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Britney Blows Off Court

10/11/2007 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As we first reported last night, Britney Spears promised her lawyers she would appear in court today as her attorneys asked the judge to give the popwreck overnight visits with her kids.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is in court right now. Brit's lawyers, Anne Kiley and Tara Scott are en route. Britney's hangin' in Marina Del Rey and it's pretty clear either her alarm didn't go off or she just had a change of heart.


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Michigan Mom    

Shes not my idol..........I never mentioned anything to that nature.......And kevin doesn't take care of those kids nannies do........Like I said she didn't have to be there...thats all, and good luck with your business, Hope your mama is proud of you.

2537 days ago


Nothing she has done in the last six months has me thinking she even WANTS
to be a mom. I never thought I would say this, but, I say let k-fed's crowd raise the
kids for now and let ms. spears either pull herself together or wind up like anne nicole.
She is on my last nerve.
I hope this judge lays the hammer down... hard.

2537 days ago

DEE-VA 1960    


2537 days ago

Gabriella F.    

Her actions show no interest for her children. Her legal councel should withdraw from the case. I dont see any effort on her behalf.

2537 days ago


How do you know WHAT she promised her lawyer? He isn't talking & neither is she. This is made up garbage! She may not have needed to be there.!

2537 days ago

Britney is a skank    

Actions speak louder than words.She doesn't want her kids's obvious now.

2537 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Some of you morons assume that she wants to see her children. You know what happens when you assume?

2537 days ago


Her lawyers shouldn't tell her that she's going to court.

Just say there's a room downtown with a bunch of cameras, some sycophant paps, and a food court w/ a Starbucks & a Taco Bell. She'll have her ass in there in no time!

2537 days ago


Even if she was not required to show up, it does not impress the court when you do not show especially since she was the one petitioning the change in the court order. She needed to be there. It shows the court a complete and total disrespect.

Anyone can 'behave' for a week. She needs to show she has made long term changes and is going to continue with those changes. Until then she should not be allowed freedom with her children.

2537 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Michigan mom you say your son isn't on the computer all day, her works and goes to school. You're on it all day, I'm confused is this a good or bad thing, to be on the computer all day? I hope not, I don't have much else I can do right now. My kids are raised and that took most of my time.

2537 days ago


What was so important on Bitchney's schedule that she couldn't even go to court to fight for her kids?. Never liked her, don't now, never will. I had her pegged as a total loser back when she was smokin'. Hubby and the kids loved her; she reminded me of all the stuck up, gotta have their way, mean girls in high school. Glad to see I was dead on the mark years ago.

BTW....where's her hoards of fans to defend her????????

2537 days ago


hey cookie, just because you are famous doesn't mean you can't do normal things. she is obviously crying out for help. other celebrities do"normal things" they just don't have cameras up their asses every move they make. they follow this girl 24/7. to quote a somewhat famous crossdresser,"leave britney alone" for k-fed, dont' fool yourself he is not raising these kids nannies are. he is just doing this for more money.. where are his other kids, remember them.

2537 days ago


I'm hoping this is just misinformation, because if it's true, all any of us can say is huh??Boggles the mind.

2537 days ago

Britney is a skank    

Someone posted and said she didnt show up because of the media circus...GIVE ME A FRIGGEN BREAK.....she sure likes the media circus when she goes to a gas station ...... gas station bathroom.......Starbucks.......cell phone shopping.....hotel are an idiot.

2537 days ago

Blah blah blah    

OCD #87 are you new to this site? Cause we may need to send you a side order of throw rugs.

2537 days ago
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