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Britney Wants Job As a Bartender? Huh?!

10/8/2007 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsA court-ordered-sober Britney Spears applied for a new job on Thursday as a ... wait for it ... bartender!!

Sources inside the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif. tell TMZ Brit checked in Thursday and at around 10:30 PM went downstairs and started talking with a bartender.

We're told Spears told the bartender she wanted to do what she did -- then asked for and obtained an application from the night manager to work in the hotel's "Cameo Bar."

We're told the application is currently with Human Resources. The hotel website says the bar "serves imported and California wines, premium well drinks and appetizers ... signature drinks include Blood Orange, Key Lime and Raspberry Lemon Drop martinis."

This might be the worst possible gig for a mother trying to regain custody of her children, who is required to undergo drug and alcohol testing.

Spears checked out the next morning. No word yet if the hotel is considering hiring Brit Brit to pour their booze.


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To: something new

"What's wrong with that" (if true) is that many alcoholics take jobs as bartenders so that they may continue their drinking among their peers, who won't call them on their behavior. This allows them to sink even further into the disease, as there is no one to reflect the abnormality of their drinking.

Apparently, Britney is going to have to hit a very serious bottom. I only hope it's not death.

As for the argument that she is doing all of this for publicity, I have to say that I strongly disagree. She would get just as much publicity for pulling an amazing turn-around, as she does for flashing her you-know-what. And it doesn't have to be in the music industry. Just a significant lifestyle change would be worthy of the cover of Time magazine!

That said, I do think she's a publicity hound, but, sadly, it seems that she feels her only way to garner publicity is by taking her madness public.

Finally, I agree with the poster who said the would hire her. There is no doubt that revenue would skyrocket...if only from sales to the papparazzi! lol

2580 days ago


The paparazzi can find Britney, Hayden, and dozens of other celebs, anytime, anywhere.

The White House should hire these guys to track down Bin Laden.

2580 days ago

Get some here!    

Hope her customers took their antidote for a clear head in the mornin'! Stuff is AWESOME!

2580 days ago


#83, definitely a fair comment. Pamela Anderson is no better, in fact, in many ways she is worse. If anyone ever went after custody of her kids it would be interesting, although I suppose they could bring up the fact that Tommy Lee let a toddler drown in his pool during his son's birthday party because he had the parents partying too instead of properly supervising the children.

2580 days ago


Ok, this picture is badly super imposed....where's Oswald?

2580 days ago


you all think you know,... but its all gossip

2580 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Although it's not the job for a person used to making what she has made in the past, Bartenders wind up making alot more than Minimum Wage after tips. Alot more.
That's if you're any good of course.

2580 days ago

rock I.Q    

she is not going to become a bartender. she is that dumb. plus her income would not be changed .
besides, K-fed gets 23% of her income Im not a math wiz but thats not 23% of 750k that 59,000.00
she still makes the750k from royalties not working.If britney is on here her fans have many messages for her to get her kids back and get her career back on track.please read them britart
Brit instead of smearing someone's comments...and arguing with posts duh...

2580 days ago

rock I.Q    

Pam anderson has hair and custody of her children..sorry we are happy to bash britwit its fun..but thks for the dose of celeb info britney I mean um Debbie..whatever...

2580 days ago


Looks like she is dissing the Court's Commissioner who ordered that she be tested. Keep goin Brit, we know you need an itch that needs to be scratched. That'll happen on October 26th.

2580 days ago

G Lucas    

PLEASE!!!! Stop covering her. That's the only way she's ever going to go away. She has nothing else to do. Nothing! This woman/girl has zero to offer the general public. Zero! Please make it stop.

2580 days ago


To poster #90: well duh! Of course it's all gossip and speculation but TMZ will continue to cover it and so will all the other paparazzi organizations because even those of us who wish the paps would back off a little will continue coming in here. We're all news junkies and gossip junkies the lot of us, only some of us openly admit it. We speculate, we post our opinions, shock, outrage, dismay, and sometimes sympathy and/or encouragement of celebrities because we have something to say about it. Occasionally believe it or not, the topics we argue about actually generates a discussion about important topics like child and animal abuse, rights to privacy, etc. So lighten up, you're right it's all gossip and we really don't know but we're here to stay.

2580 days ago

rock I.Q    

she could never be a bartender like the earlier post said you have to be Quick on your feet.It is a great job in the right club or Bar makes lots of money..i agree.
and if she was not in the middle of a custody battle and a PR nightmare QUEST. It might actually be interesting news.That would be funny to watch a celeb bartend and brit before the crazy antics being her funny self and old "stages" personality would be hilarious.But she will never listen to reason and she is going to lose her kids thus lose her celebrity respect in the industry and everything else so to bad not the washed mom of two trying to be sexy...America is hating her for this bIG time...

2580 days ago


This story sounds familiar - didn't she do this before, perhaps ask for a waitress application somewhere? - Maybe like the umbrella/car incident, she is just researching for a potential movie role - 8-l

2580 days ago


Hey #32 forgot to add:



2580 days ago
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