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Britney's Potentially Explosive Mistake

10/9/2007 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught Britney Spears yesterday, smoking a cigarette while parked at a gas pump! Does she surprise anyone anymore?!

Brit never got out of her car, just puffed away as paps pumped her gas and washed her windshield for her (the car still hasn't been washed since an irate woman threw coffee on it).

Girl gets her gas pumped, car cleaned, tire changed, drive-thru food ordered, she has someone else around when she watches her kids -- is there anything she can do on her own?


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How can she get out of her car when the paps are like rabid wolves? It must be horrible to be in her position. I know that she needs help, but the paparazzi are the most insensitive, invasive, rude and obnoxious people on this earth.

2507 days ago


LOL, now if only someone had thrown GAS ON HER CAR and not coffee..damn.

2507 days ago


So one day it's "why doesn't make someone else do everything for her" and now it's "does she do anything for herself". Your obsession is getting a bit scary...Back off, we don't wanna know her EVERY move!

2507 days ago



2507 days ago


I love reading about Britney and all the hourly things, cause I LOVE HER, and I like to laugh at how obsessed you are with her. We act like we know her personally. It's entertainment to me, and I applaud Brit for being so strong, cuz I'd be going all the way nuts with all the put-downs, and flashing lights in my face.

2507 days ago


She can't do anything on her own becasue we, "the public", won't leave her alone!

Seriously, are you for real? We hunt and haunt her every move! What do u expect.

2507 days ago

Dexter Bernard Dirt    

To the lady pumping gas next to Brit,

If you try hard enough you too can get the service Britney gets, just let your Dirt and Chuck ways out!

We know it is tough to accept it when a Queen Dirt like Britney makes it big to the point she doesn't have to pump her own gas anymore. Brit your living the ultimate Dirt Dream. Pap's pumping your gas and washing your windows at a self-service station.

DB Dirt

2507 days ago

rock I.Q    

why the hell follow her do the gas station.let it go.. tmz.
the photogs following her is sick enough then the websites reporting it is just the blind leading the blind.
most of the photogs following her look like trash sleeze bags
they dont speak english very well and the other day were cusing that crazy woman and yelling at her like low life hillbilly trash themselves....
i would have them pump my gas get my coffee and whatever else they can do because at night i would not get out of my car with them in site.gross.

2507 days ago


So what, I smoke at the gas station all the time. And if someone wanted to pump my gas and clean my windsheld, I'd let them. *gasp*

2507 days ago


All you have to do to get this kind of attention is FLASH YOUR COOCHIE A COUPLE OF DOZEN TIMES and WALA Look what happens ! A couple of dozen horney idiots with cameras at your beck n call

2507 days ago


where the hell are all these pictures the paps take on a daily basis?

2507 days ago

Dawn Day    

Since somebody other than Britney is pumping gas for her, hopefully they fill the gas tank up instead of just putting in $2.00 at a time so we won't see her EVERY DAY at a gas station!

2507 days ago


Is there anything she can do on her own?

Yes. She can smoke. And chew away her disgusting, unhygienic fingernails. She is TOXIC in any respect. Probably stinks, too.

2507 days ago

Dawn Day    

HEY, I want to get paid for blogging!!!

How do you get that job???

2507 days ago

rock I.Q    

me....... you said it so good
they stalkerarzzi are sick thats one of the main reasons she has the temp order to hand over the kids in the first place.
btw lots of people in family court get drug tested and parent monitered visits especially when an "agree" ex-spouse" with a good lawyer suggests it...they can say anything they want make you look as bad as they want...cps is full of false claims and lots of drug test come out negative. we will see on october 26 and we all we be here to comment.

2507 days ago
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