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Britney to Judge -- I Want Overnights with S.P. and J.J.

10/11/2007 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: K-Fed's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan issued the following statement to TMZ: "The fact that a party, one week after a full court hearing, attempts to change
the orders of the court, in the absence of an emergency or without any new facts, suggests a continued lack of respect and understanding for what an order of the court actually means."

TMZ has learned Britney Spears plans to go to court today with her lawyers to ask the judge to expand her visitation rights to overnight visits with her kids. We're told Spears was urged by her lawyers to attend the hearing, scheduled for 8:30 AM in downtown Los Angeles.

We've also learned Spears has now had several clean drug tests. Brit's lawyers will use these tests and other evidence to make their case. They've told Britney her presence will show the judge how much she cares about the kids -- she finally gets it and plans to show.

Currently, Spears has monitored visitation -- the kids are deposited in the morning and returned to K-Fed in the early evening.

Oh, by the way, sources say the entire family -- Britney, Kevin, Sean Preston and Jayden James -- all have pink eye. That's why K-Fed was wearing a K-Patch at the last hearing.


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Britney is a skank    

Ok...this Britney crap is like beating a dead horse...I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this piece of human feces I could scream.

NO ONE CARES ANYMORE...except her handful of delusional fans...I'm done coming to TMZ.

2568 days ago

sicko Lambert    

You're still young Britney! Just wait till you're a woman then a lot and I mean a lot of people will be eating their words! My song to you "I'm not a girl not yet a woman" by BRITNEY SPEARS!

2568 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

Those kids are nothing but PR to her. The shank is never home over night so why would she want the kids there?

2568 days ago

M H    

the reason she has been hanging with her little to get her pee

...unless they watch her pee directly into the cup and serch her for a pee holding device first...I wont buy that she is clean at all

2568 days ago



2568 days ago


why would she want overnite visits when she is out at the bar scene evrynight !!! DUH !!!

2568 days ago


The glasses are great they hide her fat ugly face

2568 days ago


Well, at least she has not done anything really whacked out for a while. The judge would probably take her seriously if she made an attempt to stop being a papparazzi whore for at least a day, damn. Try staying home for a few days so her picture is not splattered all over the internet every single day. Chances are that if she is granted overnights with her kids, once they are asleep, she will be back out in a club somewhere with cameras in her face.

2568 days ago

Amy Silverman    

I bet that TMZ will have a report tomorrow that Britney doesn't show for the 8:30am hearing. I bet you money she does NOT make it or will be 2 hours late.

2568 days ago


Britney didn't have pink eye, K fed Sean and Jayden did

2568 days ago

kim suck    

PIG!!!!! whore~!!!

2568 days ago


I hope she goes attends the hearing, cause that shows that she really wants her kids and maybe they will grant her the overnight vistitation that she wants. Good luck Britney im praying for you.

2568 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Way to go Britney. Baby steps. You'll get there! Get those kids back and make them the center of your universe. Surround yourself with people who truly love you and have YOUR best interests in their hearts. Get eveyone else out of your life. Hire the best legal team and PR firm that you can. Get that bod back into shape - you're young - you can do it. Dance and sing if you want to. Stay out of the limelight and work on your image. Get whatever helpyou need. Hard work, but if you REALLY want it, GO FOR IT! All the best. You're the best!

2568 days ago

sicko Lambert    

#61 you seem to be such an angry person to post something like that about another human being, we're ALL , ONLY HUMAN! Everybody makes mistakes! Just that she is in the spotlight and you can't believe everything you read or hear. You're not there 24/7 to prove a fact about her.

2568 days ago


The supervised visits should continue for a long while with Ms. Spears being required to take parenting classes before there is any suggestion of bringing those babies back into her chaotic world again. A few clean UA's isn't enough to have overnight unsupervised visits. I pray the judge, in all the his wisdom, doesn't rush these boys back to mom. What else has she done other than the supervised visits with the children? Brittany, I want to see you succeed with your children. Get yourself well before that happens. The boys need and deserve both parents in their lives...2 parents who are well balanced and stable. You must take care of yourself first before you can take care of your children.

2568 days ago
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