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Brit Drops the F Bomb, Explodes on Paps

10/11/2007 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears reached her breaking point with the paparazzi yesterday -- and exploded in anger toward snapping photogs.

TMZ caught Britney going into a Target in Culver City, where a sea of paparazzi followed her into the store and practically blocked her from shopping. Brit can be heard saying she was "so over it" and shouted, "What the f**k do you guys want?!" Brit and her new assistant then snapped at a rent-a-cop who was doing very little to control the situation.

As Spears made her way out of the store, Brit Brit asked if she could "borrow one of your cameras one day," then said, "Bye, y'all!" and drove off. Spears should be in court this morning requesting overnight visits with Sean Preston and Jayden James.


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sooooo sad and heartbreaking:(    

if i was brit i would of reached my breaking point a long time ago! why can't people just start giving the girl a break! at least let her shop in peace! she starting to try to put her life together and people should respect that! give the girl a little space people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2536 days ago


The paps were fine when they were changing her tire, and pumping her gas. Guess a person gets grumpy when they are coming off crack! And why would she be in Target? Send an assistant to buy your tampons, twit. Your there to be seen, that is the only reason she would be there. Britney is only famous now for being an unfit, garbage mother. I will laugh when she gets rejected by the court.

2536 days ago


It's about time she started defending herself!!
Way to go lil girl!
Beautiful to see her take a stand!

2536 days ago


OKAY now seriously WHY does she have to bring the dog everywhere?!?!?!?! The poor dog is blind now from the flashes. Probably getting bumped around by these photogs, and no doubt dropped a gazzilion times when she's crocked. Leave the dog home your diggleberry!!! Let him be a dog for a day before his legs are all atrophied!!

2536 days ago


I saw what happened on a video where one of the paps said "I have your coffee, Britney" when she was supposedly being "swarmed" by the photogs. Her career and life are a mess and she is an attention seeker. Isnt that why celebrities hire assistants?? So they dont have to go to Target?? My humble opinion. No nasty comments please.

2536 days ago


Tee--nothin like stealing someone else's name.

2536 days ago


Pretty cool of that one shopper to get in the paps face. I'd do the same thing. Good god, leave her alone already.

2536 days ago


everyone is saying.. oh why is she in target? umm she has every right to be there...
what is she suppose to do.. sit in her house and do nothing all day?
It's not fair for her to have no life because of the pap.

she couldn't even walk into the store! I would be annoyed also!

2536 days ago


I don't get why the photographers need to be up her ass all the time. It's not like everything she does is so compelling that we need a daily play by play of her life. A picture every now is then isn't so bad but all this crowding people that they do id ridiculous. I can't blame her there, if you can't even go to Target without being hounded by them, that's going overboard.

2536 days ago


What a mess! It's a freak show - she's being followed by freaks every time she steps out the door. Leave the poor girl alone!

I guess it's going to take somebody getting badly hurt or killed before this nonsense stops?

2536 days ago

J Tizzle    

Wow! Who gives a flying F Bomb if Brittney shopped at Target? Do we really need pictures? And who cares if she said the F word? This is news? Must be a slow day...

2536 days ago


If she's really so "done" and her career is so "over", why such an interest in her still? Does anybody care any more?

2536 days ago


They deserve what they get! Let this women live in peace!! Other celebrites are not stalked nearly as much as Brit...she does need some privacy!

2536 days ago


I think they r waiting 4 her in front of her house... and as soon they see her going somewhere - ACTION!!!!!! LoL

2536 days ago


1. no one ELSE could bring their dog into Target.. 2. why would she be going? you can shop on line and you have an assistant to go to the store for you.. she is just begging for this..

2536 days ago
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