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Save Angelina!

10/11/2007 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For just pennies a day, you can save United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie.

Angie picked up her adorably mohawked munchkin Maddox from school yesterday, looking a turkey sandwich shy of weighing the same as the boy. She skulked into his tony French preschool to retrieve him, as her stilt stems jutted out of a pencil skirt. She should've stayed for snack time!


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Yes she needs to be healthy to take care of her kids. Imagine how upset they would be without a mother.

2513 days ago


OMG what is wrong with this people, Maddox is only a kid. People need to get a life and stop stalking this family!!!!

2513 days ago


angelina jolie = homewrecking skank

2513 days ago


Angelina has lost the weight since losing her mother. When some people are depressed they can't eat. They don't have an appetite. She needs some therapy and antidepressants that will help her to get back her appetite. I'm a healthcare worker tht's how i know.

2513 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Angelina has got the worst female body; chicken legs, broad shoulders, no tushie and she looks like a fish! I can't wait to read the headline that Brad has finally come to his sense and leaves the crazy Angelina.

I can't stand the manipulating conniving sneaky fiance and husband stealing Bitch.

2513 days ago


Vix, Angelina did not force Brad to be with her. He made the choice.

2513 days ago


She is a bit smaller than she we have seen her. But stress will do that to ya.. Some people binge eat...some people cant eat; like myself. gotta luv this bitch tho! shes still good peopllllleee!
have a good one tricks!

2513 days ago


No freakin' way, I agree with Vix. Of course no one forced Brad to trade in his beautiful, intelligent and talented wife for this scheming wench, nor did anyone put a gun to BillyBob's head and force him to forget about his fiance when he married Angelina but she did take part in those events. She knew Laura Dern was going to hear about Billybob marrying her from some other source with no prior warning and she knew exactly what she was doing when she manipulated and seduced Brad. She loves attention, she lives for it and she is a master of the game. Obviously a lot of men think with their nether regions but she nows how to play them and she knows how to play the public. Notice she is wearing a skirt and high heels which accentuate her bony legs and her sleeves are pushed up, showing her bony arms. I have no sympathy for her because she doesn't care about anyone but herself and the public will always be polarized on this issue but I ain't budgin' one inch. I know she lost her mother but she should remember she is a mother and think about those kids. and for goodness sake stop sporting that ridiculous mohawk on Maddox, he is not an accessory, he is a child and you are raising him to be a little punk. There have been reports that she is teaching Maddox no manners and she and Brad disagree about this. Obviously she has every intention of raising him to be just like her, rebel without a clue.

2513 days ago


I just can't stand her ....

2513 days ago


I can't stand her, but I don't think she looks that bad. She's sinewy, but that is because she has been on a high-protein diet and overexercised her entire adult life. She is very small framed, and if she did weigh more, I don't see where she'd put it: She never had an a--. I think people need to get off the skinny bandwagon; it's like beating a dead horse. There are worse things to criticize her for.

2513 days ago


Leave the woman alone
I lost almost 40 pounds after loosing my mom.
Let her grieve.

2513 days ago


Re: Clarity

OH to BE Sure there are PLENTY OF OTHER THINGS to critisize her for!
Howerver, the poster is clearly, Clarity, taking issue with the bag of bones that is the Whorebag.
As to being under stress as other's attest to - seriously? She has Brad and all of their brood. More money than most. To state the obvious. Her mother died - yeah mine too. But would I jeopardize my health when I have children to raise? For how long? Till she is in a wheelchair cuz her toothpick sticks can't hold her up any longer?
She is a selfish, whoring, self-serving, whoremongering, did I say selfish, crazy, and I mean mental, bitch.

2513 days ago



2513 days ago

Lisa in Arizona    

I never like her . I have no respect for her at all. She doesn't look good at all anymore. I just wish that Brad and Jennifer are together again. They are the best together . Brad looked more happier with Jennifer .

2513 days ago


Wow, she is skinny-I didn't realize that until just now when you can really see her legs. The camera actually adds a few pounds, so I can't imagine what she must look like in person close up. She's pretty, but does look a bit unhealthy.

For those of you on her mothering skills, she's a great mom-quit looking for things to nitpick about!!

2513 days ago
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