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K-Fed's Lawyer to Brit -- Overnights My A**

10/11/2007 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebrity lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's attorney, just told TMZ he will absolutely oppose Brit's move to get overnight visits with the kids.

Brit's lawyers will ask Commissioner Scott Gordon for overnights, partly because she's passed all her drug tests. Kaplan said, "She's 25 years old. The order is a week old." The upshot of Kaplan's statement -- one week does not a responsible parent make.

As for Britney showing up in court -- last night, she said she would. At the time this story is being published, Brit has 35 minutes to get to the courthouse. She's in Marina del Rey and she'll have to drive across town in rush hour traffic -- not likely she'll make it.


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K. Jackson    

She should glue a huge "L" on her forehead!

2567 days ago


I am involved in the foster care system and the parent who loses her kids does not get overnights within a week! It's a big joke. Britney is lucky any kind of visits have already been arranged and taken place. She will have to prove a lot more before she is given the privlege.

2567 days ago

thats right    

She can't make it to court shes at Targot shopping lol

2567 days ago


12--you are an one can be driven to suicide, or drug use, or flashy the uglies...and, all of it seem to come naturally to Unfitney

2567 days ago


I have a question for anyone who lives in California....Are you allowed to take animals into stores and restaurants? Where I live you cannot do that unless its a service animal. Just curious if someone can let me know.

2567 days ago


Little Piggy couldn't make it to court again. I guess she doesn't want those kids THAT badly.

2567 days ago

mickey lou    

Drug test K-Jerk! Those kids aren't any better with their dumb dad.

2567 days ago


Kaplan is right!!
Brit needs to prove at this point she can stay clean and sober
In 6 months .........
Lets see how she does......
Plus the Paps... No child should have to go through that!!
I hope the judge will get through to her on this

2567 days ago


OK 1st No i do not believe she should be able to get her kids back this soon its WAY to soon for overnights. As far as the comment that Kevin is going to push her to suicide. If she did even think to do something that extreme that is SELFISH on her part and means she never cared for her kids anyway b/c if she did suicide would never cross a REAL mothers mind in my opnion

2567 days ago


I think it is too early for overnight visits. I also think that if she really cared about her children she would have made sure that she was there in court this morning to fight for them. If she does not show up then she really does not care or deserve visitation. She needs to grow up and get some serious help. She needs to put her children first and do whats best for them and enough with the partying. She needs to wake up and admit there is a problem. If she cannot take care of herself then how can she take care of her children?

2567 days ago


This post is disgusting and the previous one and the one before that! What the hell was the camera doing stuck into her car. You people so ridiculous and really this is what is wrong with our country, people like you!

2567 days ago


tired fake drama

2567 days ago


Wow, a whole week without drugs? Amazing! I'm sure the kids would be fine overnight. It's not like she's ever home or anything. They'll probably be glad to be back with their nanny again.

2567 days ago

J Doe    

she reconciled so she could use momma lyn and jamie lyns piss for the urine test and to try to show the judge she's "stable"..its all a front.

unless she pissed in front of the tester person..she could of easily used someone elses piss. and she most likely bought one of those kits that CLEANS YOUR SYSTEM OUT.

2567 days ago


This Lawyer should not be discussing this with the public, this is about the children and it is supposed to be a closed case!

From the California Bar............
Mark Vincent Kaplan - #58836
Status History
Effective Date Status Change
Present Active
9/27/1982 Active
7/6/1981 Not Eligible To Practice Law
2/20/1974 Admitted to The State Bar of California

2567 days ago
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