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Howard K. Stern Opens Up to Larry King

10/11/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnna Nicole Smith's estate lawyer and onetime lover, Howard K. Stern, appeared on "Larry King Live" last night, talking about the constant controversy surrounding his life -- and Smith's death in a Florida hotel last February at age 39.

A somber Stern answered King's questions regarding the loss of Anna Nicole, inheritance, prescription drug use and Rita Cosby's claim of a sexual relationship between Howard and Larry Birkhead -- which he patently denied.

Virgie Arthur, Anna's mother, has filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against Stern in a Texas court.


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Lying eyes.......Howards got lying eyes.

2571 days ago

As I see it    

Virgie has lying lips...If her mouth is moving, it's lying...

2571 days ago


Jeez, this has brought out all the usual old antinoid KKK schizoid biddies in force, venting their negative pathetic uneventful lives on Howard.

Howard can take it and this upsets you losers. Howard will win hands down and prove all of you nutters wrong. Shame on you for not allowing justice to take it's course....innocent until proven guilty. Put up or shut up. So far you antinoids have lost on every count. You laughable fools. Get a life!

2571 days ago


Howard is a liar and has it written all over his face!! He does not even blink! What is wrong with him?? DRUGS???

2570 days ago

Marlb Man    

Larry was at the show to, but he couldnt talk because his mouth was full.

2570 days ago

Freida Worley    

I watched all of Larry King Live and felt like Howard was being very honest and now for Rita-- I hope Howard wins big time. Looks like he has a excellent Lawyer. I wish tmz would put all of Rita's nonsense down in the Bahama's. She appears to be grasping at straws and who does she think she is trying to kiss the guy for info. What a perfect nut, but then no one is perfect!!! You go Howard I am for you 100% and felt back at the trial Howard was the only one who truely loved Anna Nicole.

2570 days ago

Freida Worley    

I think Virgie was also behind Rita's book trying to make Larry Birkhead look bad so she can get the baby. Well guess what- even if Larry were gay (which I doubt) he would still get the baby and why would Virgie want all that bad press about her own daughter. For Virgie it is all about $$$$$ she disgust me no end!!!

2570 days ago


HKS & LB had to definitely made a deal. HKS is rallying behind LB so Virgie doesn't get custody to "fulfill Anna's wishes" BUT then why didn't he fight for Dannylynn???? HKS had the edge in the Bahamas & could have won under Bahamian law. Wasn't it Anna's wishes to also keep the baby away from Larry?????

2570 days ago


LB and HKS should be left in peace to arrange how this baby is going to be raised. That is their main concern. ANS and Daniel are dead and gone. If Rita, Virgie, O'Quinn, and Debra Opri are so concerned about how babies are being raised, and worried about the young mom raising them, they should turn their concerns toward Britney Spears, and see what kind of a reception they get from the Spears camp. Maybe their services will be more welcome there at this time. Then when Rita hears anything about a gay videotape between
Britney and one her friends, or between K-Fed and one of his friends, then Rita can hurry and start wrting another book about hearing of a videotape of a gay affair that probably never existed. Then she can get sued for another $60 million bucks! This will be the story of her
sorry life!

2570 days ago


Howard is a good guy. You only need to look at him on the Anna Nicole show reruns when he was supposedly acting - and even then it was so obvious he was in love with Anna. Whether she was in shape, fat, in a wheelchair, in a dentist's chair, falling off a waverunner, he was there to help her.

Howard, I have been on your side from Day One. Rita Cosby simply brought to a head what the other slanderers instigated. Now they have all been exposed, and they did it all by themselves, with a little help from Rita Cosby. Rita, of course, did it all for money.

I think the people in the Bahamas are formidable in their strength and intelligence and that those nannies had the courage to speak up and stand for their convictions is commendable. Let's hope and pray that justice continues to prevail for you as it has been doing thus far, Howard. Slow and steady wins the race. And when you get to the finish line, everyone will know you spoke the Truth from the start, to the best of your knowledge.

2570 days ago


To #53 I don't believe are so right on in everything you said. I find it so funny that suddenly so many people are singing Howard's praises after all has been said and done. If he loved Anna, I am sure glad I don't have that kind of love in my life. He was nothing but a parasite and an enabler to a very sick and troubled woman. She undoubtably had drug addiction, alcohol abuse problems and no parenting skills. I am not saying she didn't love Daniel and Danilyn...but her parenting skills were nil. That is understandable when you look how she was raised. Howard is really trying to cover his own ass...frankly Rita Cosby is no better than him. She is just another parasite trying to make millions on the death of a tragic woman and her tragic life. The whole mess with Danilyn should never have happened and if Howard really cared for Anna he would have done his job as a lawyer and not ran off with her to the Bahamas and held her hostage.....with all the drugs that were in his name....then the disgusting ceremony and jumping into the ocean...letting Anna die while using the excuse they were going to buy a boat while little Danilyn is left behind to keep her from her true father. God where are you people coming from? He is a criminal...oh I said he loved her. Yeah right.

2570 days ago

just me    

"The Insider" has a tape of Rita Cosby conversing with Elizabeth Thompson, the lawyer who represents two nannies employed by Anna Nicole Smith, the two who were cited as second-hand sources for Rita's book. The nannies Elizabeth Thompson represents are Nadine Alexie and Quethlie Alexis, who took care of Anna's baby, Dannielynn. In her book, Rita wrote that those nannies, accompanied by an attorney, told private investigators that Anna Nicole loved to watch a video of Stern and Birkhead having sex.

This is the transcript of an excerpt of that tape that was played on the Larry King Live show.

ELIZABETH THOMPSON, ATTORNEY: Yeah, but why did you want to speak with them after the fact? After you have already written the book? Why, why do you want to speak to them about those issues?

COSBY: Because I think it's important to speak with them.

THOMPSON: To whim?

COSBY: Um, well, to them and to you. You know that's why.

THOMPSON: But not to me. I'm not the client.


THOMPSON: It's not my information.

COSBY: I know. But I do think it's important to speak with them. And then also to -- to give credibility to them and I also think.

THOMPSON: So you want to validate what you put into the book, basically. That's what we're doing right. Right?

COSBY: Well, that's some of it, but I also think -- can I tell you also, we also have separate than them, other people in the book. So I'm comfortable.

THOMPSON: Of course. Let me tell you. They featured prominently in this book. I mean, I've highlighted -- numbered the pages where they're featured and no one has spoken to them about it. It blows my mind.

COSBY: Well, that's why I came here. That's why I came here.

THOMPSON: You came here to validate the information that you've already got, for your book.

COSBY: Well, I have information elsewhere, just so you're aware. But I do think.

THOMPSON: OK, so page 204, you have that information elsewhere?


THOMPSON: That they said this? And the presence of their attorney who would be me, I wasn't anywhere.

COSBY: Well, I'm here to speak to them about it, that's important.

THOMPSON: That's important to you.

COSBY: No, absolutely, absolutely.

THOMPSON: It's not important to them, to be honest. It's not important to them. It's important to you.

COSBY: No, absolutely.

THOMPSON: And so my question is, what do you want? What you want then is in relation to this $15,000 to the magazine? Is that what you're saying? These are the expenses being paid?


THOMPSON: Through the magazine.


THOMPSON: And not through you? Because you can't do it.

COSBY: Exactly, exactly.

2569 days ago


He can look straight into the camera and very good at it. Seems strange that so much attention has been brought to bear just before the inquest on October 30 in the Bahamas......nannies changing their stories....Moe having heart attack and stroke.....Howard and Larry's "relationship". People....keep focused......Daniel is dead!

2563 days ago
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