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Hogan Pal

Could Spend Life

'In Nursing Home,' Says Doc

10/9/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The prognosis is looking grim for John Graziano, the ex-Marine and friend of Nick Hogan's who was severely injured in their crash, according to a new court filing.

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In a report filed by registered nurse Joanne Jones and first reported by the St. Petersburg Times, she says that Graziano responds only to a pinch and has a gag reflex, but doesn't respond to touch or sound.

His pupils are fixed and don't respond to light. According to Jones, Graziano's doctor says that his prognosis "remains guarded" and that John, 22, will "most likely spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home." John was also described as "comatose" and "on total life support."

Jones was hired by the Pinellas County court to determine Graziano's condition because his father, Edward Graziano, is seeking an independent guardian for his son.A hearing is set in St. Petersburg for tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: The clerk of the Pinellas County court tells TMZ that prior to the start of the hearing tomorrow morning, Judge Lauren Laughlin will hear arguments on a motion to continue the case until a later date by John's father Edward Graziano.

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Blah blah blah    

So sad for the young man. Pray for him and his family. Celebrities, this is what happens when the law and rules slid for them.

2534 days ago


I completely agree with the first post... it should have been Nick. I hope Nick never, ever forgives himself for this.

2534 days ago


Nick Hogan should be very ashamed .wow ,shame on you ,you should really go bury your head in the sand .

2534 days ago

Karen L Casey    

Hulk Hogan bragged to the Insider last month that, "He and Nick would walk John Graziano out the doors of the hospital."
Hogan had to know back then how horribly the Marine was injured. His head was slammed backwards and sideways when the car spun around at such a high rate of speed his frontal lobes were pushed back into his cracked-into-pieces skull. A seat belt would have made little difference when smashing into a tree backwards on the passenger's side of the car.

The Hogans live in la-la-land and think everything revolves around THEM. They don't wait in lines (like normal people). They have spoiled and indulged their kids to the point where none of them knows right from wrong,.

2534 days ago


That young man should be held totally responsible for this.

2534 days ago


to #4 they were not drinking and driving they were goofing off though ---and this is what happens...three years ago i lost my 17 year old cousin--he was sober but driving wrecklessly a stick shift car .which he never drove before --he hit a telephone pool and dies instantly -------please not goof off when you are driving --and PLEASE DONT DRINK AND only takes a split second for yours or someones life to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be safe..cincinnati girl

2534 days ago


#15 stephanie, I agree so well said.

2534 days ago


Supposedly, when Nick's car spun around and the back end hit the tree, John's head hit the headrest, breaking it off and one of the metal posts went through the back/base of his skull. Nick saying "He hit his head" is one helluva understatement.

2534 days ago


The seatbelt wouldn't have helped John. Nick spun the car around and hit the tree with the rear end of the car. John's head snapped back with such force that the headrest broke off and the headrest support bars went into his brain at the base of his skull.

It's clear by Nick's own blog that he is clueless as to the consequences of his actions and needs to be held accountable. Obviously, Hulk Hogan won't teach him ... hopefully the court will. And, VH1 needs to stop trying to make a buck off this young man's tragedy and take the show off.

2534 days ago

Wife of Marine    

Just to clarify there is no such thing as an "ex-Marine". He is a former Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. Semper Fidelis.

2534 days ago


Good for dad, Show's he isn't being bought off.

The Hogan camp attempted to put a positive spin on things but here is the truth, The war hero will be a vegetable and Nick will be a race car driver?

Wonder where the investigation is at on this incident?
Very tragic

2534 days ago

W T F ?    

Nick should have to go to Iraq with NO special treatment. He could't be nearly the man his friend was.

2534 days ago

The least Brooke could do for John is give him a BJ each day....Nick is an idiot.

2534 days ago


I didn't realize that the headrest support bars went into his brain. That is so horrible. I forgot to mention the St. Petersburg Times articles says John scored a 3 on the Coma Response Test. That's the lowest possible you can score on the test, the most is 15. The poor guy might as well be dead, at least he'd have some dignity, because I can't imagine there's any dignity in having total life support machines keeping me alive and having pain be the only life event I will ever be able to experience.

Rest In Peace John. My prayers are with your family and loved ones.

2534 days ago

W T F ?    

That's COULD NOT be nearly the man his friend was.

2534 days ago
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