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Hogan Pal

Could Spend Life

'In Nursing Home,' Says Doc

10/9/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The prognosis is looking grim for John Graziano, the ex-Marine and friend of Nick Hogan's who was severely injured in their crash, according to a new court filing.

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In a report filed by registered nurse Joanne Jones and first reported by the St. Petersburg Times, she says that Graziano responds only to a pinch and has a gag reflex, but doesn't respond to touch or sound.

His pupils are fixed and don't respond to light. According to Jones, Graziano's doctor says that his prognosis "remains guarded" and that John, 22, will "most likely spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home." John was also described as "comatose" and "on total life support."

Jones was hired by the Pinellas County court to determine Graziano's condition because his father, Edward Graziano, is seeking an independent guardian for his son.A hearing is set in St. Petersburg for tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: The clerk of the Pinellas County court tells TMZ that prior to the start of the hearing tomorrow morning, Judge Lauren Laughlin will hear arguments on a motion to continue the case until a later date by John's father Edward Graziano.

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Hulk Hogan has to be ashamed to flaunt his spoiled lifestyle and his spoiled children with a Hogan family casualty over their heads. Or is it let the marine eat cake?

2515 days ago

Dave Cummings    

Nick Hogan sucks ballz! He just got his driving license .. what last year?! He is in way over his ahead in just participating in drifitng let alone lacking the experience in just driving a car. I fell bad for Terry (aka. Hulk Hogan). I think he a retard for a son. I use to think he was a cool dude, untill I saw him on an episode and started drifting and then wreck sam's viper. THe here again he wreck another viper. And now almost kill his passenger. The idiot should be raped from all his driving priveledges and assign to ride a tricycle for the reminder of his pittyful life. Was an ass clown!

2515 days ago


As a matter of fact #277, like many others posting, I DID wear my seatbelt at 17, didn't speed, never got a ticket, and I never maimed anyone for life! Because my parents did their job, and taught me to be responsible, and would have taken my car after ONE speeding ticket. To the other Nick supporters who keep calling this an 'accident', I have to explain this to children all the time, if your not doing anything wrong, and something beyond your control happens, it's an accident. If you ARE doing something wrong, and something bad happens, it's NEGLIGENCE, and it's your fault!

2514 days ago


I've read a lot of negative coments about Terry B's (Hogan's) son but to be honest, most young boys drive the same way. Accidents happen everyday in similar fashion but it just happens that this family is famous. Let's pray for everyon involved. It's a trajedy.

2513 days ago


All yall are jealous leave that poor boy alone

2513 days ago


speed demon should never be able to drive again.

2513 days ago

Dog Fan    

I ALWAYS watch that show, and I just can NOT believe what Hulk lets Nick get away with. That episode where he had the cops at his door because Nick was speeding around a golf course. I saw this coming a LONG time ago and it was just a matter of time before Nick was going to get himself into trouble.

Granted that Brooke's career is taking off and they need to be involved in that, but all the attention has been given to Brooke due to her career. Well, I guess Nick finally got the attention that he wanted.

I wonder if Hulk will take his license away from him now?

2513 days ago


Yes this is all horrible, however let's be fair. First of all, there is no indication that Nick was drinking. Yes, it was pretty clear he was racing w/ a viper, which all of us that live very close to either the scene of the accident or near the family assume was Terry's car. The guess is that the kid driving the viper went straight to the Bollea's house and got Terry and that is how Terry got there so quickly. Of course,street racing is not only illegal, it is dangerous and stupid. However, how many people can honestly say that they have never at least attempted some type of race when challenged. The difference is that most of us don't own highpowered racing machines. Nick is a young kid who did what most young kids do (and many adults do). That is why male teenagers have such high insurance rates! I don't know how things stand right now, but at least for the first few weeks, Nick was basically living at the hospital, and his family was there the majority of the time around the clock. John's mom made it very clear to everybody that the Bollea's were all very good friends and she knows how much Nick loves her son. He was even keeping a daily journal to share w/ John once he woke up. Sadly, it does not look like this is going to happen now. I am not defending Nick's actions, and it breaks my heart for John and his family. However, I will not be a hypocrite- in my younger years, I drove more than one time after drinking too much, I sped when I was challenged, I jumped back and forth between cars on the Gandy Bridge going to Tampa, etc. I was lucky that I never killed anybody while I was dui (or even got caught). I was also blessed that will driving like an idiot I didn't clip the curb and bounce into other cars, didn't hit the back end of any cars while weaving in and out to beat somebody. So, let's all be really honest and grateful that if you did any of these things, you aren't in the same position as these two kids. Save your hate for losers like a Mike Vick, terrorists, pedophiles, rapists, etc. Not for some kid that make a stupid mistake and basically has killed his best friend. Have some class people....

2513 days ago

Johnny (brown eye) Rotten    

Maybe Nick and his sister can become nurses aides and personally take care of the young man.Neither one have talent nor an education and are spoiled brats.Their mother wears enough bondo to restore a 55 Chevy.What a waste of TV.Eat your weaties and say your prayers for the young marine !

2512 days ago



2512 days ago


hulk hogan. father of the year. what bull. he get into his kids life.good direction. on the credits of the show nick speeds in his car. good work father of the year. this poor soldier. this has been out of the public eye. whos butt is being kissed. hulk..leave your kids alone,and good work with nick

2512 days ago

Jan in Texas    

This is a sad situation for both families. But unfortunatley, its like others have said on this message board Nick probably won't be held accountable for his actions. I feel sorry for the victims mother and I feel bad for Linda, as I am the mother of 2 sons.

Nick needs some kind of punishment. (Maybe they will lock him up with one of Brook's CD's and he will have to listen to it indefinitely.)

My prayers go out to the young soldier's family. God bless them.

2511 days ago


First and foremost I want extend my sympathies, thoughts and prayers to John Graziano and his loved ones. I pray that you not die but live and declare the works of the Lord in the name of Jesus.

This is a very tragic incident that has changed the lives of so many people forever. Nick, I truly honestly hope that you learn from this and that you correct the areas in your life that lack discipline, respect and responsibility. This should have been avoided but I am not going to condemn you. Everyone is able to change and should be forgiven if they do turn from their past ways. Does that make one forget? Obviously not. We as a people gain nothing by having hatred in our hearts for another person. All it does is add further torment to us as individuals. Whatever the courts decide in judgment for Nick, he must face and accept responsibility. That's the risk any person who hops into a car takes when they do something so recklessly and endanger the lives of others. Same thing goes for passengers, you must trust who you get into a car with as you are somewhat putting your own safety/health/life at risk as it is out of your hands. A lot of poor choices and decisions were made that day and everybody is paying the price.

2509 days ago


How stupid is Nick to drive like this?? We tell this to our teenage drivers every day but they never think this is going to happen to them! It 's really a tragic situation for both families and could have happened to any one of us who has a teenage kid of driving age. Nick will surely pay the price for this. Unfortunaltey it won't even come close to the price paid by this young man and his family! My thoughts and prayers go out to the Graziano family.

2508 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Nick is such a spoiled punk. He cant follow in his fathers footsteps because of his short unmuscular stature. He looks more like a sleazy used car salesman than a race car driver. Daddy might as well get the old check book out of his man purse and get ready to write a lot of zeros because this is gonna take some big bucks to get out of. Poor old crippled Hulk will probably have to wrestle another 10 years just to make enough jack back to buy groceries after this one is over. Maybe by then they will have wrestleing wheel chair fights, a sort of old wrestler demolition derby. Anyway, the best thing for little Nicky to do is lay low and stay out of trouble. Do some public volunteer work and tell your sister to call me. I would like to do her.

2508 days ago
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