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Britney Wants Job As a Bartender? Huh?!

10/8/2007 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsA court-ordered-sober Britney Spears applied for a new job on Thursday as a ... wait for it ... bartender!!

Sources inside the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif. tell TMZ Brit checked in Thursday and at around 10:30 PM went downstairs and started talking with a bartender.

We're told Spears told the bartender she wanted to do what she did -- then asked for and obtained an application from the night manager to work in the hotel's "Cameo Bar."

We're told the application is currently with Human Resources. The hotel website says the bar "serves imported and California wines, premium well drinks and appetizers ... signature drinks include Blood Orange, Key Lime and Raspberry Lemon Drop martinis."

This might be the worst possible gig for a mother trying to regain custody of her children, who is required to undergo drug and alcohol testing.

Spears checked out the next morning. No word yet if the hotel is considering hiring Brit Brit to pour their booze.


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I'd like to retract my former statement...but only because it wouldn't be fair to retards. Even they know better.

2570 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

The day care center was an awesome idea, too.

Hey, how about a bar in a day care center? Ding dang!

2570 days ago

rock I.Q    

whats wrong with this is Britney should not be in a hotel filling out an application
she should be lawyering up... hiring a team of parenting people to educate her on how to make her fit, getting her weave taken out so to improve her horrible image that she has destroyed with her antics. which
many people like her label are invested in,
rehire her agents and managers so she could give an
explanation to her fans.In regards
to her behavior, she owes them they gave her the celebrity she so values.
She should be getting to the root of her issues with serious therapy so she can be healthy for her children.Not hanging in a hotel.duh
there is a lot wrong with this.Yup y'all

2570 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

Paula, the way you become broke making $750,000 a month is by shoving it all up your nose.

2570 days ago

Little Mama LOVES Big Daddy    

Is Brit Brit REALLY that dumb? I would have to say no. She's just been ordered to pay low life $58,000 a MONTH in child support, if she becomes a bartender her income would be considerably less which means a whole bunch less a month for KFed. Ding Dang! Yall she ain't as stupid as she looks!!!

2570 days ago


To answer you T:

1) I have been in a very bad marriage which I'm trying to recover from
2) I don't care if my career is over - only you do
3) I'm not fat - I just had 2 kids - I will eat what I want it's a free country
4)I'm not going anywhere - I own 2 houses here - I'll live where I want

2570 days ago

rock I.Q    

I saw that shaw jackson on mtv superstar she was amazing and everyone ate her up they loved her.
for someone who was cheated on and left with two kids to speak so highly of K-fed something has to be there..i think....

2570 days ago


The songwriters are the ones that make the money, and Britney writes her own songs.
Everytime her music is played on the radio, TV, or another entertainer is singing her songs; Cha Ching!

2570 days ago


Britney---Why are you posting like you are really Britney Spears?? No one is going to believe that!! Just defend her, don’t act like you are her!!

2570 days ago


You know what I think? She had these kids too young. She thought she was ready for it ... but she realized sex symbol and Mother do not go well together. I think the kids should be with K-fed until she's ready to be a Mom. WHY ARE THERE NEVER ANY VIDEOS OF K-FED??? Let's see if he's the Dad that he's cracked up to be. He doesn't watch those kids ... he shoves them off to a nanny. Duh.

2570 days ago


I was knocked speechless on this one but then I remembered other famous people who have done some rather bizarre things, Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray -remember when he seriously annouced that he was going to try out for professional basketball? Boy that story disappeared fast but I actually saw footage of the announcement, Murray was dead serious. We're all flipping out over Britney right now because there's innocent children involved but she's not the first to indulge in wild and crazy behavior.

2570 days ago


Here's the thing though... NONE of "us" really know what's going on... I was just goin from a perspective where I'm NOT just bashing her because she is a celebrity who is whore'd across the media and all "we" know is what the gossipers show us lately. What does that really prove? Yes... her children have been taken away, we obviously know a lot about her court business.... but still... I'm not going to act as if I know the girl's life, because I don't! Obviously SOMETHING is wrong... but who knows WHAT, WHY... whatever!!!! I COMPLETELY agree that it really SEEMS as if she needs some serious therapy. But...again, I"m not going to go all judgmental on her either. I don't know the girl. And what TMZ "shows" us... can't be regarded as the truth either...

2570 days ago


Did anyone tell TMZ that the photo they have of her pouring looks incredibly Photoshopped?

2570 days ago


Stupid hillbilly. What an idiot.

2570 days ago



I just got a pop up from our local news (Las Vegas) that Pam Anderson got married AGAIN!!! Everybody is all over Britney but hey what about Pam Anderson... Is she any better of a mother????????? I think not. She parades different guys around her children ALL THE TIME! said on an interview in September that she paid off a poker debt with sexual favors and fell in love with that guy and not even a month later she marries rick solomon. Give Britney a break and start pointing fingers at everyone who is bad!!

2570 days ago
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