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Cindy Crawford: Supermoody

10/8/2007 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Old school supermodel Cindy Crawford was in Hollywood last night, and she was not in the friendliest of moods!

Crabby Crawford, 41, was leaving Dan Tana's restaurant with husband Rande Gerber, and stayed stone-faced and tight-lipped as she catwalked to her car.

Cindy's hubby was a little nicer, giving a quick, "Hey" to cameras and a polite "Thank you" as they left. Sorry Cindy, didn't mean to bug ya!


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Logo Designers    

crawford is forever sexy

2488 days ago

Logo Designers    

cindy is mean yo

2524 days ago

Logo Designers    

cindy is of paps

2498 days ago


Uh Oh, what did her husband do to piss her off?

2570 days ago

Lenn K.    

Cindy is probably just not in the mood to talk with you. It probably get's old. She still a great piece of ass. Hot as hell!!!

2570 days ago


Not everyone likes a bunch of parasite stalkers in their face everytime they go out. So what if she wasn't in a good mood. Too bad, TMZ. You guys are getting creepy.

2570 days ago


This woman has been photographed tens of thousands of times - in the most glamorous setting imaginable, by some of the most prestigious photographers around the world.

She can not react to every pap like it is an exciting event. She just does not care everytime she is photographed

2570 days ago


None of us knows what happened to Cindy Crawford to put her in the bad mood. But, with paps up celebrity azzes these days, 24/7, just like the above pic showing Britney Spears eating a taco through a car window, it's a wonder the paps don't get the cold shoulder treatment much more often from celebs. Plus, It's interesting how nice and respectful TMZ is here on its' site to, "supermodel," Cindy Crawford when she is just coming out of a restaurant, while Britney Spears can't get any respect even go to the bathroom without getting, "flashed," from TMZ cameras and also getting cutting names written about her on the TMZ website like, "popwreck," and, "train wreck."

2570 days ago


Only idiot celeb like Britney answer your photog question. The smart one like Cindy knows that you guy are nice to them when you film them. But talk trash about them on your website. The best way to deal with the photog like you guys is to just ignore. Not all celeb want attention ya hear?

2570 days ago

Boxy Roxy    

Spoiled, self-absorbed rich bitch from out here in DeKalb, IL. Snob. Pig.

2569 days ago

just wondering    

....Cindy Crawford is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! and handles herself like a real pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy she has a great guy and 2 beautiful children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....u papparazi r sooooooooooooooooooscary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2569 days ago


Is she Joan Crawford granddaughter? I have never seen her before in a movie. What does she do? Can she act? Does she sing? Is she a dancer? What does she do?

2569 days ago


maybe if you TMZ DOUCHES asked celebrities an intelligent question instead of "DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR J-LO", you'd get a reply every now and then.

your question was so LAME and EMBARRASSING that it made me cringe.

2569 days ago


When is she not stoned faced, don't ya know she's better then everyone mole and all.

2569 days ago


Everybody has an off night now and then. It happens.

2569 days ago

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