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Britney Says She's "Scared"

10/11/2007 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's got plenty to be afraid of -- custody, failing drug tests, album sales -- but the biggest fear on Britney's mind yesterday was the paparazzi.

TMZ got Spears going in and out of Cabo Cantina yesterday, where she tried a new tactic to get the paps out of her way -- by continually repeating "I'm scared." As she walked into the Mexican restaurant, she dropped her new phrase at least 15 times as she weaved through paps.

Spears was just as uneasy with paps after eating, needing the assistance of a restaurant patron to get past the wall of photogs to her car.


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The weak and frightened Twitney Beers CRACKS me up!!!! OMG she shops at Target!!!!!hehehehehehe!!!! I'm scared ya'll...........

2571 days ago

Lenn K.    

With all the problems in the world this is the #1 story every single day. This world is just about over and the end is coming soon. Look at the tot board to the left is there really 726 important stories about Britney Spear and 748 about Paris Hilton with all that's going on these day??????

2571 days ago


I think Brit needs to get the heck outta dodge away from all of the stalkers and out of the limelight and try to have a less intrusive lifestyle for herself and those babies. The stalkers really need to lay off! I would never want to be a celeb and have these people in my face every second I leave my house. I'm not a Brit fan but those kids need to be protected and out of the limelight from these crazy papz.

2571 days ago


Hardcore moron!

2571 days ago


Britney if you are reading this you need to go into seclusion for about 1 month to make these leech parasite papparazzis get a real job, it seems there numbers are increasing because you are so public and they know that. 1 Month is all I ask !

2571 days ago


That's the reason she's in the situation she's in with the paps. She refuses to stay home in no doubt a beautiful mansion. Why? Because she craves the attention more than she craves her children. How sad!

2571 days ago


#13.........then get off the gossip web site and watch real news!!!! idiot!!!

2571 days ago


Maybe now she knows how her sons feel when she drags them into this mess.

2571 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Is there any way she can get restraining orders against the papz? If she is so scared. What exactly is she scared of?

2571 days ago


I'd be scared, too!!! LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHEESH!!!

2571 days ago


She is scared alright, scared of the paps. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves but they are not. Another picture, another dollar! I feel very sorry for Britney. Stalking and preying on people is illegal, but why does it not apply to the paps as they act in this manner? I don not understand. All I can say is pray for Brit because they may end up causing her to have an auto accident or cause her to physically fall or something.
Love you Brit!!

2571 days ago


I think that woman that grabbed Jamie Lynn the other day has freaked Britney out. She needs a bodyguard dammit ! not an overweight unprofessional one either ! get an ex secret service or ex Mossad agent !

2571 days ago


The only thing she is scared of is when the paps finally go away.

The paps are what get her high - she's addicted

2571 days ago

Blah blah blah    

#13 this is a gossip rag, go to another media source if you don't like what they are reporting here. I notice you are here every damn day, do you think one day they will report on something you consider news worthy? Sounds like you need to go to or, maybe that would be more to your interest.

2571 days ago


She's scared??!! Yeah right. Is she scared when she receives those great big huge checks? If the paparazzi weren't there taking her picture, then that would mean nobody is interested in her. And that would mean no money would be coming in for her. Can't she put two and two together and see that? Stop complaining, Britney.

2571 days ago
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