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Brit Drops the F Bomb, Explodes on Paps

10/11/2007 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears reached her breaking point with the paparazzi yesterday -- and exploded in anger toward snapping photogs.

TMZ caught Britney going into a Target in Culver City, where a sea of paparazzi followed her into the store and practically blocked her from shopping. Brit can be heard saying she was "so over it" and shouted, "What the f**k do you guys want?!" Brit and her new assistant then snapped at a rent-a-cop who was doing very little to control the situation.

As Spears made her way out of the store, Brit Brit asked if she could "borrow one of your cameras one day," then said, "Bye, y'all!" and drove off. Spears should be in court this morning requesting overnight visits with Sean Preston and Jayden James.


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Any other time she is posing for the paps! What's the matter, is she tired of all her stupid decisions being viewed by the public? They say be careful what you wish for, you just may get it! This stupid piece of trash is getting what she deserves, although some time in a mental ward would do much better!

2539 days ago


Do these very wealthy young celebrities realize that they wouldn't be able to be continually shopping day after day after day if it weren't for the presence of those paparazzi?? Do they realize that it is their celebrity status that makes them all that money so that they can afford to live their lavish lifestyles? What's the big deal? Do what Paris Hilton does. Smile nicely for the cameras and say hello. Would it kill Britney to do that instead of acting like the paparazzi is her enemy? So it's difficult to get through the sea of photographers to get to her car with her many many purchases. Oh poor baby. Grow up, Brit, and appreciate what you have.

2539 days ago


Britney's not a regular person. She has options: 1. Hire a shopper, 2. Shop online, 3. Politely ask that store to close early one day so that you can do pap-free shopping.

2539 days ago


Stalkers. What a bunch of low-lives. This isn't news. And to the person who says she wouldn't be able to shop if it weren't for the paps - yes she would. She makes enough money - she doesn't get money for these pictures. She's shopping - not promoting anything, not on the red carpet. This isn't what she signed up for. This is harrasment. These "photographers" have no respect.

2539 days ago


Brit... put on a pair of sweats, a curly red wig, and go in a different car! They would probably still swarm you, then make fun of your style! I do feel bad for this girl!

2539 days ago


The paparazzi is getting quite ridiculous following Britney Spears all the time. She's a human being and regardless of what anybody thinks of her, she should be able to walk down the dang street without having to wade thru a sea of paps. I think that whether self inflicted or not, she's been through enough crap this last month. LEAVE HER ALONE ALREADY Im sick of logging on to TMZ seeing her shopping, getting gas, eating tacos...etc...for god's sake it's not that interesting!

2539 days ago


Now that she is being drug tested she has to be clean , and can you see that now her attitude has changed towards the paps? A few days ago she was all smiles and loved them, now that she can see clearly and is not in a drug induced mania, she hates them ! She asked for it , she should just stay home for a while .What the heck does she need at Target that is soooo important ? Her poor little dog !!! Leave the dog at home !!!!!

2539 days ago


I would be cussing too if I was followed everywhere I go.

2539 days ago

Sir Patty    

These guys are like FLYS!! Sho, sho! Oh, and dumass #4 pj..nobody's STAKING OUT anything and no PUBLICIST calls NO body...these JERKS FOLLOW her WHERE EVER she goes...GOT IT!?

2539 days ago


Target is my favorite place for all-around-shopping.The service,merchandise,cleanliness,prices,everything about it makes it a great store.Seeing Britney Spears take her dog in made me angry.I called customer relations and Peggy informed me only "service dogs" are allowed .Peggy was very polite and professional and assured me she would look into the matter.These celebrities who think they don't have to follow the rules need to change.

2539 days ago


Why are my comments being erased

2539 days ago


She lost her kids because she would not follow the Judges' instructions. Put a PERIOD on it and quit blaming everyone but the one that can't follow simple instructions. She’s a sad moronic simpleton.

2539 days ago


Everyone...hey...LISTEN......she's trying to play the poor me help get her boyz back....she loves the attention....why not send her Mormon looking assistant? Get real people she's not hard to figure out......Just sayin'

2539 days ago


The heck with the Britney and Papprazzi thing. Every true American should be boycotting Target anyway. They do nothing to support the troops, but they want to make all thos eAMerican dollars off consumers..Screw Target

2539 days ago


I blame us.....yea you read right US
If there wasent a need for all of those photos and videos then she wouldnt be hounded.
Supply and demand. People like US that are essentially addicted to these sites that give us a glimps into celebrities lives.
In short if WE didnt did'nt want to see them (celebs) so much then all of those paps would be in the unemployment line, cuz they would have nobody to sell all those photos and videos to.
And yes Im just as much to blame...ive been on this site more times the past few weeks then ever in my life.
I guess I have developed a slight addiction to all of this mess.
Its just amazing to watch all the people that follow her just clicking away at her every move, Girlfriend cant even buy an pack of gum without 2000 photos taken of her.
I do believe some of it is her fault (or atleast someone in her camp) do they know where she is gonna be?
Target of all places...never thought that she would even shop there.
My suggestion Miss Brit....move the hell out of LA pronto.

2539 days ago
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