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Commish to Brit -- Nighttime Is the Right Time

10/11/2007 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will get one overnight visit with her kids per week -- at least for now.

L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon partially accepted her lawyer's plea to give Spears monitored overnight visitation. Spears, who was in court, was sworn in as the afternoon hearing began. She testified, but we don't know what she said.

Spears left the courtroom visibly upset. The overnight visits will be monitored. The parties have not reached an agreement on choosing a different monitor than the one who is already in place.

A court spokesman said today was the result of a compromise between the two sides -- Brit wanted more, K-Fed didn't want her to have any overnights.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said after the hearing that he met with Brit's lawyers during the lunch hour. The attorneys told the court that they all agreed to "slightly increase" Brit's visitation. In other words, K-Fed agreed to give Brit a break, and a chance.

Kaplan said protections were in place for the kids.


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She deserves exactly what she has gotten...nothing. Karma bitch! Croc tears and late pleas only show what a ridic mess she is.

2508 days ago


It's a start in the right direction. Be strong Brit!

2508 days ago


rock I.Q: I totally agree with you!! You hit the nail on the head!

2508 days ago


I'm glad the judge is allowing the kids to spend the night. Let her prove herself. All the lies about her drug abuse are coming to light. She is passing her drug tests. Maybe, she will wake up and smell the real mess she has gotten herself in.

2508 days ago

rock I.Q    

yippie... where is the rest of this story... if she got what she wanted why is she crying. did kevin show up?

2508 days ago


How much do you want to bet that the very first night those boys are at her house, she is photographed out partying while her mother is at home with them.

2508 days ago


She does deserve something. She's there MOTHER. As long as she cares for them and does what the court orders then yes, she does have a right to them. It's been ok to Kevin up till now to have her Mother around those kids, why can't she be the monitor? Britney screws up and doesn't listen, then take them away. For the judge to do this, there is something else going on that we don't know about. Just wait and see.

2508 days ago


One small step at a time Britney. There are people out there that support you, other than all the haters.

2508 days ago



2508 days ago


I am happy that Britney gets to have her kids at least one night a week. She needs that.

Screw everyone who is against her. Its her life and her kids - nobody cares what you think

2508 days ago


Keep your spirits up. Something is better than nothing. You know what to do in order to get you kids back. Just follow the court orders and stay straight. Stay home of you can. Take a break from the cameras. Love ya and wishing you well.

2508 days ago


Honestly everyone just wants to see her go down in flames - but how is this good for her kids????? She is the only mother they will ever have and eventually she will grow up (she is still very young) and I am sure she will become a better parent.

Bottom line is two little boys who love her regardless of how the public and the press view her as a person or parent. I am sure Kfed contributed alot to her mental health. Personally I think he put her through hell and this is the result. That doesnt mean she doesnt love her kids or they dont love her. There are WAY WORSE parents out there that have custody of their kids. It is only because the camera is on her every move that she is even dealing with any of this.

I am glad the judge ruled this way - good for the kids and keeps her on a tight leash until she shows more respect for the court which is obviously what the commish wanted.

2508 days ago

deez s    

well Brtney will get her kids back eventually but girl has some problems I think shes bipolar not a druggie she needshelp.She started losing her mind after her and JT broke up who would leave him and go to K fed

2508 days ago


Be Strong Brit!!!! It will all work out!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2508 days ago


BE STRONG BRITNEY!!!! Hang in there honey. Keep your Mom, Jamie Lynn, and Bryan in your corner and fight with all your might. Don't let that creep get over on you. You love your children and fight like you've never fought'll win. You and your Mother are a tough couple of them.

2508 days ago
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