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Hoff Poisoned

10/10/2007 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned David Hasselhoff was admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Sources tell us David checked himself into Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. after a binge. It was a stark contrast from what we saw last Thursday, when Hoff had a night out with daughter Hayley at Koi restaurant. Hasselhoff looked great. But things changed dramatically afterward.

No word on how the latest lapse will affect custody. A judge awarded physical custody of the kids to Hoff, but we're told for the last five weeks they've been living pretty much full-time with David's ex, Pamela Bach, while he was in Europe shooting "Anaconda 3." We're told he had "infrequent contact" with his daughters, something Hoff's people dispute. We're told Hoff has tried to keep contact at a minimum with Pam while the parties try to hammer out a property settlement.

As for how Hoff is doing, his rep says he checked out of the hospital and he's fine.

David and Pam are due back in mediation tomorrow.


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Larry wanna a cracker?    

He's a freakin sloppy ICKY drunk. You creepy fans of his can have him.

Hypocrites that you are,
you'd probably last about five minutes in his presence after he puked alcohol bile all over you. Or he crawled on you with burger juices dripping on ya.

Have her drug tested and if she passes then the judge should have no problem in returning the girls back to her.

this place never changes.

too creepy here for me...bye

2547 days ago


There is no GOOD choice between Hasselhoff and his Ex-wife. Those kids should go to live with a stable Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle (if there is one) until they are 18...and both the Hoff and the Ex-Mrs. Hoff should pay mucho support for the kids to continue to live the life (economically speaking) they are accustomed to!!!!

2547 days ago

Jack Schitt    

Lets all feel sorry for the Hoff......>> He's a drunk people>>> an alcoholic. He can control his own destiny by getting clean. He needs his own rock bottom and it has not happened yet. When he wants to get clean he will until then He's nothing more than a "Washed up Drunk"
There are no "SLIPS" a slip is when you land on your ass slipping on ice. He took that drink fully knowing the consequences. I know>>>> what hes going through>>>>>been clean & sober for 15 years.

2547 days ago

Team Jon    

The judge that gave him custody of his children should be disbarred.

2547 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

But he's the HOFF! rah rah rah, let's hear for our HERO ....

...............The ONE, The ONLY, The *******H O F F *******!!!!!!!

gotta forgive ----------better yet----------just put this unpleasant little incident out of your selective memories.
Hey! :))) Have another super-sized burger & fries....yum...yummy!

THE HOFF's been released from the hospital and...
......ALL IS GOOD!!!!

NOTHING to worry about.
By tomorrow.....
all will be forgotten..........and David ..oops, I mean, *THE HOFF* (!!!!)
will be sucking up the booze again but I doubt he'll poisen himself ....

well, at least I hope so.


the guy is sick.

Does TMZ report on anyone who isn't?

Memo to the *HOFF* PR man: Get your client in a rehab where they lock doors and have straightjackets available for the sickees who want to escape or put up a physical fight...
rehab with padded walls..........for David...would be necessary for the benefit of his fellow sickees.
Why? Because we know how much Davie likes to talk when he's boozin..
how could we forget.

betcha Davie roars like a bull when 'loved ones' deny him booze..
betcha Davie is alotta fun to clean up after, too.


As for Pamela --- yeah, have the judge run her through drug tests ( a lot of those drug charges, btw, were strictly rumor but believe what you, especially)
The Hasselhoff girls need to be returned asap to their mother.
David shouldn't be allowed to even see his daughters.

2547 days ago

Merry Christmas    

I am hoffully disappointed in the Hoff.

2547 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

I recall a whole lot more 'debate' and comments here in prior Hasselhoff articles. (Before he got custody and his ex was practically cyber-hung by the mob here--- remember?)

Has the Hoff finally tumbled off your pedestals?
If not, what would it take?
(no doubt...some of y'all probably think someone else forced David to in, his ex wife. Such enablers some of you are.)

One thing is true. Either David checks himself into rehab or next time he may not be so lucky.
Even truer: He's UNFIT to parent his daughters.

Some 'judges' you guys have out there in LA!

2547 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    


it's just that his fans have gone silent.
they don't want to admit they supported a loser drunk.

2547 days ago

U don't have to be a genius    

@Corn Terdz,
You should have your father, brother, and uncle tested first, I think it's free too!!!

2547 days ago

just sayin    

In my state, the courts allow kids over 14 to have a major say in which parent to live with. I wonder what THEY want.

Yeah, he's a sloppy drunk. The hamburger video speaks volumes.

2547 days ago

enough already    

Makes you wonder why a grandparent, aunt, uncle or some other relative hasn't stepped up and offered to take the kids, they have to have some kind of family willing to help, obviously both parents have major issues

2547 days ago


it was the car from nightrider that was behind this lol

2547 days ago


I will never get that video out of my mind that DH's daughter took of him on the floor eating fast food when he was SMASHED! Too bad he went "back there" again. He'd better get help and have it STICK this time or Pam will get the custody. He was SO GROSS in that video, but I hope it woke some people up to how UGLY intoxication can be!

2547 days ago

Mary Worth    

David Hasselhoff has a disease, labeled alcoholism.

When one has a disease, he/she seeks the cure.
However, there is no cure for alcoholism. It will follow him to his grave.

If Hasselhoff doesn't want the cure just yet, he'd do well to remember the following:
If he doesn't want to quit drinking voluntarily, he will quit drinking involunarily. This will happen in one, or more, of 3 ways: Institutional living; Incarceration, and/or Death.
He should also seek out the "root cause" of his need for self-destructive behaviour!

An AA counselor stated he is positive that an alcoholic will never relapse, if he/she does the following:

1.- Attends AA meetings.
2.- Reads the Big Book.
3.- Get a sponsor, ( a guide).
4.- Exercises the 12 steps.
5.- Doesn't pick up the first drink; (nor have someone else pick it up for you!)

2547 days ago

Marlb Man    

What a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2547 days ago
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