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"Housewives 3" No Jo and Slade?!

10/11/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just received promo materials for the new season of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and we were shocked -- shocked! -- to see that Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley, the spiciest couple in the O.C. since L.C. and Jason Wahler, were nowhere to be found! Where'd they go?!
Real Housewives
Sources tell TMZ that the pair -- no longer an item -- declined Bravo's request for them to star on season three. We're told Jo had a commitment to her record label, and, more importantly, was over the show. Fear not, though, we've learned Jo (and Slade -- if you can stand it) could be getting their own "Hills"-esque spin-off, which will chronicle Jo's climb to musical stardom. Paging Heidi Montag! In fact, we're told Jo's label has hired one of Britney's songwriters to pen her stuff. Wait- is that a good idea right now?

Although they're no longer on the show, sources tell us that Bravo still used Jo to hype the new season, promoting a premiere party using Jo's picture. The nerve!

A Bravo spokesperson says that the decision to chop Jo and Slade had to do with the fact that, technically, she isn't a housewife anymore -- although, really, she never was. And the network has since added another housewife, Tamra Barney.

We talked to Slade, and though he wouldn't spill the beans on if a new show is in the works (so cagey that guy), he did tell us that Jo's music is "amazingly good," that the album is slated for a 2008 release and that he and his ex are building an "entertainment and production company" together. BTW, he stills sells insurance.


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The only reason a there should be a reality show about Jo and her "singin" career is for people to laugh at how horrible she is!! Which would just be cruel....

Jo is pretty, but she's annoying and has no talent, I swear money can buy whatever you want these days, even a deal at a record label to record music even if you have no singin talent!!

2570 days ago

Great One    

I am glad Jo is not on the show. She was so cheap that she could not even color her roots. Jo and Slade were very hard to watch. Jo made Slade look like a wimp. Grow a backbone Slade. Jo honey look in the mirror and have you hair fixed. Bravo wake up we do not want a reality show featuring Jo. She can not sing.

2570 days ago


It is sad to see women rewarded for being shallow and without intelligence. Who will watch that crap? And more importantly, who would buy her album??

2570 days ago

80's Gal    

These women are HORRENDOUS. NONE OF THEM are even remotely likeable. I have seen Vicki and Jo "slumming" it in neighboring Rancho Santa Margarita (when Jo still lived out here). Vicki nearly hit me with her Mercedes as I was walking through the parking lot at Borders about 2 months ago (yes, she was on her cell phone). They all look like they have seen their plastic surgeons one too many times. And the reality is, anyone with big bucks is going to live near the ocean out here, not in sweltering, inland Coto. As far as I'm concerned, these women are "The Real Losers of Orange County". Quit giving our county a bad name!!!

2570 days ago


Jo was my favorite. Why couldn't they get rid of the super-stupid gold digging Laurie? And then ship that butthole baseball kid off to Turkey or something.

2570 days ago


OK, here's my beef! I grew up in Orange County! Notice I say "Orange County", NOT "the OC". It wasnt' until those Hollywood idiots starting filiming the spoiled rich brats in Laguna, Newport, etc...that it became "the OC".

It's Orange County, Orange County, Orange County!! (And Coto is so far INLAND, it hardly counts!)

2570 days ago


The only person I like on that show is Matt. It's obvious that he can't stand Jeana and his dangerous kids.

2570 days ago


I saw them a few weeks ago outside of the Starbucks on the corner of Agoura Rd. and Las Virgenes, loacted in the Albertson's shopping center in Calabasas. They looked very much together. I highly doubt they're "no longer an item."

2570 days ago


Laurie is a gold digging slag..

2570 days ago

boo booring    

These are not celebs Tmz! They had, what 5 seconds of fame?? UGH!

2570 days ago


Jo wasn't so bad..... but Jo & Slade together made me want to wretch. And as far as singing goes......she can't sing and I wish she wouldn't subject us to such torture. But, hey, whatever she's gotta do to keep her and OLD Slade Smiley in the spotlight, I guess she'll do it. Too bad Bravo opted for another blonde.

2570 days ago

I am poster 58    

I read that Slade's house in Coto is allegedly in foreclosure because he didn't pay his bills. Also, the OC public record website says he didn't pay his registration and has numerous tickets. He's a fake. On his myspace page he claims he is 33 when he was born in Oct. 1968. Isn't it sad that people can't be themselves?

I am sure Jo is staying close to him in case she needs his financial assistance and he is keeping her around to make an OLD man famous (living his life through her). Kind of sad if you ask me and SICK.

Why doesn't he go manage that Janice girl who he brought to make Jo jealous? What a laugh.

I really can't stand Jo or Slade because they both are SHALLOW and D listers who will NEVER be A listers. Oh, and NO I am not jealous of Jo who uses people and can't afford anything on her own. LOL


2570 days ago

I am poster 58    

I read that Slade's son (GRAYSON) allegedly is dying and is very ill while Slade runs around with a 20 something year old. Grow up, Slade and take care of your son.

2570 days ago

My two cents    

First of all TMZ, that is a MAJOR old ad of Slade. Second, he is NOT gay. If Jo and Slade have chosen to move on to another project, I say, "good for them". I have not worked for years with Slade, but he was a MAJOR success in title. He is very driven. Give the guy a break. I am sure he is much more successful than the lot of you. Petty jealousy. Get a life.

2570 days ago

I am poster 58    

Laurie already tied the knot with George. It will be on the show. Wonder if that will last.

Other news, Tammy's ex husband passed away in April. Vicki moved to a smaller house with Don (most likely because she has to pay for 2 kids in college).

Jo still has a SMALL following on myspace (under 6000 fans) and that is NOT enough to start a show. She thinks she is Jessical Simpson who has over 20,000 fans. LOL Get a life, JO. You better hang on to Slade because he will be paying for you after you tank.

2570 days ago
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