leave it to Hilton "fans" to label higher standards as "jealousy." It's that tired old defense mechanism. Sadly, it speaks volumes about a certain, shallow part of our society that finds money and fame the only things in life worth striving for.

2569 days ago

I call bullshit    

Leave it to Hilton "fans" to label higher standards as "jealousy." It's that tired old defense mechanism.

Her two 'fans' are actually her mother and brother, they use the same two words 'jealous' or 'poor'. What they don't realize is how tacky and common they all are and that money does not mend either...... they can 'laugh all the way to the bank' while the rest of the world laughs at them behind their backs...

2569 days ago
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