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Hoff Poisoned

10/10/2007 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned David Hasselhoff was admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Sources tell us David checked himself into Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. after a binge. It was a stark contrast from what we saw last Thursday, when Hoff had a night out with daughter Hayley at Koi restaurant. Hasselhoff looked great. But things changed dramatically afterward.

No word on how the latest lapse will affect custody. A judge awarded physical custody of the kids to Hoff, but we're told for the last five weeks they've been living pretty much full-time with David's ex, Pamela Bach, while he was in Europe shooting "Anaconda 3." We're told he had "infrequent contact" with his daughters, something Hoff's people dispute. We're told Hoff has tried to keep contact at a minimum with Pam while the parties try to hammer out a property settlement.

As for how Hoff is doing, his rep says he checked out of the hospital and he's fine.

David and Pam are due back in mediation tomorrow.


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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im pregant!!!! and my baby daddy iz Judge Joe Brown! sike.... I think itz Greg Mathis or Montel, I dont know, I will see how my friends paternity tests turn out on Maury Today, if all goes well, I will go there with all 5 potential daddy's and hope and pray they have flavored condoms to keep me from makin naughty mistakez!

2516 days ago


This is just ONE example of the travesty our "justice" system is. More and more abusive, addicted fathers are gaining custody from caring, fit mothers. An abusive man is 50% more likely to pursue custody than a non-abusive man. It's all about power and control. He can remain in control of the mother's life through her children. And, NO, Britney Spears is NOT what I am talking about. She may be the common cliche'd idea of how a mother loses custody, but she is FAR from the norm.

2516 days ago


I'm jones'n.......where are the twitney Beers stories?????

2516 days ago


#1 your an idiot ...

2516 days ago


Hamburger drooling time again for the Hoff drunk guy? Alcohol poisoning has killed many people and he may be no exception. It's just a matter of time if his liver doesn't quit first. Who's willing to insure this guy for acting jobs? No one unless they're betting on getting a death benefit payoff. Bet he has to keep a tan so he doesn't look so yellow from jaundice. Talk about a toxic brain. Sounds like he's in the Delta stages of alcoholism. It's just a matter of time.

2516 days ago


Poster #10 PJ. Good for you and thank you for making my point for me, it is a daily choice, not an easy one but a choice. I wish you well. As for Hoff's "alcohol poisoning", I'm no medical expert but from what I've read, I haven't heard of that many people surviving alcohol poisoning. Is it even possible for him to have checked himself into a hospital with that condition? Or is that when you get to a certain point it doesn't take much and if that's so his liver must be pretty unhappy? I'm just asking.

2516 days ago


I had a friend in College who died from alcohol poisoning. Thousands of people do every year.

2516 days ago


With parents like those two any wonder the Hollywood kids turn out so screwed up? Those daughters will spend their lives wishing they had functional parents who were not drug and alcohol addicted. That will impact them their entire lives. Hollywood celebrities should NEVER have children..they are too self indulgent, selfish and irresponsible. They have loads of money and could have wonderful lives..instead they piss it all away and destroy everything.

2516 days ago


LIZZIE cracks me up! Too bad this guy doesn't get, tho. Addiction must be so hard.

2516 days ago


Ummmmmmmmm should read "Hoff Poisened SELF" ,duhhhhhh TMZ ...STUPID !!!

2516 days ago


This is for Whats Up 32. Check this out.... Rita Cosby's book about Anna Nicole Smith is up for auction - this person

You must be the seller - you are posting this on every article on TMZ. Get a life. No one cares! Self-promotion here is in bad taste (had to rinse my mouth out!!).

2516 days ago


Really...I think alcohol poisoning is up around a BAC of 0.30 or 0.40....I've heard of some people getting themselves into hospital being that way....BUT, the doctors and police ALWAYS say that clinically that person should be dead.
Also....I NEVER hear about Hoff in rehab or even mentioning it. Also never hear about his AA program...he's probably still in denial and thinks he "just drinks too much sometimes".
Oh, well....powerless over people, places and things.
PS...I think maybe LiLo just might make it this long as she keeps walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

2516 days ago

melinda araiza    

The Hoff is my idol!! Although, due to this story I am going home to binge drink. I think this will bring me closer to the Hoff. I hope he is okay.....

2516 days ago


#36 Pamela Bach may be a lot of things, but a "caring, fit mother" ain't one of them. Bach has worse addiction problems than Hasselhoff and was ordered by the court to submit to regular drug test and attend anger management classes for A YEAR! Most have to go to about 10 sessions, can you imagine how f-ed up she is if she has to go for a year?

2516 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    


So he checked out but is 'fine'. okkkkkaay...

TMZ - bias idiots!
Having a prob wiping that egg off your faces?!

tsk tsk Next time a celeb custody battle is in the works I suggest you not automatically assume the father is a victim-saint. Pamela knew. Anyone with a brain knew.
David is unstable, FRAGILE and a life-time DRUNK.
got that now, The Mole Zone ? (moles...rofl --- even moles are smarter than *you* truthtwisters!)

turns out the Hoff is quite the sickly 'parent'.
Hope the judge immediately removes his daughters from his custody.

God forbid if TMZ printed the truth.
Oh but then, we shouldn't worried about that --- cuz, that'll never happen. The TRUTH can boring. The truth can be withheld by TMZ's targets which we all know pisses 'em off more than anything. TMZ prints crap rumors fed to them by their pets (i.e., Larry Birkhead-types) and obviously now "Hoff" or his PR people.

If this had been Britney TMZ would have sliced her up in a million pieces. But no....let's all believe TMZ excellent reporting and that "Hoff" is "FINE"!
yeah sure! rofl Liars.

2516 days ago
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