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Prosecutor in Kiefer Case -- A Slammer Jammer

10/9/2007 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the sentencing recommendations in the Kiefer Sutherland DUI case.

The sentence is complicated, but Kiefer will do 48 days in custody.

Kiefer will do 18 days for the probation violation, surrendering December 21. He will serve an additional 30 days for the current DUI and must complete that sentence by July 1.

Based on what TMZ knows about production schedules, that would mean Kiefer is serving the bulk of his sentence when "24" is on Christmas holiday and not in production -- he may have agreed to the speedy disposition of the case in order to protect the show from having to shut down production.

Kiefer's lawyer, Blair Berk, would not comment on the case.

UPDATE: A rep for Twentieth Century Fox and the FOX Broadcasting Group issued this statement: "Today our friend Kiefer Sutherland resolved his criminal case at the earliest opportunity. Kiefer made clear to us at the time of his arrest that his first concern was the welfare of those he worked with and that he intended to do whatever was necessary to prevent shutting down the show because of his situation. He told us that even if he had to sacrifice more time in custody in order to protect the show and the jobs of those who work with him, he would do so. From what occurred today, it is evident he is a man of his word. We wish him well and look forward to a long relationship with him."


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Kiefer was wrong to drink and drive. We all know that. He does care about his crew and at least he has stepped up to the plate and is taking his punishment. People are just so jealous that he is in the top of the Forbes list. I wll support him no matter what! He is an excellent actor and a wonderful human being. He may have a drinking problem and hopefully he will get well! Kiefer I wish you well. I hope and pray the LA Sheriffs Department keeps you SAFE!!!

2536 days ago

I am poster 58    

I had to laugh when FOX said Mr. Sutherland was a man and cared about the people he worked with first. If this was true then why was he driving drunk on a probation when he knew the consequences of his behavior (jeopardizing the jobs of many) in the first place? I think FOX people have to be retarded to believe Kiefter cares. Yes, he cares...for his OWN paycheck. I hope the show goes down the drain next season...he lost A LOT of fans on this one.

2535 days ago

Fred Truth    

Whatever. You think Kiefer really knew what he was doing when he was driving drunk? He didn't. That's what happens when you get drunk. He got careless. Read Rolling Stone. When he went to the bar in that article, he took public transportation so there was no chance of drinking and driving. He got this DUI after a Fox party. He got carless, proably assumed someone would babysit him (he is worh $40 million, after all) and got the DUI. You can watch the video online of the cops escorting him out.
So he'll learn from this and no longer rely on baby-sitters and he'll be a new man. Save your hatred for someone else.

2535 days ago

I am poster 58    

Newsflash to FOX: Kiefer cares about one thing...his own paycheck not the jobs of your people.

1. Kiefer drove on a probation violation KNOWING that he could be put in the slammer and jeopardizing the jobs of many.

2. A REA: MAN doesn't drink and drive jeopardizing innocent lives.

3. A REAL man considers his own actions before they happen and doesn't do the wrong thing knowing full well that he may have to clean up a a mess. His behavior is NOT responsible, SELFISH and immature.

4. The Rep for FOX is an idiot to report that statement....Kiefer cares...lmao lol yeah in what world does he care? When he is drunk?

2535 days ago

Fred Truth    

Yeah right, all you guys trashing Kiefer. Have you ever been drunk? If you have, you know how easy it would be to do something stupid like drink and drive.

He got the DUI in 2004, and like Fred said, started taking public transport to the bars. There have been numerous reports of him being driven home after Fox parties. This time, no one drove him home, he got in the car, and look what happened. Maybe this will be the last wak-up call. To prevent the DUIs he can't rely on other people. He has to rely on himself.

And if you think it's all about his paycheck, you haven't read about how close the 24 crew its. He even took some of the lowest people on the totem pole on a ski trip last winter.

Do you think 24 could go on without Kiefer? It couldn't. Without him, there is no show, and hundreds of people are out of a job. You can call that "Kiefer greed," but I call it reality.

2535 days ago

Fred Truth    

Um, no acting talent? Kiefer has won pretty much every TV acting award, and if you watch some of his films, he steals the show many times. I would venture to say that he is more famous than Donald Sutherland, and that was before this DUI.

2535 days ago


I wish the judge would sentence him to do weekends at my place. ;-)

2535 days ago


To post #15 "24" Glamorizes Torture & Violence

..Well DUH..The show is about Terrorism.. I don't see any "glamour" in sticking an ice pick in someone's knee cap ! This behavior is A fact of daily life in many countries. It shows what the U.S. is SUPPOSED to do to make it a safer place for us to live.

Although , I must say, Jack Bauer's stamina for pain & injuries is amazing! LOL..This guy can kick some total butt just 15 minutes after he gets hit by a freight train!! You've got to love it! I also love his total F.Y. Attitude when he is told to "Return to C.T.U...uh.. so we can get Jones to stick you with some needles..heh heh.." To hell with that! ..Then he saves the world with his bloody bare hands and gets an ovation at CTU upon return!!! YEA! What a DUDE!
As for Kiefer, I remember his "good ole Bad Days"...He was a wild child and really has gotten his act together pretty well the last few years...Everyone has had a SLIP at one time or another.. But Damn it all Kiefer, keep your butt out of the car!!!!!! Think of how you would feel if a drunk drive killed YOUR Child or Grandchild!! Get a driver..You can afford it....
Also, Thanks for not being a "Movie Star Whining Baby "about the DUI...Chloe would be proud of how you are accepting the consequenses... :-) January Can't get here fast enough for me!

2535 days ago


Yes.. the safety of the show and the people who work with Kiefer are more important than anyone on the the street that might be murdered by his stupid drunken actions! What a hero!

2535 days ago


I think Keifer is a stand up guy. However, with the jail overcrowding here in L.A., I`m sure he will get less time. I`m glad to hear that he`s concerned about production schedules-as long as he`s not there-it screws up everyone`s paycheck who works on the show! Nice to see empathy. Yeah...I know he screwed up and he knows-too!.

2535 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

He obviously made a Horrible, Stupid Mistake, but at least he's trying to stand up for himself and accept it. While I'm sure that being a celeb will mitigate some of it all, he's still gonna do some time! Maybe he'll actually learn something from this! After all, he's not Britney-level dumb, just guilty of being really, really stupid! Time to put the bottle down now, Keef!!!

2535 days ago

Gunter Hallowgreen    

He has given so much to us viewers, so 45 days or 23 days as it normally turns out to be would be very fine with me, just if we get an extra 24 hours. It would not have matter a bit if he had hurt someone.

We need the entertainment industry regardless of the cost.

But 45 days - is that not what you get for your first offence if you are too well-known like a young lady got earlier this year when she thought that she could drive without license when she was not even related to a goverment official?

2535 days ago


Jack Bauer rules!!

2535 days ago


Another rich privileged star pissing away their career for substance abuse. Losers all. They don't deserve what they have.

2535 days ago


WOW>>>What a bunch of MOOk'S...not one of you A-Holes ever
did anything wrong...yer RIGHT

2535 days ago
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