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"Housewives 3" No Jo and Slade?!

10/11/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just received promo materials for the new season of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and we were shocked -- shocked! -- to see that Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley, the spiciest couple in the O.C. since L.C. and Jason Wahler, were nowhere to be found! Where'd they go?!
Real Housewives
Sources tell TMZ that the pair -- no longer an item -- declined Bravo's request for them to star on season three. We're told Jo had a commitment to her record label, and, more importantly, was over the show. Fear not, though, we've learned Jo (and Slade -- if you can stand it) could be getting their own "Hills"-esque spin-off, which will chronicle Jo's climb to musical stardom. Paging Heidi Montag! In fact, we're told Jo's label has hired one of Britney's songwriters to pen her stuff. Wait- is that a good idea right now?

Although they're no longer on the show, sources tell us that Bravo still used Jo to hype the new season, promoting a premiere party using Jo's picture. The nerve!

A Bravo spokesperson says that the decision to chop Jo and Slade had to do with the fact that, technically, she isn't a housewife anymore -- although, really, she never was. And the network has since added another housewife, Tamra Barney.

We talked to Slade, and though he wouldn't spill the beans on if a new show is in the works (so cagey that guy), he did tell us that Jo's music is "amazingly good," that the album is slated for a 2008 release and that he and his ex are building an "entertainment and production company" together. BTW, he stills sells insurance.


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I am poster 58    

Slade Smiley always talks about being rich. He rents/ owns a house in Coto De Caza that has been listed for over 250 days and with only one price reduction. Maybe the reason it is listed is because Slade needs money and the appreciation spigot has been turned off. He bought the place in July of 2005 and less than a month after he bought the place he got a new second pulling out $20k and ten months later he got another new second extracting almost $100k for a total balance on the second of $225k. It would be obvious things are not going so well when the NOD was filed on 4/30/07 and how he owes his pay option lender $15k at the time. Of course if he only made his minimum payment it would be an additional $50k on top of the $1.28mil he borrowed for the first loan. So assuming only the minimum payment was made we have a total possible mortgage debt of $1.57mil. But wait there is more since he hasn’t paid his property taxes there is an additional $20k and of course a family attorney is owed about $12k and filed a lien against the home. Now the total with the commission and fees he is barely breaking even. If all those nice suits, diamond rings, high end cars and other various OC life expenses he has some serious credit card debt on top of all that.

What happened? He was one of the people who started United Title and an assistant vice president with them. It appears they sold to Land America and he should have received a decent amount for the buy out. Plus he has a highly rated show and is producing his girlfriend/fiance Jo’s singing career. Even the LA Times had recent article about how well he was doing.

The lesson is don’t buy Hummers, MBZs, big diamond rings for girls who won’t marry you and a house you can’t afford.

Oh and I almost forgot this house was a past bubble victim when it was bought back by the bank in 1995 at the trustee’s auction for $568k when the unpaid debt was $573k. The bank sold it seven months later for $540k.

Slade's house is in foreclosure and he continues to chase around a 26 year old alcoholic while his son has a terminal illness.

2538 days ago

I am poster 58    

Is Slade Smiley from the reality show, 'The Real Wives of Orange County', as rich as he tries to appear? I'm not sure, but a source reveals the financial info from his 2002 home purchase in Coto De Caza.

If Slade is so well off, why did he need to take out 2 lines of credit, one on the day of buying the house and the other 1 month later, totalling $234,550? Then, a year later took out a second mortgage for $225,300

Also, when he "bought" the house there is no information re: the sellers. All the other info has the buyer and seller when the property changed hands. Why is there none of that info for Slade? Slade's info only has who the lender is (CountryWide)

Slade is only listed as the "borrower" and not the "buyer" of this house. Now how he can borrow a total of $1,739,850 (initial borrow, 2 lines of credit and a second mortgage) on a house he does not own is beyond me.

2538 days ago

Bale's Babe    

"I know all these women personally and all I can say is that they are hardworking ball busters..."

This is something to admire? Sorry, but poor Laurie who isn't aging gracefully snagged her last opportunity to gold-dig before her poorly injected botox wears off. I don't call that "hardworking".

These ladies shame and embarrass ALL women - not just ones in Coto. They're publicity whores, period. As for the fat one married to the ex-ball player - her son is clearly a sociopath who needs attention, pronto. But like Laurie, instead of getting him the help he so clearly needs she fills her loveless and empty life with work and spending money. Pathetic.

2538 days ago

I am poster 58    

Any comment that I wrote about Slade or Jo was my opinion or I googled them and found the information about them via google,
Everything that was said is alleged (ex. the ill son), the foreclosure
and his financial state. However, the OC public records will verify most of it. I hope they find happiness and can one day be themselves
and not try to pretend they are rich if they really aren't.

2538 days ago

An Old Acquaintance    

#100..."Hard working Ball Busters?" You couldn't have described Lauri Waring any better. She definately busted a few to get to where she is now. Sorry, but I don't see her and George together very long after learning about his sordid past and penchant for MUCH younger women.

2537 days ago


Hahaha at least we know Jo and Slade are not money hungry and attention hores like those ugly fatso white trash sluts on this show ahaha. Jo was WAYY hotter and WAAYY better than all those stupid white pale fake ass betches. They always tried to hate on jo, but the show is garbage now, all white girls? omg ::puke:: you need the latina to spice it up. Now you just have a PALE, BORING, NAUSIATING, FAKE, pigon shet wanna be barbie dolls. NEXT!

2537 days ago


Oh for the love of all thats holy...ROFL....anyone that says Jo can sing is obviously a plant posting for her because the majority of us with EARS know better. I admit I watched the show, and laughed and laughed at the episode of her attempting to sing. With Slade her Pimp. How funny is this? "She'll sell billions of records"....ROFL is that poster high? My sympathies go out to the folks that actually live in that community with these people, it must be hell on earth to attempt any type of normalcy, but dont worry. We the real folks out here know that they dont represent you. If they represented what is normal, they would never have a tv show...lolol. Hang in there Casa residents, this cant last much longer......

2537 days ago


FINALLY!!! JoHo is a pouty idiot anyway who only wants all the attention! As for SlaVe, he was too hot to be that sappy! Come on man there are way more better catches out in the sea than JoHo.

I would MUCH rather watch the show now that she is gone! As for a record label...PFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT!!! That made my day!! HAAAAAAAA!! Tell me some more funny stuff will ya?? Someone is waistin their time and money is all I'm sayin!

2537 days ago


Darn I thought for sure whiney fake Vicki would be gone! Why do they submit us to that?? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! She is trying to be all posh but inside the redneck is dying to come out in her! That is why she runs off to Havasu to yuk it up with her fellow necks. Didn't ya love last year when she busted in her son's house yelling wooo hooo and carrying a case of beer? How the hell old does she think she is? She needs to get over herself. You know its bad when your own kids try and avoid ya!!

2537 days ago


Okay, i just google'd the newest cast member Tamra, and she is cute, but has that horrible fryed white hair....She is supposed to be 40, but looks like she could be the daughter of these other women....Vicki, lauri, or the other one (with the demented son)....I don't know why Bravo can't add a beautiful, inspiring, classy women....O.C is full of them! Maybe that would be boring. Instead they go for the trailor park, i will do anything for money, looking women....Vicki and the other (with the demented son) aside. I read that George hired bodyguard's and helicopters to be at his wedding???? bahahahahahaha...he is such a dorky dude...pale and know his ball's smell. And Lauri Waring probably can't smell anything with that nose that has been butchered to death, and is hanging on with glue....LOL. I can't wait for this show to be back on....who care's about Jo and slade???

2537 days ago

The Wasp    

Wow, whole lot of hatin' going on! Me? I like the show. Love to see the sights around Coto and what the ladies are wearing. Find them all amusing in one way or the other. I kind-of admire Vickie. She's a control freak, but God bless her, she works hard (or so it seems) and contributes greatly to her family.

I wasn't a fan of Jo, nor her singing, but geeze .... it wasn't THAT bad. Give the girl a break! True, odds are against her and I doubt she'll be the next best thing, but at least she's going for it! No "what ifs" coming from her.

I live in area more affluent than Coto and much like every other similar community in America, there are people like these ladies and there are people much more down to earth. I think most of us know this and we just enjoy watching the "Fluff".

Bravo --- I'm looking forward to season #3!

2536 days ago

An Old Acquaintance    


2536 days ago


Here is a quote from the new Housewife Tamra Barney's My Space "A GIRL SHOULD BE TWO THINGS....CLASSY & FABULOUS " IMO, her pose in that picture is for sure not "Classy" for any decent woman but as a mother of 4 it clearly is raunchy. And Fabulous, well, that is probably how she perceives herself, but again, women today put too much emphasis on their looks, (and she is pretty) rather than the content of their heart and what they do to help those in need. I imagine she will merely be another self-serving bimbo like the rest of the so called ladies; with the exception of Tammy who I admire. The only good thing that can come from Tamra's good looks and joining S3 is it will likely put Lauri out to pasture.

2536 days ago

Granny Pants    

It was nice the way Laurie tossed her kids out in the trash, especially the boy. You'd have a crack-pipe duct-taped to your mouth if that skank was your Mom.

2535 days ago


Thank you Miss Kitty. I'm dying to move to southern California - have been for years - and quite honestly, this show has made me sort of doubt my decision. I mean, if you're going to have neighbors like that . . .

2534 days ago
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