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Commish to Brit -- Nighttime Is the Right Time

10/11/2007 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears will get one overnight visit with her kids per week -- at least for now.

L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon partially accepted her lawyer's plea to give Spears monitored overnight visitation. Spears, who was in court, was sworn in as the afternoon hearing began. She testified, but we don't know what she said.

Spears left the courtroom visibly upset. The overnight visits will be monitored. The parties have not reached an agreement on choosing a different monitor than the one who is already in place.

A court spokesman said today was the result of a compromise between the two sides -- Brit wanted more, K-Fed didn't want her to have any overnights.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said after the hearing that he met with Brit's lawyers during the lunch hour. The attorneys told the court that they all agreed to "slightly increase" Brit's visitation. In other words, K-Fed agreed to give Brit a break, and a chance.

Kaplan said protections were in place for the kids.


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Cooter Flasher    

just saying:

you ARE confused. Read more carefully. The request was denied to change the order. A SETTLEMENT was reached between the parties. In other words: K-Fed comprimised.

2538 days ago



2538 days ago

Eric Justice    

K Fed is a bad parent! Wait 'til this all ends and we see the true colors. He's gold digger.

2538 days ago


He is horrid, I really dislike something about him. Shar Jackson says he is a great dad but a terrible partner? Can you really be a great dad if you are a terrible partner....

Surely its harmful for the kids to see their dad being mean and hateful towards his partners?

He's nothing but a goldigga, I hope he ends up broke.

karma should kick his butt.

2538 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

lol... all these people are cheering for her like she did something GREAT! its like that old Chris Rock bit

"I take care of my kids"!!!

bytch, you suppose to take care of your kids!!! you don't get a medal for that! It's your job!

2538 days ago


This is a process has come up , so far, with clean drug test. She has reconciled with her Mother and she needs to prove to that judge that she can be trusted, I agree with you that she bought this on, but, there is still the issue with Kevin. He is after money and holding on to those kids is his only source of income. I hope that Judge comes back at him and makes him get a job. If she continues to do what the Judge expects her to do she will get those kids back. Kevin smokes Pot, I wonder how he is passing those drug test, or if he is even taking them. There is a thing called creatine and you can get it in the health food stores. It makes your pee come out clear and erases signs of marijuana. But they can check the test for creatine. And if it shows up , In New Jersey anyway, the court can charge him with tampering with a drug test. If he is being tested by mouth(DNA SWAB) sometimes a cough drop can manipulate the test.

2538 days ago


The only thing KFed has for those kids is his ex-wifes money cause he does not have what it takes to make a real living like most of us single Dads. The best thing she could do and should do is hire a full time nanny and destroy the K'Fraud in court with some high priced legal folks. Yes, in LA, cash talks and BS walks. Get over it.

He is a sleeze ball, the big difference between the two, she can afford to hire the help she needs, he needs her cash to support them kids.

He is a man and society expects him to be a jerk so he is not viewed in the same light. Too bad he cannot act like a man and raise his children without her money. That is why he wants custody, custody = more Brit financial support.

Her biggest mistake in this was to not get a pre-nup.

2538 days ago


You are wrong CooterFlasher................the JUDGE allowed her one overnight visit a week NOT KFed allowed it to her.....................GEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

2538 days ago

rock I.Q    

Cooter Flasher
some of the positive feed back on BRitney are either her very young fans or other Mom's who have been through not only custody But divorce.some woman hold themselves to very high standards yet have experienced hardship and difficult moments in life and see Britney's problems mirroring their own experience, and still their are some who see a young girl they watched on the Mickey mouse club and dont want to watch her to fall apart and lose what many hold so important.
I for one see a mom who has made mistakes as we all do and in the last week has had a rude awakening and wants her children back .I think Britney has a very long road to Travel and hope she gets therapy while on that road so she may self reflect and get healthy.I know she brought this all upon herself as WE all do with our problems, she has made some major parenting mistakes but its nice to see her trying to make it right.I hope she learns to appreciate her children in all of this and I think she will

Shar gets 23% of K-feds..uh Britneys income
I would say Kevin is the damm Daddy Iv ever seen even if he huniliated me in public and stressed out my prego ass..I know she is not getting any income now and sais she does not want any but come now..

2538 days ago

mickey lou    

K-jerk just wants her money & the kids are the key to the safety deposit box.

2538 days ago

just wondering    

...READ # 4.....bang on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2538 days ago

Britney fan's are pathetic    

Now people are blaming the judge. Wow hope you guys never get on a jury. What there is evidence the defendant murdered 10 people but the jury found him not guilty because he entertains them..

I don't know if britney is a good mom or bad mom so you know what i do i keep my mouth shut and only give my general opinion. all you guys talking about brit and kfed like you know them personally are crazy and pathetic.

I will say it again crazy and pathetic!!

2538 days ago


I hope very much that Britney understands that this is a TEST, and doesn't indulge in her usual behavior around the boys; i.e. exposing their baby eyes to the bright sunlight while seeking out paparazzi with her convertible top down, dragging the crying boys in and out of shops and restaurants "forgetting" her panties, crashing her car, drinking excessively, smoking around them - the list goes on. If she goes out at night and leaves the boys with a monitor, she may just as well kiss them goodbye.

2538 days ago

Happy Citizen    

You go girl!!
Next will be 50 50 custody.
No more money to K-Fed.
He needs to go back to work.

2538 days ago


On a separate note, if they (courts) do give him custody, he should get the state minimum for child support and lose the spousal support (not like he earned it), let him live on that, I bet he would beg her to take the kids just like my ex-wife did when she was rewarded the minimum, she cold not afford to raise our kids and have them!.

2538 days ago
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