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Hogan Pal

Could Spend Life

'In Nursing Home,' Says Doc

10/9/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The prognosis is looking grim for John Graziano, the ex-Marine and friend of Nick Hogan's who was severely injured in their crash, according to a new court filing.

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In a report filed by registered nurse Joanne Jones and first reported by the St. Petersburg Times, she says that Graziano responds only to a pinch and has a gag reflex, but doesn't respond to touch or sound.

His pupils are fixed and don't respond to light. According to Jones, Graziano's doctor says that his prognosis "remains guarded" and that John, 22, will "most likely spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home." John was also described as "comatose" and "on total life support."

Jones was hired by the Pinellas County court to determine Graziano's condition because his father, Edward Graziano, is seeking an independent guardian for his son.A hearing is set in St. Petersburg for tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: The clerk of the Pinellas County court tells TMZ that prior to the start of the hearing tomorrow morning, Judge Lauren Laughlin will hear arguments on a motion to continue the case until a later date by John's father Edward Graziano.

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Hogan boy must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. What did he think? Showing off how fast his little cars could go would have zero consequence? Inexperience combined with immaturity equals zero winners.

2542 days ago


I agree. VH1 should take "hogan knows best" off the air. I am boycotting VH1 until they do.
It makes me sick how the Hogans spoke out and said this boy was going to be OK when this is clearly NOT THE CASE! Their attempt at "SPIN" is sick.

2542 days ago


My dad has been in a nursing home since the age of 40. I hope Nick doesn't give up on his friend. Many of my dad's friends suddenly never came around because "nursing homes made them uncomfortable." You really find out who your true friends are when something like that happens.

2542 days ago

ny chic    

what a tragic tragic accident, even though it wasn't an accident, it was reckless driving on nick hogan's part...NICK, YOU WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOUR STUPIDITY THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, here we have a fine young man who fought for our country, a HERO at that, and now he is in a vegetative state..we recently went through a very tragic "accident" here on Long Island, and lost a wonderful, sweet allstar football player..16 years old..with a VERY promising career ahead of him because of a dumb mistake..he too was in a coma, but the family decided to disconnect his resporator and donate all of his organs, he saved 90 plus lives...the family decided he wouldn't have wanted to live that way & trust me, it wasn't an easy decision for the family to say goodbye and for us as well...may god bless him & his family..think about how many lives he can save...after all he was a US Marine and put his life on the line for our a Mom, I know it must be a heartwrenching decision to let him go, but that is no quality of life for love to John Graziano & your family..may you find the support you so need from your family and friends and this horrific time...again, God Bless you all

2542 days ago

ya so    

The mother of John Graziano is breaking her silence on the highly publicized car accident that left her son in critical condition. She writes:

I am John's Mom. I am a private person, my children are my life.

The only "news" I want to hear is from Dr.'s and nurses as to how my son is doing.

During this past week I have been hearing small bites of what is being said in the media, re: my son's accident.

I can no longer remain silent. One week ago 2 good friends got into a tragic accident.

Two families are devastated, 2 mothers are comforting each other and caring for each others children according to their needs and will continue to do so until as Terry said we walk John out of here.

My son John has been very close to the Bollea family for over 6 years.

The boys relationship began over a love of cars. My son was like an older brother to Nick.

Terry and Linda love my son and saw him as a good role model to Nick. They celebrated with us when John left for Marine Boot Camp, and they celebrated with us when he returned home from Iraq. They are like extended family.

Since day one of this nightmare they have been with us physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

They brought Nick who himself was in pain from his injuries to sit in a stiff hospital chair for hours with the rest of us.

They came and faced our family and friends not knowing what response they would get.

They have personally carried in food and supplies not just sending it.

We have cried together, laughed together about our John and his dry hysterical humor, his courage, his love for his family, his generosity.

My son bought me a beautiful car before he left for Iraq so he could know I was driving safely while he was gone and he paid for it with his combat pay.

He is the most naturally cool young man you'd ever meet. His value system is strong, his spirit is strong. He has little tolerance for fuss over anything he has accomplished. He would be angry to know this family was being torn apart in the media by assumptions and down right lies.

Our family has been completely and abundantly blessed by every kind of support from our family, friends and the outreach from the community.

The Bollea's are simply people in this group.

I can not begin to thank our community for how they have carried us on their shoulders from restaurants, dentists, Palm Harbor Elementary school, my son's Marine buddy's who will begin a 2nd tour of duty in Iraq in the fall are here.

His best friend Danny, the driver in the other car is , devastated. His other best friend Mike who leaves for Marine boot camp in one week.

My friends, my brother Chris, John's grandparents, John and Catherine, and his Uncle John who all flew down from New York.

The amount of people who are here for John is overwhelming to me. Pastor Peter,who is storming the gates of heaven as he leads us in around the clock prayer for our John.

I thank my saviour Jesus Christ for providing for every need through his people and giving me the peace that passes all human understanding.

After him I want to thank my children who have blessed me from their birth and surrounded me with their love now they are caring for me.

At this point my John would be saying, " Mom, too many words."

So I'll close with this, we are two families who love John, it was a horrific accident.

Nick is experiencing every step in the process with us. His parents are holding him accountable as any good parent would. He is a 17 year old who is suffering watching his friend you can imagine how he feels.

Terry and Linda are doing everything to remove any burden from me so my only focus is John. Out of their love for John, period.

Thank you and please continue to pray.

Debbie Graziano

2542 days ago


That Hogan should rot in jail for many years. He was busted previously for racing. Why is that brat not in jail right now? If that were any one of us we'd have already had multiple charges from racing, speeding, reckless driving and attempted vehicular manslaughter.
Makes me sick!
I wish the very, very best for John. Back from Iraq to make a horrible decision: befriending Hogan.

2541 days ago


Wonder why Brooke and the Hogan's have been brushing this off likeit was no big deal. The kid is a vegetable and Nick needs to be charged w/ assault w/ a deadly weapo, reckless endangerment, etc. why isn't he being brough up on charges?? this is a disgrace. he had no regard for his 'friend's' welfare. PUNK ASS

2541 days ago


I live in the Tampa Bay/St Pete Area. I have 3 kids that I drive to and from school and daycare and various places everyday with my kids ....How horrid to know that there are rich untouchable little punks like that out there...I feel awful for the young man in the car. But they had been friend for years so u know he knows how he drives and got in willingly unlike me and others out there driving along with our families and people like nick out there....I guess (or probably not) now they know how dangerous there son is....

2541 days ago



"It's all good", right Hogans, as long as your family member is okay...............sooooooooo, sooooooo sad !!!!!!!! I wonder if Nick was ever even "scolded" by his mother or father for what he caused. Probably not.....Can't you just hear them saying: "Oh, Nicky, all that matters is that you're alright..just think, that could be you lying there instead of John..."

SICKENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

2541 days ago


I think they should move the guy into the Hogan residences and let them care of him 24/7 for the rest of his life.

2541 days ago


It is just so sad that "celebrities" have no consequences for their actions. Look at the whole Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/ Britney Spears fiascos... They each got a slap on the wrist and there are no consequences. Now good ol' Nicky here...he can live with for the rest of his life that he injured someone so badly that he will live out the rest of his days in a nursing home.. These "celebs" are pathetic.

2541 days ago



2541 days ago


THROW NICK'S ASS IN JAIL ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2541 days ago


If you read the St. Petersburg Times (the url is a link in the TMZ article above), you will see that the doctors have said the best the family can hope for is that John will be able to periodically open and close his eyes. That is the extent of the expected improvement. Over the last several weeks Brooke and Nick have talked about how every day John was waking up more and getting better. Hulk talked about how he and Nick would walk John right out of the hospital. None of that will ever happen. John's parents are fighting over guardianship. I believe part of that battle will involve if the plug is pulled or not. John has become another Terry Shiavo. The above article talks about the horrific injuries to his head, including a break at the base of the skull. He isn't brain dead because he responds to pain, but that's about the extent of his interaction with life. When his eyes are open, they stare blankly ahead, void of any understanding. His eyes are dialated and do not respond to movement or sound.
This is a tragedy all the way around. Nick has destoyed the life of this young man, and has likely destoyed any career his sister might have had. His father will bare the brunt of the financial fallout. And John's family and fiancee, there's just nothing to say, or maybe too much to say, about how devastated this loss leaves them. His fiancee has had a devastated mood "smiley" on her myspace for weeks. She knew immediately that she wasn't going to get her boyfriend back. No wedding. No children. No future. That dream has ended for her. I feel especially for her, because she and John had so much invested in the future they intended to live together.

So sad.

2541 days ago

Girls dont cry...    

What I hate most about this situation is that Nick was allowed to do anything he so chose because as the Hogans put it " hes a guys and that what guys do" type attitude towards raising their son... Now it has cost them his sons friend and ex-marine because their too ignorant enough to put some structure into his life. Where was his homing device and hidden camera that is in Brookes car... It seems to me they were only parenting one child

2541 days ago
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