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Howard K. Stern Opens Up to Larry King

10/11/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnna Nicole Smith's estate lawyer and onetime lover, Howard K. Stern, appeared on "Larry King Live" last night, talking about the constant controversy surrounding his life -- and Smith's death in a Florida hotel last February at age 39.

A somber Stern answered King's questions regarding the loss of Anna Nicole, inheritance, prescription drug use and Rita Cosby's claim of a sexual relationship between Howard and Larry Birkhead -- which he patently denied.

Virgie Arthur, Anna's mother, has filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against Stern in a Texas court.


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I don't believe Howard    

I don't believe Howard because if he truly cared for Anna he would never have allowed her to do those "stoned" interviews, especially right after Daniel died. If he truly loved her he wouldn't have dressed her up for that mock ceremoney so soon after giving birth to one child and losing another. She could not have been in any frame of mind to make marriage plans. If he loved her, he wouldn't have dragged her to Florida when she was deathly ill. In the first place, if he loved her, he wouldn't have taken her while she was pregnant with another man's child out of the country. He would have advised her like a lawyer and friend. He could have been her hero, instead he's left with all this mess. And he's allowed Anna private business to be exposed for all to see and it ain't pretty . It is difficult to believe that he and Larry don't have something going on because there is no way, no way on earth Larry would forgive a man for keeping him from his child. No loving parent could forgive that. Instead Larry embraces him. Does any one truly care about that baby? Is she just a meal ticket for so many? This is one of the messiest, nastiest stories ever told. Including some of the bloggers on here who call the opposition such vile names. Grow up people!! Be a true example for Dannielynn . Will someone, anyone act like an adult? If you want to sue each other, go ahead. Let your high priced lawyers do your talking for you, but stop the stupid, name calling. Both sides are guilty of doing this. I don't know if the regular bloggers on the Anna Nicole story are paid or not, but give the ugly name-calling a rest. It doesn't make anyone take your side. At times it does the opposite. The untimely deaths of Anna and Daniel have shown the public a small look into these people's lives. No one seems to have any character or morals? Not enven the media, like ET. Stop the one-sided, paid for exclusives. And if E! does a reality show with DannieLynn or Larry, then big time shame on them. Are the people surrounding Dannielynn that anxious to have the child follow in her mother's footsteps?

2534 days ago


The talk about Dannielynn being hurt over the book is what we are hearing. What about other facts? The drugs that killed her Mom were in Sterns name.
The people who loved her and were supposed to be helping her did not even call 911 to get her help for days while she lay there and died.
Howard was asked last night where she was when he left. He said sleeping. I thought he told everyone he helped her to the bathroom?? It sounds like she had a hell of a week and he left her to go buy a boat instead of get her to the hospital.
Dannielynn has a lot more reason to be hurt other than this book. Her Mommy and Brother are gone and a lot of questions remain unanswered.

2534 days ago


there is no way ANS asked for those death photos of DWS. He was laying in her bed dead with her. How much more convincinf do you need?

2534 days ago

Innocent ByStander    


2534 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

Howard Stern was lying about his relationship with Anna. When they showed the tape of him and Anna, saying they were NOT in a relationship...THAT was true. He said that he was not there when Anna died...THAT was a LIE. And when he said that he really thought Dannilyn was his child...THAT was also a lie. He can say anything he wants now that Anna is dead and can't tell what really happened, so there in nobody to repute against him and he knows it. I saw alot of lies he told last night. Give him a lie detector test! That will show what he really knows.

2534 days ago

Gerbils, Inc    

Ellie is a pig.

Posted at 4:08PM on Oct 11th 2007 by All alone in paradise
___________ you have a link for that?

2534 days ago

Virgie is fat    

The stupid paid bloggers for O'Q/VA think their posts mean anything.

It isn't working...never did. Now be nice and go spew the venom on your other blog about the trailer trash in texas.

2534 days ago

blast from the past.....    

no link

2534 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Posted at 5:19PM on Oct 11th 2007 by SuperFreak
Posted at 5:03PM on Oct 11th 2007 by I don't believe Howard
Posted at 5:07PM on Oct 11th 2007 by Justice denied?
Posted at 5:10PM on Oct 11th 2007 by Peggy

Now come on Virgie and just kicked me off you friends Jimmy's site over at timessquare. and now you doing the same thing here.

My question to you Virgie and Friends why can't you make up your mind? You were mean and cruel to Larry, Howard and I believe to Dannielynn. I was just asking questions about the Book and sources and WOW! You all came after me with name calling then I was asked to leave your gathering site.

I still say that Virgie, Rita and friends are meaness bunch of people......

2534 days ago

Gerbils, Inc    

62. no link

Posted at 5:34PM on Oct 11th 2007 by sausage

Hey -- that's my line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2534 days ago

Westerly RI    

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww all you sternables blow it out your a$$$

2534 days ago

Attention Ho    

New Greta Wire blog:

I confess…I am now thoroughly confused. Who should I believe? and Why? Tonight at 10pm we will have guests and tapes that hopefully may help each of us decide who is telling the truth. Was Howard K. Stern defamed by Rita? or did Rita get it right? Is someone lying ? If so, who?

Here is the lastest: I just got off the phone with someone I have known for years…and who I respect. This person is going to be on our show tonight. He says the nannies told him last May in the Bahamas that there is a videotape of a sexual relationship between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead.

He also told me that there was a bit of an attempted shakedown (my word) of him when he was in the Bahamas talking to the nannies and their representativess…….he said that the nannies and their representatives wanted money to talk….and when he would not pay, the deal was off…but not until after one of the nannies said things consistent with what Rita Cosby has written in her book (and which is the subject of Howard K. Stern’s defamation lawsuit for sixty million dollars against her.)

I asked if the conversation last May had been taped by anyone. He said he did not know but that he would not be surprised and that he hoped it was. So now what???? I guess we all have to watch….try and corroborate….and decide…

2534 days ago


ET has the death photo of Daniel, for those who have not seen it.

2534 days ago

Go to hell Rita and Vergie    

I believe Howard and have always believed him. Dannielynn will see for herself when she grows up just how much Howard and Anna really did love each other. All she has to do is see her mom's show and watch interviews to see that. I can't believe Vergie is blaming everything that happend between her and Anna on him. She's as evil as they get it's discusting. Howard has more of a right too sue her for defamation than she does. Everything that that women has said has been lies. She contradicts herself so many times when she does interviews especially on Greta's show. Just like they say the truth will come out and Howard will have nothing to hide.

2534 days ago


why do we not hear more about this moe dude that found anna,him and his nurse wife were left with anna while howard went to look at a boat they went to florida to buy...i believe howard was thee only person that loved anna truely from the heart,everybody cut her down constantly and howard had more to lose with anna and danial dead...this guy didnot hurt danny!!! he loved him,you could just feel it when u seen them together...why would howard hurt danny,he loved him,look at who is cashing in,those are the people that killed her!!!>her mother for one,if we could come bac and haunt someone i believe anna would be haunting her mother as i type!!! her mom was a whore and evil>she let men touch her daughter!!! that calls for death by hanging!!!!!!! anna would probably go to prison for murder if she was still alive and seen wat her moms doing,in the media with her hair all done up,lol>shes trying to take anna's place,she was jealous of anna!!!!!

2534 days ago
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