Brit Drops the F Bomb, Explodes on Paps

10/11/2007 7:10 AM PDT
Britney Spears reached her breaking point with the paparazzi yesterday -- and exploded in anger toward snapping photogs.

TMZ caught Britney going into a Target in Culver City, where a sea of paparazzi followed her into the store and practically blocked her from shopping. Brit can be heard saying she was "so over it" and shouted, "What the f**k do you guys want?!" Brit and her new assistant then snapped at a rent-a-cop who was doing very little to control the situation.

As Spears made her way out of the store, Brit Brit asked if she could "borrow one of your cameras one day," then said, "Bye, y'all!" and drove off. Spears should be in court this morning requesting overnight visits with Sean Preston and Jayden James.