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Britney to Judge -- I Want Overnights with S.P. and J.J.

10/11/2007 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: K-Fed's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan issued the following statement to TMZ: "The fact that a party, one week after a full court hearing, attempts to change
the orders of the court, in the absence of an emergency or without any new facts, suggests a continued lack of respect and understanding for what an order of the court actually means."

TMZ has learned Britney Spears plans to go to court today with her lawyers to ask the judge to expand her visitation rights to overnight visits with her kids. We're told Spears was urged by her lawyers to attend the hearing, scheduled for 8:30 AM in downtown Los Angeles.

We've also learned Spears has now had several clean drug tests. Brit's lawyers will use these tests and other evidence to make their case. They've told Britney her presence will show the judge how much she cares about the kids -- she finally gets it and plans to show.

Currently, Spears has monitored visitation -- the kids are deposited in the morning and returned to K-Fed in the early evening.

Oh, by the way, sources say the entire family -- Britney, Kevin, Sean Preston and Jayden James -- all have pink eye. That's why K-Fed was wearing a K-Patch at the last hearing.


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Exactly, give Britney her children back you smuck. I'd test Kevin before returning them also, what a worthless piece of crap. He has zero income so it''s obvious he's looking for a free hand out. I say no free handouts unless he works and provides alsol.

2570 days ago


BS ain't gonna get nothin' but chewed out and told to get some serious counseling, pee in a lot more cups, get a lot more parenting instruction, cut way down on the 'partying,' keep her clothes on and her nasty cooter covered, answer the damn intercom, quit wh*ring herself out to the paps on a daily basis ... Should I go on?

2570 days ago


Sorry, but she's had two years to demonstrate good parenting skills. I'm not convinced that after just one week of losing physical custody, Ms. Brit has suddenly become the responsible adult she needs to be to provide the good care her children deserve.

2570 days ago


TMZ - for goodness sakes block Whats Up. She/he is the most irritating poster ever - shamelessly promoting him/herself.


2570 days ago


She not only deserves overnight she deserves full custody! At least she has the ability to make money, unlike her counterpart who has yet to find a job! Does not getting a job and supporting kids have anything to do with custody?

2570 days ago


why would she have them overnight? so the nanny has something to do while brit parties.

2570 days ago


WTF--bitch doesn't stay home AT NIGHT. What's the point of asking for overnight visits?

2570 days ago


Re: the Beach Photo -- I told my friends Britney would get so crazy she would soon take off her clothes and run around in public for attention.

And there ya go ...

2570 days ago


Britney, I think if you give the Judge a little bribe he might let the kids stay over night with Michael Jackson.

2570 days ago

sicko Lambert    

I Agree #65, She does deserve full custody, she never abandoned her kids whereas Federline abandoned his two kids and a pregnant girlfriend, why they don't do something about that! I'm sure Britney's kids were in good hands (with the money she has!) the times she was out. We love you Britney, we know you won't give up on this!

2570 days ago


leave this poor girl alone! She is going thru a really hard time. She is so young and has been caught up with all this celebrity and media BS. Let Brit live her life and work out her own problems, and she will do it! If her life was perfect, then she would not be human.

Brit, if you read these, I want you to know that I wish you the best! And stop getting wrapped up with all media.


2570 days ago


Her bodyguard LIED... K-Fed LIED... his attorney LIED. She had seven test.. ALL negative. Yes, give her kids BACK NOW! This is a terrible injustice that has been done to Britney. Say what you want I DO NOT CARE!

2570 days ago


Are you people stupid. She has not been clubbing at all. She goes out for dinner, like 95% of the population. Let's be realistic, do you really think that kevin doesn't pass the kids over to the nanny.

What she has done in the past is done. Stope rehashing it. The judge is going to base his decision on what she is doing now.

If she is doing better, she deserves to have her kids back slowly. Who are any of you to say if she should or shouldn't get them back. If she screw ups he can always revoke the overnight visits. She has been doing well give her at least that credit.

2570 days ago


She has never hurt her kids, and if she hasn't failed any of the drug tests, why shouldn't he let her have an overnight visit. As long as the random tests continue with the other requirements. Just suspecting someone does drugs does not make a good legal argument.. You know, this is America and the last time I checked things have to be proved in order to convict and punish someone.

Also, Kevin had to be the one who gave the kids pink eye, then they gave it to Britney.
Kevin has his last Wednesday during the hearing and Britney's eyes in pics all last week were fine.

2570 days ago


um you'd think it would take longer then a week to earn over night visits with her kids wouldn't it? like christ they were only taken away a little over a week ago

2570 days ago
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