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Brit Drops the F Bomb, Explodes on Paps

10/11/2007 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears reached her breaking point with the paparazzi yesterday -- and exploded in anger toward snapping photogs.

TMZ caught Britney going into a Target in Culver City, where a sea of paparazzi followed her into the store and practically blocked her from shopping. Brit can be heard saying she was "so over it" and shouted, "What the f**k do you guys want?!" Brit and her new assistant then snapped at a rent-a-cop who was doing very little to control the situation.

As Spears made her way out of the store, Brit Brit asked if she could "borrow one of your cameras one day," then said, "Bye, y'all!" and drove off. Spears should be in court this morning requesting overnight visits with Sean Preston and Jayden James.


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Hey PJ: Did it occur to you that the papparazzi followed her from her home to Target ?? How did you come up with the idea "she" called them??

2568 days ago


leave the woman alone - she wasn't bothering anyone

2568 days ago

Jojo Nough said    

The people that is mad that britney can bring her dog into Target; you guys are stupid. When my dog is with me, and I go to target, they don't tell me to leave or if I see someone else with their dog, they don't say anything about it unless the dog is causeing chaos.
Also, why wouldn't she go to Target, she's human. Are you guy's truely that stupid and stuck up? Not everyone (celeb) wants to have their assistant do everything for them.
And the paps are getting annoying. You would think that stores wouldn't let them in when there's a celebrity.

2568 days ago


Um, Twitney? ... Maybe you should stop callling them and telling them where you're gonna show ... Just a thought ... DUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRR.

2568 days ago


Lack of privacy comes with the territory of being a celebrity. It's just the way it is. If she wants her privacy, why don't she go to an island and stay there.

2568 days ago


I wonder if every time the Pap showed up, one would disappear mysteriously if the other Pap would be scared? LOL.

2568 days ago


awww poor britney spears. SHUT UP. dont like it? dont act like a stupid moron then and u will get less publicity.

2568 days ago

Sir Patty    

RIGHT ON #100! Correct...if the seemingly ENDLESS tabloid, entertainment "news" shows didn't PAY these LOSERS to take pictures, they'd have to GET A REAL JOB! Hey's an idea for when the NEXT pack of these FREAKS attacks...haul off and KICK the first one right in the BALLS!!

2568 days ago


We should all take our dogs to our nearest Target store and when they tell us to leave we can all cry "discrimination!"

2567 days ago


No one called the pap. They follow her from the time she leaves her front door. I am not a Brit fan either but you cant help to feel alittle bit sorry for this girl.

2567 days ago


Why was she at Target in the first place? You can buy whatever you need from Target online. The only stores she should go to are specialty shops for top designer clothes and those kinds of items. For goodness sake Brit, why go out and put yourself through this when you can easily shop from home? You've got money, send someone else out to get gas in your car and go to Taco Bell for you. I'm not saying she should be a prisoner in her own home, but a little common sense about going out to the paps every day would help her.

2567 days ago


i just love Britney!!! thats all...

2567 days ago


They seriously need to leave her alone!
That's ridicolous!

2565 days ago


I can't stand her!!! that's all...

She wants cameras around her, otherwise they wouldn't be around her all the time.

2564 days ago


If a girl goes out and purposely does things that attract negative attention then they start to feed off of it and it is her fault. If she wanted them to go away she would stay out of sight for long enough to let them know that she is no longer an instant paycheck.Once they realize their paychecks rely on their good pics then they realize she is no longer the center of attention but as long as she keeps giving them money in their pocket then they will do this night and day as she is a sure thing compared to other actors, singers, and the like.

2559 days ago
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