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Deep Discounts on "American Idol" Irregulars

10/11/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Guarini and Kimberley Locke didn't win "American Idol," but they are charging on with their careers and performing -- at the opening of a Texas outlet mall! For the love of Tiffany!
Kimberley Locke and Justin Guarini
While it may not be as high profile as a residential development or a regional hot air balloon festival, Justin and Kimberley will be doing their best to entertain discount shoppers at the grand opening of The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso on Friday. "From Justin to Kelly" never looked so good! To add insult to injury, Kimberley's name is even spelled wrong in one instance.

At this rate, it won't be long before Bo Bice is at a multiplex near you -- singing in the parking lot!


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Perhaps El Paso is just a stop-over for Kimberley, who was hired to do a show for a gay pride even in Tucson on Saturday.

2575 days ago


We'd be surprised to see how fat their paychecks were for doing this, thanks to compulsive shoppers & big spenders! Why doesn't report this information? ...Shock & envy at their true success!

2575 days ago


This is to Mom no it's NOT better then working at McDonalds or Hooters at least those people have real jobs.Not like these wannabe singers who are only well known because they were on TV for some reality show with other losers who can't get a real job.

2575 days ago


It gladdens my heart to see this happening to these no talents. None of these AI people have ever had the grueling job of playing bars and long road trips to play gigs night after night to try to get their names out there to the public. The bands that made it that way rely on sheer talent. These fools jump in front of a camera, queak a few notes and the idiots that sit and watch this drivel phone in by the thousands to vote for them because they don't have any idea what REAL talent is. I'm sure some of these Idol buttheads will be doing porn one day and others will be saying "Do you want fries with that?"..... ha ha ha ha ha ha.....
Can't wait....
By the way, take all the others like Britney, Jessica, Ashley and the rest of these fatheads and put them in the same boat. Of course, if Britney, Jessica, Ashley and the rest do wind up in porn, I'll be the first to get a copy. The fun of watching no-talents finally displaying the only thing they're good for.

2575 days ago


TO ALL YOU IDIOTS. WHAT JOB ISN'T A MONEY MAKING MACHINE FOR SOMEONE ELSE? Unless you own your own buisness. At least they are doing something they like to do and getting paid for it.

2575 days ago


What is the big deal????? If the price is right you take the work. I like his voice and it is a shame he is not the JUSTIN making the music. he has a fine voice and what should he do? Not sing? come see me at

2575 days ago

Toby's mom    

I am looking forward to the day when this show will be GONE!!
Now we have to put up with the spinoffs.
Ths show is just pure crap.
The singers,...just a way for them to meet rich and famous people and turn themselves into druggies and alcololics. They now have the chance to meet the good drug dealears and get a discount price and also meet good Doctors who are willing to give them prescriptions for a autograph.
Isn't this the guy who slept with Paula?
WHO CARES ANYWAY. We have so many other things of importance, I'm wasting my time and energy just writing this, but it helps with anger management

2575 days ago


Constantine Maroulis is singing at the opening of a Stein Mart in Solon, Ohio next month. And word is he comes at half Justin's price.

2575 days ago


This just serves to UNDERSCORE the MASSIVE talent DRAIN going on in America. EVERYONE is looking for the CHEAP way, EASY way, FAST way to make the "BIG EASY" so you get what you pay for which is CRAP! Short-lived talent. Look at the STAR POWER of years past. Hollywood "CULTIVATED" that talent. That talent worked long hard hours to perfect their skills and they did not live the EXORBIDENT life styles seen on TV today. Even the PRESS had REAL Reporters who RESEARCHED their topics (instead of using the INTERNET of QUESTIONABLE resources), These mambie-pambie "stick a microphone in your face" reporters use flashy paced graphics, pictures and sound to fill up a half-hour or hour with crap at a speed most human minds cannot really process, to fill their time quota. And what do we get? CRAP, like EXTRA and other HOLLYWOOD gossip shows like them. American Idol is a CHEAP way of avoiding paying scriptwriters, production set workers, etc for BETTER entertainment.

This process and what exists on TV now is like the MCDONALD's of Entertainment. It is CHEAP (CRAPPY) and EASY to do! You get LESS than what you PAY for America!

2575 days ago


This is funny, Why can't they not go to school. Get a nice job at the local cell phone company, or starbucks? I do not think anyone on AI has any real talent. Look at it like this, if they had never been on AI they still may have this gig, So what did AI do for them? Nothing

2575 days ago


Geez...they're just trying to make a living. Why do people find such joy in things like celebrities (or anyone for that matter) having a hard time?
Your lives must be really sad!!!!!!

I believe they can both sing. So what if they did not get huge mega millions music least they get to do domething they love.

All you haters are so tired and petty...

2575 days ago


I would rather do that than work for TMZ...seriously, what is more degrading?

2575 days ago


At least they have lives and aren't running around with a Wal-mart video camera stalking I right TMZ? Hmmmmm

2575 days ago


I'm not a fan of American Idol and I've never bought their records. However, what I think is really sad is how the people in this blog judge entertainers for the venues they do. Work is work and artists or entertainers are not supposed to do it to be rich or famous. It's a love and a calling that make some rich and some not so rich and famous. I highly respect what this kids are doing and sometimes those are the best gigs for the audience where they can have a concert with some kind of connection and intimacy. Some of the biggest stars on earth had to do the same thing, from Frank Sinatra to Tina Turner and they did it with dignity and love for their career. Some got lucky and did a huge comeback, and some didn't. But these kids are sticking to their carreers and they are not quitting when the going gets tough. And besides, all those so called "pop stars" that make millions and are supposed to be the stars of the people, are not really pop stars. They are stars of the rich because they only perform at very expensive venues and if you can't afford several hundreds of dollars to be closer to a concert stage you'll still have to pay 100+ dollars to be a mile away.

2575 days ago


One time The Bangles performed on a new tollway opening ceremony in Houston. Didn't hurt their career any-since they didn't have one :b

2575 days ago
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