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Hoff Poisoned

10/10/2007 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned David Hasselhoff was admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Sources tell us David checked himself into Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. after a binge. It was a stark contrast from what we saw last Thursday, when Hoff had a night out with daughter Hayley at Koi restaurant. Hasselhoff looked great. But things changed dramatically afterward.

No word on how the latest lapse will affect custody. A judge awarded physical custody of the kids to Hoff, but we're told for the last five weeks they've been living pretty much full-time with David's ex, Pamela Bach, while he was in Europe shooting "Anaconda 3." We're told he had "infrequent contact" with his daughters, something Hoff's people dispute. We're told Hoff has tried to keep contact at a minimum with Pam while the parties try to hammer out a property settlement.

As for how Hoff is doing, his rep says he checked out of the hospital and he's fine.

David and Pam are due back in mediation tomorrow.


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Enough is Enough    

Man oh man , seems like everyone in Hollywood, is either a dope head, a drunk or an idiot ! What a mess......over and over and over........

2535 days ago


GOOD LUCK, we wish you the best with your illness. Hope you find some way to make peace with drinking

2535 days ago


He is human, not super human, he has a problem with addiction/alcoholism, he relapsed so what, we all relapse back into our addictions from time to time his just happens to be alcoholism. David is not alone, just famous, thousands relapse daily, thousands attempt suicide, thousands die, david is one in a sea of millions.
Let the person cast the first stone who has no sin, do you really think that exposing everyones weaknesses makes them stronger or you better, no way, it only produces more of the same, negative, unrealistic expectations ot others when you fall way short of the mark yourself.
God bless yu David, God loves us all, Jesus died for all our sins not just a select few, we're all cut from the same cloth, we are all Gods children, God is OUR FATHER, Jesus is Our Brother, we are blessed, God loves us, stop believeing the worst, gossiping and looking at everybody else, clean up your owb house first.

2535 days ago


I truly don't understand why David Hasselhoff even has custody of his daughters in the first place. That disgusting video his daughter took of him recently should have been enough for any sensible judge to realize he's not fit to raise kids. Now especially after giving himself alcohol poisoning for chrisstsake, they should definitely take custody away from him and give it to the mother. What's going on here? Does David have some kind of connections or something? Isn't being a wasted human being grounds for losing custody of your kids?

2535 days ago

Dinky the female chihuahua    

damnit i hope your getting better david we all are pullin for you on myspace loves yas love dinky the female chihuahua

2535 days ago


poster #64 that was priceless. I sincerely enjoyed your rant. Honey I smoked a lot for a long time, I have a very addictive nature which is why I avoid alcohol, drugs and gambling and why I insist it is a choice not a disease. Anyway when you make the choice to quit smoking go to your doctor, get help you'll be so glad you did. The garbage they put in cigarettes is intended to physically get you addicted but at least you don't make excuses. Everyone else, quit picking on her, she made a great point.

2535 days ago
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