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Britney Leaves the Courtroom -- Visibly Upset

10/11/2007 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has just left the courtroom, looking extremely upset and teary-eyed.

K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is going to speak with the media in 30 minutes.

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Chris C    

2506 days ago


She probably faked her drug test. They had busted 4 guys and 2 girls at my father's work for faking a drug test just last week. They take somebody else's urine in a plastic container to the place where they are giving the test and dump it in the testing container. She can hide the container in her purse. They need to put one of them tablets in her testing cup that disintegrates when she pees in the cup. It doesn't disintegrate when she dumps somebody else's urine that she brought in a container into the cup. She needs to pay more attention to her kids and spend less time partying and shopping. I do all my shopping on the weekends. I go grocery shopping, make a run to Wal-Mart, and I make a run to White Marsh Mall in White Marsh, MD (I live in Parkville, MD) all in one weekend. She should be able to afford to hire somebody to do some of her shopping for her. She could do most of her shopping online and have either UPS, Fedex (Federal Express, not her ex husband), or the US Mail deliver it. Brad and Angelina arrange their schedules so that one parent or the other parent is with the kids at all times. If they can do it, she can do it. Enough said.

2506 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

Go get her some taco bell and she'll cheer up.

2506 days ago

whats fair?    

whats fair? Ya know, lots of peoples have troubles, but with age come maturity. But as far and fair, BOTH should have 50/50 responsibility as well as financial should be spent with there own money for the children . Mine is set that way and all is well.

2506 days ago


What a sad life to be a celebrity. I can't imagine who would want this life. The paparazzi are crazy, desperate, and sick to the bone. That's one disturbing job that one should never admit to. One of these days though, one of these celebrities are going to really lose it and run them all down in their Mercedes! Now, that would be something.

2506 days ago

Britney is a skank    

It's all an act....druggies and crazy bitches have no feelings.

2506 days ago

John Truskolaski    

You photogs are monsters. Honestly, do we have to have another tragic acident because papz won't stop following celebs. You people are crazy...

2506 days ago


She is going to get tired of jumping through hoops for people and say "F___k it!" eventually.

Sad day for her boys.

Posted at 6:01PM on Oct 11th 2007 by Now, now

No, that will be the BEST DAY in her children's lives! They do not need that nasty pile of shiat in their lives, screwing them up. She's already given them FAS and probable retardation from all her drugging and drinking while knocked-up...why should she be allowed to harm them even more? And if she doesn't want to fight for her kids, and comply with the judge's orders, then she should not have those kids. Period. Most mothers would do ANYTHING to get their kids back, but this land whale cannot be bothered to do anything. She just doesn't care about them, and you fantards are just deluding yourselves. Your precious little idol is fat, bloated, ugly, zit-faced, dirty, smelly and just a gross, gross excuse for a human being. Even animals have more common sense than this tard. She should be ashamed, and those poor FAS boys are better off without her. And you fantards know it, but you just won't admit that your idol is DONE. Even if she DOES come back, most people will always remember how disgusting she was. They won't forget the crotch-flashing, the neglect, the weave, the stained, torn, filthy clothes, the saggy boobs, the constant partying, drinking and drugs...among other things. She SUPPOSEDLY passed some drug tests, but I bet she got someone else to pee for her. There is just no way that someone who isn't on drugs could act so disgusting....unless they are cataclysmically retarded. But even most MR people I know have more intelligence and pride and class than to go around flashing their privates to the world. They are cleaner, too. How sad is it that Shiatney is worse off, and less intelligent than a retarded person? KEEP THOSE KIDS AWAY FROM HER, OR THEY WILL WIND UP DEAD. COUNT ON THAT. I know this is wrong, but I do wish Shiatney would kill herself. It's the best thing for everyone, but especially her kids. They deserve better than this, and no mom is better than Shiatney as their mother. Believe that.

2506 days ago


People keep touting that the commissioner took the kids from Britney as if this $hit doesn't happen all the time in America to GOOD parents. I knew of one man whose exwife lied about him and he got proof of her antics on tape to prove to the judge that she was the one at fault not him, thus getting full custody of his children back after it had been awarded to the exwife. There are far worse parents out there than Britney. To take custody away from her over rumors is a travesty of justice and a spit in the face to parents who are TRULY dealing with an irresponsible ex-spouse.

2506 days ago


I would be crazy too if I had all those people around me constantly and never had a moments peace. She needs to go somewhere and get her head together. I wish her luck..I cant imagine what thats like.

2506 days ago


Unfortunately for Britny - hindsight is the best sight - so being upset she should be- it was all her that brought all this about

2506 days ago


She needs to go to Utah too and get out of L.A.

2506 days ago


Good you filthy slut ! you don't deserve your kids ...thats obvious cuz you would've quit being a whore long enough to spend time with them if you really did want them!

2506 days ago


She didn't look visibly upset. She is hyper aware of the cameras. She didn't start with her hand to her face until the gate was wide open.

F Her. She is a lying, trashy, selfish excuse for a human being. Why didn't she wear her too short dress that barely covers her exposed cooch and unbuttoned down the front? Doesn't she want to look real sexy like for the Judge? She exposes herself to the rest of us like it ain't no thing, why not show up to court being herself.

If she truly didn't know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable, we would have seen the half naked version today.

2506 days ago


Britney is no doubt upset because the jailed let her know how thin the ice was beneath her feet. She's very lucky to have even one overnight monitored visit at this point.

2506 days ago
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