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Brit to Parenting Coach -- Buzz Off

10/8/2007 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources tell TMZ the real reason Britney Spears didn't answer her buzzer when her kids came to visit last Thursday is because she wants nothing to do with anyone who tries to tell her how to be a good parent.

We're told Britney was well aware that her kids were coming at 10:00 AM. She had telephone conversations about it 10 minutes earlier. Britney's big concern was that she didn't want the parenting coach, who was in tow, to tell her how to interact with her kids.

So Brit's solution was to not answer the buzzer, as her kids cried in front of the house and waited for 40 minutes before K-Fed's bodyguard pulled the plug and returned home.

Britney has been told for a year that she needed help in raising her kids, but she has steadfastly refused to even get a proper nanny. Now the squeeze is on and she's not responding.

And even though our sources say Britney will show for court as ordered on October 26, another source tells TMZ Britney has repeatedly said she would never attend a court hearing.

And finally, as if her life isn't messy enough, we're told Britney is running out of money. Even though her single is a hit, the prospects of the album remain questionable because she's not going to promote it or tour. And we're told she spends like a crazy woman.


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I have mixed feelings about Britney. On one hand, I feel bad for her- yet I dont understand all the chances shes been given & she seems to think the rules dont apply to 'her' ! I dont think Brit or K-Fed need the boys, I think Brit's Mom- Lynn should get them!!

2519 days ago


How long will this girl continue to be brainless.........
She sure loves and misses her kids............NOT!!!!!!

2519 days ago


15. the first step in recovery is admitting u have a problem but she continues to deny it

Posted at 11:44AM on Oct 8th 2007 by cj

I haven't heard her say a word - she hardy speaks in any of her press - how do you know she denies anything. Maybe she knows she has problems - maybe that's way she let him take her kids......

2519 days ago

rock I.Q    

If she wanted privacy.She could release a statement to the media saying.something like,,,This is a personal matter we ask that you resepct my family and give me my space so that I may work at getting my children back to me.Its a difficult time for me and my family....Please leave us alone at this time...please back off and hold off on the pictures....
but no she is silent when it comes to her kids even in the parking lot..I would be crying at the mere mention of my childrens name from a dirtbag photgrapher.This would send me into a screaming fit of tears...Like as it would be a simular reaction of any mother...a normal I wrong here

2519 days ago


I wonder how much money those paps spend each month on camera flash bulbs just for Britney?

2519 days ago


745 - Paris Hilton
713 - Britney Spears

man, she's catchin up quick!!!

Paris, Hurry, before she steals your limelight!!!

2519 days ago


#48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! #48 is right! :P

2519 days ago


What a stuck up self centered immature BIT*H!!! I hope this girl falls so hard she can never get back up. I have not agreed with anything she has done but I always wanted to hope she would get better, but she is just an immature spoiled girl. She does not deserve those kids, and I'm glad she has to pay K-Fed $58,000.00 a month (that's what the radio said this morning), she deserves nothing. Those kids deserve so much better then a washed up spoiled pop starlet has been. K-Fed you better step up to the plate those are your babies too and they no longer have a mother who wants antyhing to do with them. Parenting or no parenting coach, if she wanted to see her kids she would have allowed the parenting coach to come in just to see her kids. Not only that, but she could have answered the door or sent someone to answer the door.

2519 days ago


Bottom line is if she is not complying with the judges orders then she doesn't get her kids back...period...and no visits until she decides to do what the judge has ordered. If she really cared about her kids she would be moving heaven and earth to do what is asked of her. My heart goes out to the boys. How confused they must be by all of this. They have no understanding of what is happening. Brittany...I believe in karma. Someday all of these selfish behaviors will come back to you. Suck it up and put your ego aside for those babies.

2519 days ago


another reason why any and all illegal aliens in this country should be immediately deported.

my, and millions of other families came to this country LEGALLY.

2519 days ago


How do you let your kids stand outside your house and cry for you! She just needs to be done & END IT ALL! And yes, that IS what I mean!!!!! She is a pathetic excuse for a human being and definitely not meant to be a mother! Bye Bye BRIT!!!

2519 days ago


I sure hope her mother can talk some sense into her. BS NEEDS to get some help for her mental issues in a HUGE way! She's a complete, over the top, nut job. I almost cringe a bit every day, to turn on the TV in the morning, or pick up the newspaper...I truly expect to hear any time that she's offed herself. But, right now, the most distrubing thing is how she's blowing off her own children. It didn't matter to her to obey a judge's orders, and given that she didn't, she blew off those kids. And now, just because she doesn't want to deal with a court-ordered parenting coach, she blew off her own children again. The day will come when those children will know that their mommy didn't want them. I can only imagine that both those boys are going to need a boat load of therapy. BS - you are a waste...a complete waste of skin.

2519 days ago



2519 days ago


I doubt very seriously if this gal is out of money............She has accomplished what very few people have................spend it and enjoy it..............tell the critics to buzz off!!

2519 days ago


Tessi - yes you are wrong - big time - these piece of crap paps are not gonna back off cause she releases a statement...........These are the same people that stalked her when she was in promises rehab - hiding in the hills. Don't be so naive.....

Maybe whats gonna happen is that they will pass "britney's law" one of these days. Stalking is against the law in the US. They are going to have to pass a law to stop these stalkers from doing this to people. I hope it does not take a tragedy to get the law passed however!!!

2519 days ago
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