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Britney Leaves the Courtroom -- Visibly Upset

10/11/2007 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has just left the courtroom, looking extremely upset and teary-eyed.

K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is going to speak with the media in 30 minutes.

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"I gotta face the consequences of my actions. A ding-dang-doo, ya'll!"

2515 days ago


The judge told her what she need to her what kind of woman go to court 5 hrs late she has no respect for the court or anyone for that matter.She show complete disrespect to the judge. The judge is not suppose to wait for u you are suppose to go there and wait for him.she thinks the world revolves around her.I am happy those boys won't be with her. She need serious help and her crazy mom is not helping her get the help she need despresaly

2515 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

Celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder was quoted as saying

"It's only been a week since the judge's last ruling, and Britney HAS YET TO PROVE she can follow those orders. At this point, for her, its a celebration of HOPE OVER REALITY. I don't think she has a chance."

2515 days ago


Can't say we didn't see this coming? I wish I were a fly on the wall to hear the tongue lashing the judge gave her!

2515 days ago


LOL wtf was she expecting? what were any of you fans of hers expecting?

It's frightening to see people stand behind her after all she's done to her kids. Forget about what she's done to herself, she's an adult? Who friggin cares.... To think that some of you fans will be mothers or are mothers supporting her actions.

There's a big difference, she has the money to stall the judicial system. You try that, and your kids will be in foster care by 5pm that same day... Which I guess, they would be better off if you support this worthless excuse of a mother like this.

2515 days ago


#28 She's going through pain because she brought it on herself due to a self-destructive lifestyle. She deserves no one's sympathy.

2515 days ago

Ramy H.    

Britney spears is faking it, shes really happy!!

2515 days ago


Everyone needs to remember who the most important ones here are....the two precious little boys. Granted I know that she's brought this all on herself, but they are the ones who are suffering and will continue too.

She's not "Britney Spears" to them...she's just Mommy and if she'd realize that one important thing, she'd straighten up.

2515 days ago


She's just plain dumb. If she had listened to the people who warned her, she wouldn't have married that louse or wound up going through this foolishness.

2515 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

23. Rarely, do Judges admit when they have made a very public mistake. Seems the ones who pay are the innocent children. Britney was fine to have the children full-time before Kevin got his big settlement.

this person is also crazy... wow, i didn't believe my friend when she said Britney fans had no common sense and only saw what they wanted to see but after reading some of these crazy ass posts still defending her actions... i can see what she meant... coo coo.... coo coo... coo coo.....

2515 days ago


#23- her erratic behavior has increased over the last couple of months. She went from demanding no one smoke around her children to smoking while she was holding them so obviously she has changed.

I don't know of many judges who would change their ruling one week after it was made. She is acting quite immaturely and because she has the money to do so is wasting the court's time. She has a hearing set for Oct. 26th. If she acts appropriately she should be able to get things changed then. She needs to stop acting like a spoiled child and start acting like an adult.

2515 days ago


Obviously.. Kfed doesn't want to loose his "money".. I Mean his kids..
I wonder what he does for a living? and how is he planning to support 4 kids.. Oh wait.. I know what he does.. and I know how he planned to secure his future!

2515 days ago


funny thing is, if princess brit were to get the kids and drown them in the family pool, you idiot followers would still support her, sooo sad people. shes a walking fruitloop.

2515 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

37. funny thing is, if princess brit were to get the kids and drown them in the family pool, you idiot followers would still support her, sooo sad people. shes a walking fruitloop.

Posted at 5:43PM on Oct 11th 2007 by will she ever learn

BAM!!!! i have said the exact same thing many times... if one of these kids drowns in a pool or tub these "supporters" will just blame K-fed and continue to support this loon...she isn't even all that!!! she cant sing.... she cant write good songs... i mean come on people... cant you find someone with at least a little bit of talent to support?

2515 days ago

we all need help sometimes    

Look, Brit, you have some SERIOUS issues. You really need to work on that. But you can do this. You'll get your kids back.

2515 days ago
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