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Britney's Tearful Goodbye to Her Sons

10/9/2007 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After spending the day with sons Sean and Jayden (and a court ordered parenting coach) at her Malibu home, Britney Spears was snapped saying goodbye to her boys in a teary-eyed embrace on Monday.
Britney says b-bye to her sons
Brit Brit handed off the kiddies to K-Fed's bodyguards, who shuttled them safely back to Kevin's San Fernando Valley home.

The sad-faced pap magnet then went back inside with her own mother, Lynne, by her side. When one family gets torn apart -- another one reunites!


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GEEZE - I'm glad she got all dressed up like a WHORE to be around her kids. That short ass dress is SO condusive to playing on the floor with your kids and flashing the court appointed parent coach, whom she probably asked "Do I look sexy for ma babies ya'll?". I hope she wore underwear!!!

Stupid SLAGGGG!!!

2515 days ago


You need to read this link:

By the way, Brit's son is asleep in that picture. Where do you see him looking sad?

2515 days ago


First of all....she looks like a wreck. Bloated, splotchy skin and greasy hair. I'm not saying this to be mean. It's just a fact that this is how she looks. And for those of you who DON'T think she's overweight, then YOU must be HUGE by comparison! I agree that she isn't morbidly obese....but she is definitely "chunky". Throw that into the equation with the skin breakouts and it's obvious that she isn't taking care of herself , isn't eating right and is under a lot of stress. But who wouldn't be?????

But alot of this stress shiz she is bringin' on herself by baiting the paps. Hitting the clubs, staying at hotels for who knows what.....also, I mean, how many times a week do you need to fill up the car with gas??? I thought Mercedes were more fuel-efficient than that?!?! Maybe she needs to get a hybrid....OR have a paid assistant do it for her. duh! ding dang! But that wouldn't keep this vicious cycle going. Right now this is her form of promotion for that stupid music she puts out.'s all free cuz we simpletons (I know, I'm one too) eat it up like there's no tomorrow.

But here we all are just sitting and waiting for the crash & we can sit back and gloat with our evil grins and say "we told ya so". But what's sad - is that it'll be Britney who suffers and we all will go on and live our regular, mundane lives with no consequence. Because to us she isn't really a person right? Rather a caricature. A jester here for our entertainment and in an odd way - to make us all feel better about ourselves. Yet, she'll have all the money in the world, but she'll be broke. And what can we say about the kids?!? Man, that's tough what they're going through. What little trainwrecks will they grow up to be?

Too bad Britney doesn't understand what she's caught up in and what really is important in this short life we live. Family, friends and your own self worth & dignity by doing what's right and being considerate of others. Right now her life is so superficial and when she's older....she's gonna look back (if she makes it that far) and even though she may still have money and fame......she's gonna be sad.

2515 days ago

not all it's cracked up to be    

in response to comment #10- get it together

K-fed is proabably taking better care of his "other kids" now that he has the income to do so and the reason he's not going after Shar Jackson for custody of their kids is because Shar is a better mom than Brit could ever hope to be. Shar's not out every night showing her ass, drinking, doing drugs and being a ho around town the way Brit is. Check your facts... as for Britney, she needs to get her priorities straight and go back to rehab! She'll never get her kids back spending her days driving around LA from starbucks to taco bell. She is actually gonna have to work for it, prove she is worthy and play by the rules of the real world. Good luck but I don't think it's gonna happen. She needs to go back to Kentwood and get the hell out of LA.

2515 days ago


I can't believe how so many people post comments like they know all the personal details of her life. They are gleaming what they can from the sites like tmz or x17 and putting it out there as truth and even then they are twisting and distorting what is out in the media. Get real people. Get a life.

2515 days ago

Team K-Fed    

Amen Elizabeth!!!

2515 days ago


This was all her staging for the photos

Her mom is not helping her, her mother made her this way and should not be allowed to conrupt those boys as she is her own two daughters.

2515 days ago


crash x10 why don't you ask k-feds bodyguards !!!!

2515 days ago


I think everyone should mind there own buisness, and leave britney alone, she is a mother and the kids needs her. She is not the only one who has made these mistakes.

2514 days ago


Oh my lord, people. Those are not bruises. They are blurry leaves on plants between the pap and Britney. See the little green plants all around?

She really should wear some pants, or at least some clothes that cover her behind, though. No one wants to see your yammy, Brit! Also, those kinds of tops just make women's boobs look like pancakes. Wear a bra and some decently cut clothing, Notta Momma.

2514 days ago


I used to defend her but she is a complete LOSER!!! I would give my life for my kids! She is a waste of space and talent. I feel so bad for her kids!!! She seriously needs help.

2514 days ago


what is wrong with you guys, seriously? can a mother have a minnute with her kids alone? she wasn't at the local starbucks - she was in her own driveway area. I hope you guys know that you'll be going to hell or whatever type of karmic retribution you ascribe to.

2514 days ago


THIS IS TRAGIC! Enough Britney jokes; ENOUGH making fun of her! If someone YOU loved were having a breakdown and suffering, would you like to hear other people laughing and making tacky jokes. She needs help. I pray that she gets it. For herself, for the kids, for everyone who cares about her.

GET WELL, Britney.

2514 days ago


Amen Elizabeth!

2514 days ago


Even IF she cleans up her act, she won't get the kids back right away. She will have to face Childrens' Protective Services first, remember the bodyguard has filed with them? If the judge was smart, he wouldn't let these kids back for a long time, because she can do what they want her to do just to get the kids back, and then go back to her old ways again. It would benefit her tremendously to seek professional help, before obtaining the kids (if she can get them).

2514 days ago
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