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Britney's Potentially Explosive Mistake

10/9/2007 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught Britney Spears yesterday, smoking a cigarette while parked at a gas pump! Does she surprise anyone anymore?!

Brit never got out of her car, just puffed away as paps pumped her gas and washed her windshield for her (the car still hasn't been washed since an irate woman threw coffee on it).

Girl gets her gas pumped, car cleaned, tire changed, drive-thru food ordered, she has someone else around when she watches her kids -- is there anything she can do on her own?


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baby girl    

Why would she do anything for herself when IDIOTS like TMZ do it for her???? HMMMMM?It's not that hard to figure it out people. You can try to understand your stupidity but don"t hurt yourself.'re too smart for the rest of us.

2538 days ago


See that's part of the problem, too many people at her beck and call. How will she learn to be more responsible if people like the paparazzi keep doing things for her. What's also sad is after they wait on her they sell pictures to cut her down, it's no wonder the girl doesn't realize she has issues- her ego is full, who would think they had issues with such an inflated ego?

2538 days ago


Ya know, it's obvious what has screwed this girl up. WHY are they pumping her gas? WHY are they washing her windshield?? WHY are they ordering her food??? For that matter WHY ARE THEY TAKING HER PICTURE?!?! This is a pathetic soul who will never learn how to be a person, or more importantly, a mother, as long as she...doesn't have to.

2538 days ago


She is reminding more and more of Anna Nicole Smith everyday, I hope she doesn't get involved with another Howard Stern

2538 days ago


I like the way she has turned the paps from enemies to her bodyguards and servants. They are they to take care of her....Thanks Paps! Just take care of yourself Britney!

2538 days ago


What is wrong with her? She is craving the attention of the paps. They pumped her gas? She tuly has lost her freaking mind. I felt sorry for her at first, but the boys are not safe with this crazy lady. She will never get her boys back.

2538 days ago


You'd think drinking and smoking were illegal reading TMZ. Are TMZ staff writers outsourced from iran?! Sitting inside your car and smoking at a gas station is that dangerous? Come on. TMZ writers sound frightened by everything!

2538 days ago


Anyone who works in an ER of a major city's hospital, or has a friend or relative who does, has certainly heard the tales of the crispy critters that are brought in, completely toasted in a fixed position, after making this same STUPID mistake. They usually do not make it through the night. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

2538 days ago


to#12 And.and.and. we got your message

2538 days ago

CIndy M    

She really cannot even breathe without wanting to be surrounded by photographers. What a complete hassle for anyone who has the unfortunate timing to be anywhere near her when she is out. She is scarily dependent on this attention - does she have no one who cares enough to get her away from all this? She is a sad, sad trainwreck and everyone I know is done rooting for her comeback. We'd all just like to see her fame just fade away. She does nothing to deserve this attention, she is a sad example for mothers/women/girls to see.

2538 days ago

Miss Mara    

Can you people please find someone more interesting to report on? I could care less that she is at a gas station, sitting in her car, smoking. This is not news, it is the simple truth of TMZ is starting to suck as much as Britney.

2538 days ago

big joe    

leave her alone.

2538 days ago


Poor thing is really looney. that woman poured coffed on her car like 3-4 days ago.

2538 days ago


Are you new? TMZ cant help it because Britney is crazy. They helped her because she sure cant help herself.
Say bye-bye Britany to your kids. When the judge is informed about this, there is no way she will be able to get her children back.

2538 days ago
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