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BritBrit's Target Rendezvous

10/11/2007 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spoke with a Target staffer who had the curious pleasure of walking within a few feet of Britney Spears and her puppy during yesterday's shopping excursion.
Britney Spears at Target
Our source said that Miss Spears was "really nice" and "very calm." Britney was looking for a camera charger, but to no avail.

We also asked what Target's policy was regarding animals in the store. The employee said, "It all depends on the manager on duty, but usually, animals are only allowed for people with disabilities." Does a terrible weave count?


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Get a Clue    

pure trash

2577 days ago

first waha!!!!!!!!!!!!11    

first waha!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2577 days ago


Total TRASH!

2577 days ago


Really, she went to purchase panties!

2577 days ago

Just my opinion    

This girl doesn't get it! You don't go to Target when you should be in court fighting to get your kids back.

I know she has problems, but this is just stupid.

Brit, get it together. She's such a media hog!

2577 days ago


I'd like to see somebody tell this garbage no for once. They let her in with her dog cuz they are "starstruck", although she is only famous now for being a fat, lazy, unfit mother. I would like to see her thrown in jail for her blatant disregard for the court. I'm sure she would sit on her bunk and flash her fat crotch to the guards.

2577 days ago


why do you idiots waste your time taking pictures of this bimbo??

2577 days ago


She always looks so emotionlkess like a zombie. Must be those seniror citizen sunglasses she wears.

2577 days ago


Why is she trash for going to Target? While I think she has her issues and I am not a fan (never have been), I think the paparazzi are the trash. Look at all of them in that picture. Why are they allowed to swarm someone like that?

2577 days ago

Just my opinion    

With all of her money, she goes to Target? Why not order from a high price catalog? Why not hire someone to do your shopping?

What's wrong with the spoiled, stupid, uneducated white Hollywood girls now days?

2577 days ago


The public needs to quit making exceptions for bad behaviors because of an individual's "fame" (or infamy as the case may be).

Bad behavior is bad behavior. No matter who you are. There should not be a sliding scale for justice.

If no one else is allowed to have animals, then neither should Brit, Paris, Rhianna, or anyone else. Period. No wonder young Hollyweird believes they are covered in Teflon.

2577 days ago


She was at Target LAST NIGHT. Not today. She is not at Target instead of in the courtroom.

Reading comprehension is a terrible thing to waste.

2577 days ago

Allred Tree    

She and her entire family are nothing but dirty, dumb hillbilliles. They define "PWT or poor white trash". Too bad they have money. They deserve to lose everything. Britney contributes nothing to society and I wish she would vaporize.

How dare this spoiled monster defy the laws and disrupt Target this way.

2577 days ago

Just my opinion    

She needs a good lace front wig like Julia Roberts wore in pretty woman. Brittany has enough money, why doesn't she buy one?

2577 days ago

ms wonderland    

im not necessarily defending her going out to do all of these meager daily rituals when she can easily have someone else do them BUT in her defense and other celebrities defense, isnt it a good thing if they want to have SOME sense of normality in their lives?

Like ok paps can take photos of her going INTO these establishments but WHY is it okay for them to FILM her INSIDE??? I think there should be a total line drawn and it's not fair.

2577 days ago
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