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Britney is with Her Kids -- Right Now!

10/8/2007 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is-- as we speak -- visiting with her children at her home in Malibu.

An eyewitness tells TMZ that Sean P. and little Jayden were escorted into the house this morning, along with what appears to be the court ordered parenting coach. Britney is now walking around her gated community, dressed in a super short pink mini-dress, with the boys and the same nanny that was with the kids at Kevin's house.

Her hair is in a ponytail and she's talking on her cell phone. Quality time!

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Sick of people calling her the victim    

Thanks #24 for the laugh - she finally got her intercom fixed! Things are looking up:)

2538 days ago


Tiff is a beast and she's fat - that's why she is angry!

2538 days ago

how dumb    

To #51 - You're an idiot. Then get off the site YOURSELF and stop reading them!! You're dumb

2538 days ago


#62...Miss Myers...thank you! the previous post re: welfare! Please! That person OBVIOUSLY doesnt live in MY state! More babies, more money. It's a DISGRACE!! No one wants to change that it seems!

Listen to 17 seconds into the Britney & Bitchy Lynn video....she called ahead to get the paps to have their coffee ready...oh yeah, they "hound" her alright....she's a freak. Those poor little boys.

2538 days ago

Chris E    

This is PATHETIC, TMZ, spying on Britney Spears from her house. guys need to go someplace far away.

2538 days ago


Working to feed her kids????? Are you nuts? She can't take off a few hours when she's making a million a month on resids?

Gimme a break. Someone send this whole family back to the trailer park.

2538 days ago

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...right    

My loathing for her increases each day.

Compounded by the people who continue to support whatever she does, no matter how ugly her actions, those who are armchair diagnosing her and of course the paps who endlessly follow her. TMZ just brings it all together.

Yes I loath her now. She makes me sick. How sad.

If I saw her I would tell her off just like that lady in Brentwood did last night. As a matter of fact we should all just start heckling her and booing her if we see her around town.

2538 days ago


Hey #59, you're right!!! When 95% of the average people on the street say she's a psycho loser but half the people on TMZ, Perez, and others are online cheering for her and saying "leave her alone" and "she's a human," it's obvious she has some paid supporters here. Some of them even misspell the same words across the board and across the websites - now THAT's interesting. Some of them can't even spell her name right! In support of Kevin and those saying he's in it for the money, he genuinely seems to want what's best for the boys. He has tried many things to get BS to straighten up so she COULD keep her kids. If the sexist tables were turned and he were the ex-wife of a wacko major star with tons of money, no one would be saying these things. Everyone would cheer that woman on and tell her to take him for all he's got. K-Fed has help from his family, Shar Jackson, Britney's family, and even some professional nannies (not some "manny" that Britney wants to use for photo ops). Kevin should be commended for quietly doing his job and keeping the kids away from the rat race. Britney only uses them to show off for the photographers. By the way, it seems like she's at the gas station every single day. Unless she's only getting $10 of gas each time, she must be averaging 300 miles a day!!! Maybe that's where all her money is going.

2538 days ago


Dont blame the paps for brits actions, she loves all this attention, how would they know shes gonna have her kids, she called them, Kevin never let them around the kids when he had them, brit is one sick ass bitch

2538 days ago


I just wonder if these poor little kids know who anybody is in their lives!

2538 days ago


Ok enough is enough it's time to back off a little TMZ. Just let her self destruct in peace, like Anna Nicole.

2538 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Posted at 2:46PM on Oct 8th 2007 by My loathing for her increases each day

Jealous much? Britney could by and sell you 100 times because you are a worthless wench with no life.

2538 days ago


So how about them Yankees??

2538 days ago



1. See those adds on the top and side of this page? The more page hits they get,
the more money those people give TMZ.

2. The more money TMZ makes off a story the more they will keep doing more of the same type story.

3. SO STOP COMING HERE! If you STOP READING their posts they will CEASE to make money and won't have any to pay the PAPARAZZI, in which they will STOP following BRITNEY!

P.S. Britney TELLS the paps to follow her, she WANTS it.... she DOESN'T want left alone. Its HER fault, not TMZ!

2538 days ago


Britney is mentally ill and emotionally unstable. She most likely went over the brink with postpardem psychosis and has never returned. Coke and Stoli do not help matters. If she does not want to be observed by the the public mezmerized by the trainwreck that is her life, she should do the sensible thing. Get into recovery, focus on her kids and pray that its not to late. Oh and maybe wear a pair of panties, take a shower and eat a meal that does not come by way of a drive-thru window.

2538 days ago
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