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"Housewives 3" No Jo and Slade?!

10/11/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just received promo materials for the new season of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and we were shocked -- shocked! -- to see that Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley, the spiciest couple in the O.C. since L.C. and Jason Wahler, were nowhere to be found! Where'd they go?!
Real Housewives
Sources tell TMZ that the pair -- no longer an item -- declined Bravo's request for them to star on season three. We're told Jo had a commitment to her record label, and, more importantly, was over the show. Fear not, though, we've learned Jo (and Slade -- if you can stand it) could be getting their own "Hills"-esque spin-off, which will chronicle Jo's climb to musical stardom. Paging Heidi Montag! In fact, we're told Jo's label has hired one of Britney's songwriters to pen her stuff. Wait- is that a good idea right now?

Although they're no longer on the show, sources tell us that Bravo still used Jo to hype the new season, promoting a premiere party using Jo's picture. The nerve!

A Bravo spokesperson says that the decision to chop Jo and Slade had to do with the fact that, technically, she isn't a housewife anymore -- although, really, she never was. And the network has since added another housewife, Tamra Barney.

We talked to Slade, and though he wouldn't spill the beans on if a new show is in the works (so cagey that guy), he did tell us that Jo's music is "amazingly good," that the album is slated for a 2008 release and that he and his ex are building an "entertainment and production company" together. BTW, he stills sells insurance.


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I am poster 58    

Jeana's husband allegedly has had numerous DUI's and he was not on the show because he was in the slammer there for awhile. Google him....Matt Keough +DUI

2477 days ago

I am poster 58    

Matt Keough +DUI

2477 days ago

I am poster 58    

Tammy and Vicki are very nice and I have received emails from both of them. They care for the fans and I wish them the best. I also received an email from Tammy's daughter who is also sweet. Thanks.
I hope the show does well and I can't wait to watch. Jill in OC

2477 days ago

John C jackson    

i'm pretty sure the entire Jo and Slade relationship was made up for the show. jo was an aspiring singer and Slade was a guy with an actor/model portfolio who just somehow happened to luck into making millions of dollars in the mortgage business, even though he had no idea what the hell he did for a living. I have a hard time believing, unless he produces gay porn or something, that guy in any way managed to earn a living to sustain that lifestyle. All these shows have wannabe actors whose only acting experience is reality TV,

Now, some of them are obviously real- like the Keoughs. Others just seem fake and out of place ( like the singer who wasnt even a "wife" and her gay fake boyfriend)

2477 days ago

An Old Acquaintance    

TMZ, check out many of the shows participants on the OC public record website. Now there is reality! Also, it is public information that Lauri Waring had IRS liens; she didn’t like paying her homeowner’s dues and had her water shut off. She had a recent speeding ticket in Sept and many other prior traffic violations. George also has moving violations for not securing kids in seat belts while driving...great dad there Georgie! He and Lauri are promoting their Brady Bunch theory, again, but most of us who know the two of them know what is going on behind the scenes and how George and Lauri are both pathetically out of touch with reality when it comes to raising kids. Yes, George had two affairs while married to his former wife and was sued by his young secretary for wrongful termination. He sued his young secretary and the women he had his second affair to recover a $200,000 ring. He dumped the second affair for Lauri and Lauri dumped Steve the druggie to sleep with Slade just weeks after Jo and he split. Then along comes Mr. Money bags, George, and Laurie latched on to him traveling the world while George left his minor daughter home alone for almost 3 weeks. Lauri, seeking fame and fortune, through her minor son under the bus by telling the entire world about some serious issues he had and then had the audacity to call her daughter out on national TV when the daughter was totally distraught. A real mother would have stopped the cameras from rolling immediately but Lauri milked it for all it was worth at the expense of her daughter’s reputation. George and Lauri were married 9-8-2007 at his home. He hired helicopters to fly over the house for if he were Prince Charles or Tom Cruise. He will be sporting a new Ferrari and God only knows what else to feed his egotistical obsession for attention and look-at-me insecurities. What a waste of Bravo’s airtime when it could have been used to tell stories about people who serve the less fortunate in various parts of the world. Now THAT would be REALITY and a show worth watching.

2477 days ago


I saw Slad & Jo at the Annual Fred Segal 50% off sale last year! Actually they are both better looking in person than on tv; however, if Slade is so rich, why were they at the Sale?? Maybe the show should move to Newport Beach and find younger, richer, better looking housewives than Laurie, Vicki, etc???

2477 days ago

I am poster 58    

To # 73....NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF Slade Smiley.

1. His home is in foreclosure and he doesn't even pay his registration fees (see OC Public records).
2. He chases women half his age because he is so insecure and immature that he needs a younger female to feed his alter ego.
3. He is shallow and pretends he is 33 instead of 39 on his myspace page. He can't even be himself.
4. His son is supposedly sick, yet he is chasing a wannabe 26 year old around trying to be famous when they have no talent.

If you think we are all jealous of being an F lister in Hollyweird, then the PETTY laugh is on 73. Tell me how he has ANY kind of integrity at all? Respect is one thing people don't have for him. People are laughing at how he has "daddy issues."

2477 days ago

I am poster 58    

Why on earth would a network give Jo and Slade a show when Jo only has about 5000 fans (see her myspace page)???? Her CD will barely sell 6000 copies and they are F listers in Hollywood. They try to be more popular and famous than they are and follow real celebs around hoping to get press. I read Bravo didn't allegedly want Jo and Slade back because they didn't follow their contract and would branch out on their own and do their own publicity against Bravo's policies. That Slade is so arrogant. Then he expects Bravo to want him back. I hope other networks see the arrogance and turn them down because their show and cd will tank.

2477 days ago

I am poster 58    

I wish Jo would stop following LC Lauren Conrad and I around. We don't want your drunk behavior associated with us.

2477 days ago

I am poster 58    

Jo claims she wants INDEPENDENCE and to find out who she is yet she can't even branch away from Slade (her security blanket). In what world is she being INDEPENDENT???? She NEEDS to look that word up before she starts throwing it around. Everyone knows that Slade still pays for her car and helps in every facet of her life (a daddy figure) sick sick sick. Jo, people don't respect you. Women definitely do NOT look up to you because we all see that you cannot do things for yourself....except for get drunk (on your own), Slade, go help your own kids.

2477 days ago

I am poster 58    

Slade had "GLOSSY EYES" in a few episodes which clearly looked like he was on something. He has greasy hair and bad clothes.

Jo is not as hot as she thinks she is. Turn the clock ahead say 5 years she will be overweight, an alcoholic and working at Walmart.

2477 days ago


This is feel good show to all democrats since they are most interesting trashdy republicans I ever came acrosss....didnt know the republican specturn covered such wasteful talentless individuals

2477 days ago


Jo couldn't act her way out of a wet paper sack if she tried! And she sure as hell can't sing or dance! She's a raging alcoholic that needs some serious help. And Slade isn't any better. I'm glad to see them go and I hope I NEVER see them again on television. Slade needs to put his kids first and get away from the young girls. He needs to find someone that is closer to his age, wants to be a mom, and will love him for who he is (which isn't much, really, as far as I can see), and NOT go after him for his money as Jo does. I can't believe he is going to try to open a production company with this girl. I guess they deserve each other.

2477 days ago

works for Bravo    

The production company from 2nd season found Jo and Slade very difficult to work with so Jo is only in the final episode of third season, claiming on camera several times she has to leave for a "singing performance" ( which never happened). Slade begged to be in the third season, Bravo wanted nothing to do with him, his insecurety, and his tall tales. ( Slade may not even be able to tell the diffence between truth and fiction at this point) Jo and Slade are attempting to sell a "dating show" that they host - who knows, someone may buy it.

2477 days ago


lol, this gold digger is such a joke!!! She has zero talent (other than in the bedroom).

2477 days ago
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