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Jenny Craig

Helping Queen Latifah -- With Her Tour!

10/10/2007 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Queen LatifahAfter assisting Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli lose the L-Bs, now weight loss giant Jenny Craig wants to help Queen Latifah bring down the house -- not her size!

While the big and beautiful "Bone Collector" star is not on the health program, in order to increase awareness to the health risks associated with obesity, Queen's Trav'lin Light Tour is being co-sponsored by Jenny Craig. Sing it 'Tifah!

Jenny Craig's CEO released a statement, explaining their involvement with the tour, saying, "Queen Latifah is a tremendous performer with broad appeal that spans genders and races." Agreed.


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Queen Latifah IS one sexy woman the way she is.

2465 days ago


Well said #17.... I agree 100%.

2465 days ago

Tammy Ashley    

After losing 130lbs. myself I have come to the conclusion that its not about maintaining the sz. 6 mentality, it is about health. Thats what it really boils down too. I felt horrible and looked horrible and had a string of health problems I no longer have. I have also found you can't just take the weight off and then carry on doing things the old way. It is a change of eating habits and continuous exercise in order to keep it off. I still allow myself 2 days a week to eat what I want within reason and maintain my new way of eating the rest of the week. This way I can get it out of my system if I want cookies or pizza or ice cream or pop or anything like that. I hope that Jenny Craig incourages Ms. Latifah to at least try and indulge in healthy eating and exercise. From what I've found it can't hurt it can only help.

2465 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Good Luck Jenny Craig. She is one obnoxious broad and for someone like that to find any disipline to loose weight. I think you are better off trying to teach pigs to fly. She's 250 to 300 lbs easy. And she named herself "Queen". I think there is no chance in hell that she will give up her fried chicken to become a healthier person.

2465 days ago


Don't hate, the queen is the real deal! She is the personification of beauty, confidence, talent and spirituality. Nobody wants to look like a boney, sick, anorexic, freak…that is the European image of beauty.

2465 days ago


To all the haters you're just jealous! To those who question her sexual orientation...who cares who she loves and why is it your business? I think Queen Latifah is beautiful, she's a talented singer and actress and a wonderful spokeswoman for Cover Girl. Wise up people beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors.

2465 days ago


I have meet Queen Latifah twice and both times she was as nice as could be, beautiful and down to earth. I don't understand why people hate others who are confortable with thier bodies! Does she need to look like Victoria Beckham to be considered healthy? Also whoever compared QL to Rosie should be shot. You never hear of her acting like such a crazy loudmouth bitch as Rosie does!!


2465 days ago


Miss Dana Owens has always been Beautiful, no matter her size, or age. She is a REAL woman. God bless her and keep her . Maine loves ya Queen Dana!

2465 days ago


I think Queen Latifah is a fantastic role model who is talented, intelligent, involved in the community and, yes, beautiful as herself. Thing is, I really don't get how Jenny Craig helps anyone stay *healthy*. Yes, people lose the weight, but they don't learn eating habits, just how to open a frozen dinner. They don't learn how to make healthy decisions for themselves, they simply follow the prescribed meals which you buy through the program. How is that teaching new behavior (other than learning the intricacies of your microwave)? How is that helping people to *keep* the weight off? Jenny Craig spends so much money on marketing to cover up this little fact.

2465 days ago


Queen Latifah is awesome.

2465 days ago


10. Can't stand this woman!!! Have you seen her do stand up? She is one of the biggest racist ever!!

Posted at 3:19PM on Oct 10th 2007 by I'm just saying......

Who is this moron that stated that the Queen does stand up! Fool, she's a rapper and a singer...not a comedian. Know your facts before you open your ignorant mouth.

2465 days ago


Latifah is THICK, not fat like Monique or Rosie....

2465 days ago

Grumpy old man    

I love Queen Latifah. F--- all the haters.

2465 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Queen Latifah may be a queen sized woman but if that makes her happy and if she is
comfortable with her weight, so be it. I just wonder why Kirstie Alley hides behind
dark clothes and long dresses and is sometimes behind the wheels while doing commercials which does not show her body? It's true that she has lost a lot of weight but has she stopped losing her weight or is she gaining it back?

I think Valerie Bertenelli really looks good with her weight loss and so it seems the program works.

2465 days ago

J Byrd    

Huge fat pig. Hefer. 300 lbs.

2465 days ago
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