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Jessica Alba is No Angel

10/8/2007 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For reasons unknown to TMZ, Jessica Alba was in no mood for the paparazzi today.

The "Good Luck Chuck" star was eating lunch with a friend at Breadbar in Beverly Hills this afternoon, and as soon as she caught sight of paps, Jess immediately switched on her defensive mode, covering her face with a newspaper and hiding inside a building.

When it was finally time to get into her car, she gave the paps a hearty "F**k off!" and flipped 'em up the finger before pulling away. If your movie tanked at the box office, you'd probably be in a bad mood too.


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What a bitch. This is why I don't go see your crappy movies.

2530 days ago


Paparazzi have their place. At Movie openings, celebrity publicity events, maybe the Presidential Inauguration. For each person that makes a nasty remark, think about having cameras aimed at you ALL the time. You wouldn't like it. She doesn't like it. So she did what you would do. Good for her. You wanna see her? Buy a ticket, you cheapo..

2524 days ago


I freakin' LOVE THIS VIDEO, and it makes me love Jessica Alba even more. This is my first time to this website. It is sick how people follow celebs. I am doing some marketing research and I was actually amazed at the patience that some of the celebs have with the cameras. I was just thinking, "I would be flipping these people off by now". Then I saw Jessica's video! You go girl!
And for all the losers on this site saying she is this and she is that... get a damn life. Like you have any right to say anything about her! Most of you should be spending your time in an English and grammar class instead of on TMZ. LOL! America... you've got to be proud!

2516 days ago

Get a Clue    

What a complete bitch!

2580 days ago


Maybe she was having a herpes flair up and a painful one at that. I don't like her anymore anyway, ole bitch....

2580 days ago


Does she kiss other chicks with that filthy mouth? One can only hope!

2580 days ago


"For reasons unknown"? she's probably sick and tired of being followed everywhere, yeah she's a celebrity but that HAS to get old, that doesn't make her a bitch.

2580 days ago


She is beautiful and talented--way to go Jessica--

2580 days ago


"For reasons unknown?" I don't think so. I think it has alot to do with you people STALKING HER! Get a life! TMZ you people are nothing but stalkers , I wish they would pass laws to ban the kind of crap you pull. You are way out of line with the way you harass "Celebrities".

2580 days ago


I can't believe this talentless skank has the nerve to get mad with the paps. she is lucky that someone would actually would want to take her picture. There will come a day when no one will want to take her picture and she will be begging for someone to photograph her fug face.

2580 days ago


Well to bad for Jessica....Wake up darling...without the paps, and the media where would you be....Be thankful for the attention...

Maybe she's upset Jeter is sucking wind..and the Yankees are down 2 games to 1....

2580 days ago


I'm flipping you off right now, Paps... does that make you sad and bitter?

2580 days ago


First off, she is at Barefoot, not Breadbar. I dont even live over the hill and I know that. THis is the second time you got LA locations wrong today...britney being in Malibu with jamie lynne was the first thing incorrect.

Second, I just became a Jessica Alba fan. Good for her, paparazzi suck.

2580 days ago


She has to remember that even her refusals will sell photos

But in her defense, look at how much money photographers have made off her in the past

If she is in a bad mood, so what,she is human

2580 days ago


For all of you idiots who claim that these poor, poor stars are victimized by the paps, this is the business, kids. If they don't like it they can stop whoring for film roles and magazine covers and move to some nice isolated neighborhood in Utah. She;s a spoiled, talentless brat who should learn the meaning of the word hubris.

2580 days ago
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