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David Spade Donates to the Family of Fallen Officer

10/8/2007 1:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David SpadeDavid Spade may be best known for skewering celebs and inexplicably dating attractive women, but beneath that sarcastic exterior lies a heart of gold.

Spade read the story of Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle, who was fatally shot by an undocumented immigrant last month. The story of the officer -- who had returned to patrol after overcoming a bout with cancer, and left behind a widow and two children -- touched Spade so much, he sent the family $25,000 to help them get back on their feet.

Spade had never met the officer but we're told Spade often donates to police charities in L.A. and this particular story "just touched him."


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this is RIDICULOUS - I just read the rest of the comments about people residing in the US illegally. It is SO EASY for all of you to talk and say to send back everyone, including their children. Where do YOU ALL come from? I'm sure you are originally from the United States - newsflash to the ignorants: this is the LAND OF IMMIGRANTS. So none of you would be living here either if you really want to live out your wishes of having everyone sent back to their country.

Your ignorance in thinking it's so easy to come "as long as you do it legally" just shines in these messages - when none of you know the hardships that are faced and how hard people work to live here. And the person that said that illegal immigrants should pay taxes - RESEARCH a little and you will find that many already do! And all for what? To not be given any opportunities or amnesty to grant them the right to live here.

NOT ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS COME FROM MEXICO - to the dumb guy who said "they are Mexico's problem, not ours" ... Go back and find all those who have committed crimes and they come from everywhere, most even from our own 'dear country'.

All these comments make me sick. And TMZ started it by wording this the way they did. How many times does TMZ write "a legal citizen shot a man"? Please....

2579 days ago


Good for you David..More celeb's should follow suit!


2579 days ago


I think that's an incredible thing to do, David. It is nice to know that you help people that really need it.

2579 days ago

Lenn K.    

The real term is criminal illegal aliens because they broke the law by crossing the border without permission. All we need to do is what Mexico does to it's criminal illegal aliens!!!

2579 days ago

Chuck Reynolds    

Good for Spade - that was a bad story to hear, and Spade is from Phx area so it's good that he takes care of his own... I've always heard he's a really nice guy in real life.
Kudos David

2579 days ago


Awesome thing for Spade to do! Love stories like this. Best wishes to the slain officer's family.

2579 days ago


What a wonderful thing for him to do. KUDOS TO YOU, DAVID SPADE!!!

A celebrity with a heart and sense of moral responsibility is a breath of fresh air in Hollyweird. I applaud your generosity of spirit.

2579 days ago


As a college educated who thinks that Joe Dirt is one of the funniest movies ever, I say, "bless you David Spade". Your generosity and giving spirit will help this grieving family during this tragic time.

2579 days ago


Folks, this is a PR move to help the annoying dwarf with his new shows ratings. If he wanted to help the family he could have done it annoymously and easily kept it out of the press. I was a studio pubicist for a decade -- I know how this crap works. HIs first call was to his press agent -- the second call was to TMZ and others. How did TMZ hear about this... hmm?

There are actors who donate and you never hear about it -- unless they WANT it in the press to show what a caring person they are.

David Spade is a twerp.

2579 days ago


You ignorant people not all illegals come from Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you opening your mouth get yourself educated!!! illegals don't come to this country to go on welfare they come to this country for the American dream!!! They are not all violent criminals!!!!

That salad or sandwich you ate for lunch today, the truth is most likely an illegal immigrant touched it, when they picked the lettuce and tomatoes. That juicy fruit you're about to have for snack most likely an illegal immigrant picked it! The reason why the bathroom in your office is so clean is most likely because an illegal immigrant getting paid less then minimum wage cleans it every night while you're at home eating dinner with your family! The reason why your house is soooo cleaned is because while you're out shopping, spending your husbands money, is be you have an illegal immigrant cleaning your house weakly. The reason why your grass is greener then your neighbors is because your lazy butt has illegal immigrants doing your lawn for you. The reason why your house is "best looking house on the block" is because you picked up an illegal immigrant to paint your house,build a picket fence- paint it white ,build in a brick planter for all under $40. The reason why those French fries taste so good is because that illegal immigrant still managed to put the right amount of salt on them even though they just got oil burned. I am a social worker and i will have you know that most of my clients are NOT illegal immigrants.
*** At the end of the freeway you will see two kinds of people... most likely an illegal immigrant TRYING to give his or her family a better life by selling flowers or fruit and you ... and the other person you'll see is an American holding up a sign with some lie asking you for YOUR money... so before you open your mouth to say ALL ILLEGALS SHOULD GO BACK educate yourself and realize we NEED them as much (or even more) as they need us!

2579 days ago


They are the IBI. That stands for Illegal Border Invader. They are not immigrants. They are criminals and the media should be ashamed of themselves to be pandering to criminals.

News about David Spade, you made one of the nicest Monday mornings I've had in about 2 years!

2579 days ago


So many celebs focus, on: Darfur, Ethiopia, Tibet, and many many others while forgeting about our own "house" which needs to be cleaned. Perhaps, had we not been so focused outwardly more soldiers would not be dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. But point fingers everywhere but at ourselves seems to be the trend.

2579 days ago


Spade is from the Phoenix Metro area and he's known for his good works. I hear he's a great guy to the Average Joe and that's really all that matters to me.

2579 days ago


If you want to come to America for the American dream, come here LEGALLY.
I have NO PROBLEM with LEGAL immigrants as my ancestors were. ALL LEGAL.

ILLEGALS. All you gotta do is get your citizenship!

And I don't care if you ARE cleaning my bathroom at work for under minimum wage or making my French fries, etc, thats taking away a job that a CITIZEN could be doing.

... and yes, NOT all illegals are from Mexico. That part is true.

2579 days ago


Hey - OMFG - I don't care if illegal immigrants made the sun shine over my head today here in Southern California, they should go back and try again through the proper channels. Yes, I know how much of a challenge it is to get into this country legally, but my mother's family (from Mexico) did it the right way, as did my husband's family (from Vietnam). I'm sure those who work hard, suffer the wait, spend the money, pass the exam and recite the Pledge of Allegiance every year in becoming naturalized just love to see others take shortcuts and enjoy the same types of privileges. Oh, and those "perfectly-salted" fries you had ten years ago? They might have been served by me - I worked in the food industry through college, and I was born here. So get off of your high horse.

2579 days ago
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