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Howard K. Stern Opens Up to Larry King

10/11/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnna Nicole Smith's estate lawyer and onetime lover, Howard K. Stern, appeared on "Larry King Live" last night, talking about the constant controversy surrounding his life -- and Smith's death in a Florida hotel last February at age 39.

A somber Stern answered King's questions regarding the loss of Anna Nicole, inheritance, prescription drug use and Rita Cosby's claim of a sexual relationship between Howard and Larry Birkhead -- which he patently denied.

Virgie Arthur, Anna's mother, has filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against Stern in a Texas court.


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I would just like to see SOMEONE nail that phony "mother" of Anna Nicole's. Can Howard countersue her for the things she has said about him???? He needs to do that. That pig has ridden the coat tails of her dead daughter long enough. I can't stand to look at her! Since she is so fond of litigation, perhaps she needs to be on the other end.

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I agree with what Howard said about Anna Nicoles mother liking the book that Rita Cosby wrote about her daughter. It goes to show you that Virgie is really a disgusting person to like a book that talks about all this crap regarding her daughter. Vergie, don't youknow that your granddaughter will see this book someday that you are sooooooooo proud of???????? You really are pathetic!!

2570 days ago


Howard K Stern may have some answering to do, but not to anything written in this ridiculous book.

Not only has Rita Cosby has destroyed her career and made a fool of herself, but she has also given Howard K Stern some credibility. The same is true for her good friend Debra Opri.

I hope Howard and Larry both sue for everything they can get.

2570 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I have always believed that Anna at some point would fall for Howard. He was so much in love with her. He looked like he was hurting to be with her and finally it happened. I
don't think thtaeither Howard K. Stern or Larry Birkhead are gays. Rita Cosby will LOSE
in court and when she got her paper served at her party she must have felt that she was
slapped right in her ugly face though she pretended that Howard was trying to get some
publicity. He has pretty much stayed out of the media since Anna's death.and if there was
a porn tape out there, he would not be suing her for the 60 million dollars and I hope
he wins.

Rita Cosby is a a skanky gluttony, greedy ass freak who is trying to cash in on lies, most of which she just grabbed off the air and out of her yucky ass. She s like a cancer in Howard and Larry's life that will be be soon taken out by the courts. I hope she not ony pays through her nose but also serve time. Virgir Athur is another one who is so pathetic
and promoting a book that makes her daughter look like a loser and a slut. Than she has the nerve to want to raise her grandaughter. The courts can see the way she raised Anna and belittled her on national TV and left PLASTIC flowers at her Danilel's grave yard. She aso had to take photographers to show that she remembered that he has been gone for 1 year already.

Debra Opri and that Haten bitch along with all the other idits are going to all have their
day in court soon enough and when they make their maker the devil himself will shove
pineapples and coconuts up their ass.

2570 days ago

As I see it    

Howard is looking good! He is sticking to the truth and is convincing. Time to give this guy a break, he obviously is the only person who cares about Anna. Her mother certainly doesn't by supporting that trashy rag of a book. Shame on Rita and Virgie for spreading such vicious lies that will eventually hurt precious little Dannielynn.

2570 days ago


I thought Howard came across very believable last night on LK.

I would like to see Larry sue Rita as well. Poor Dannielynn being left with this legacy. What a mess.

What with these tapes of Rita now, she's in a legal mess.

And Howard made a very good point last night when he said it was sick that Vergie "loved" Rita's new book. What kind of mother loves a book that basically makes all kinds of disgusting claims about her dead daughter. That Vergies is a disgusting, pig. Her and her lawyer. I hope Howard cleans house in all his lawsuits.

I don't believe he killed Anna or Daniel. I don't know that he has totally clean hands. I do believe he enabled Anna. I think she pushed people away who tried to "clean" her up. But, I do believe he worshiped her for a long, long time.

2570 days ago

All alone in paradise    

Lin Wood finally sent Levin the check.

Hope it doesn't bounce, Levin! You transparent fool!

2570 days ago

All alone in paradise    

Posted at 3:50PM on Oct 11th 2007 by Go with the Flow!

Your skull has a hole in it.

2570 days ago

All alone in paradise    

Posted at 2:32PM on Oct 11th 2007 by ellie

Ellie is a pig.

2570 days ago

All alone in paradise    

34. Maybe now people know Howard is the only one truthful in this whole saga. He loved Anna and will always protect her name.

Posted at 2:47PM on Oct 11th 2007 by Howard shines

Are you nucking futs???????!!!!!!!!!!

2570 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

The Interview of the Year!

HKS tackles all the tough questions about ANS's life and death, Cosby's book, Big Moe shopping Daniel's photos and the lawsuits against O'Quinn and from VA.

King was unusally on his game tonight. Short and sweet and tough questions often with introduction videos of HKS from past appearances on his show to frame them.

- Cosby lies on every page of her book. Her motive is greed. Hatchette Books now only claims in a statement to the show that they relied on Cosby herself to vet the book. Cosby sends old and out-dated statement about relying on and believing her 'sources'.

- Jackie Hatten sends a statement straight from the antinoid playbook that she awaits the outcome of the Inquest. NO mention whatsoever of gay sex or support for Cosby.

- Lin Wood lays out the cold hard reality that the two so-called former Law Enforcement Officials in Cosby's book are Clark, who works for O'Q, and Speer, who works for Opri. The audience will draw the obvious conclusion that their bosses and Cosby colluded on the book.

- Lin Wood states everyone of the people he has sued for libel make the same old tired statement that they will now get so-and-so on the stand and finally get the truth. O'Q's partner sends statements reiterating the identical words of the Texas bloggers here and the same ole same ole about deposing HKS.

- HKS firmly states he has nothing to hide and O'Quinn should knock off his delaying tactics and get to Court if he is so sure of himself!

Antinoid talking points ticked off one after the other:

♦ ANS was not drugged up 24/7 for 12 years!
♦ ANS wanted PRIVATE pictures taken of everything all of the time. Those pictures were never meant for the media.
♦ Moe shopped the picture(s) of Daniel after he died. What has happened to Moe?
♦ The 'clown video' was just acting and is over an hour in length! Stolen and edited heavily for release to the public..
♦ ANS's dogs are alive and well.
♦ HKS is not living off ANS or DL.
♦ HKS would give up his fee for the Marshall Estate to have ANS back!

HKS calm and strong and cool all the while; Lin Wood forceful and professional. Contrast that with the wild appearances of O'Q, Opri, Cosby and others in the past.

HKS made it clear: these bottom-feeders are harming DL in a serious way and he's going to stop it. LB is a great father and has HKS's full support. Lin Wood is deeply offended personally about the abuse of HKS by these bottom-feeders.

- O'Quinn is a loser and hiding from Court with delay tactics. All Texas hot air and big talk!
- Cosby is a liar and has possibly committed crimes in The Bahamas trying to buy off two Inquest witnesses.
- Hatten denies Cosby any support whatsoever.
- Hatchette Books has begun privately with Wood to settle and cut Cosby loose.

Who supports the likes of O'Q/VA/Opri/Cosby yet claims to have DL's best interests at heart?

2570 days ago


I watched Larry King last night and saw the same spin I have been seeing from Stern.

I do not believe Anna was in any shape to ask for pictures of Daniel deceased!

He should have been consoling her instead of taking pictures!

He showed no remorse or love for Anna or Daniel. Actions tell a lot!

2570 days ago


12. Jewel, if you seen the whole show last night, he explained about taking a photo of her son (obviously you did not!) He said that she was the one who told him to take it just for her own purposes to get her to leave the hospital because she did not believe he was dead.

Posted at 1:42PM on Oct 11th 2007 by DF

Anna was probably in a state of shock and totally distraught as all he** over losing her son, do you REALLY believe that she is the one that said "Howard take a picture of me and Daniel". And how does a picture prove that he is dead. And what about all the other pictures, it wasn't just ONE picture.

2570 days ago


I truly believe that Anna Nicole was a drug addict and that Stern did nothing to help her. He kept another man's child, knowing fully it was not his child....he was there for whatever he could get out of Anna. How soon some of you forget the video of Anna in crazy clown make-up that Stern filmed. Quite frankly I don't give a damn about someones sex life but Rita Cosby has taken a terrible toll on a childs future. Some people will do anything to make a buck..even at the expense of an innocent child. I for one will not buy her trashy book, only out of respect for Danilyn. What I want to know is what in the hell is taking so long on the inquest on the death of Daniel? And there is no way I believe Stern took pictures of Daniel dead at Anna's request. He has much to answer for.

2570 days ago
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