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That's No Planet! It's Posh!

10/11/2007 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Behold the mountains, craters and ridges of Victoria Beckham!
Victoria Beckham


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tori smith    

hahahahaha. i love posh, give the girl a break! but too funny.

2508 days ago


what the hell happen i thought this girl get facials....

2508 days ago

shock me    

She's human..hehehe
actually the rock was very distracting, btw, all the make up can be the cause of breakouts

2508 days ago


Not a fan of hers, though I saw her show and she seemed a nice enough gal? Pretty to be sure, perhaps she tries too hard putting herself out there for all of you to either love or hate her? She does put herself out there, but I think it's sad you have to nit-pic and fish for faults. Why do you have to do that? Does that make you feel better about yourself? Are you so sad that you have to find fault with those with more money than you (and me)? Like your fotographers (so called) who run behind celebrity women and try try try to get a shot up some womans dress? I guess I feel sorry for you more, and you undoubtedly sleep very well at night. I guess I'm wondering; do the celebrities call out to you and say 'Here I am and I'm not wearing panties, be sure you get a shot of it? The truth is you go out of your way to catch to get the angle. In the movies a perv will drop a dime to pick it up when a pretty girl walks by, only because he wants to look up her dress. Your papparazis do it, cause they know you'll pay to see it. We'd be just fine without the images plastered on this screen, but then again you don't have the confidence in your own site and it's audience to take that chance. So she has achne? Are you so perfect? She's a celebrity and you think she owes you a cheap thrill to feed your amusement? She doesn't owe anyone anything. You on the other hand think you owe it to yourselves to be as rude as you can be. Is that what sells? Descency could sell as well, but then that's not what your really about is it:(...Thank you...

2508 days ago


Hello? ProActive Solution to Victoria STAT !!!!! Dude! I really thought that was a planet G-ROSS!

2508 days ago

erratic-assassin guys REALLY CANT get sued for this??

TMZ's sweet...

that was the grosset thing I've seen in long

2508 days ago

pontiac biotch    

it's all that silicone tryin to get out.

2508 days ago


how mean!! don't like her, but come on!! most people don't have perfect skin

2508 days ago

Bagette from LA    

Eek! there goes another one!

2508 days ago


Was that really necessary? Can't we show Americans do have a little class. That was not nice.

2508 days ago


I guess since we are all perfect here we must pick on someones skin problem...pathetic!

2508 days ago


everyone knows she suffered with really bad acne as a teenager, so shes not perfect. who is? Even your gorgeous slutty cheerleaders get spots everynow and again. Grow up, its a few spots n acne scars, its not the end of the world!

2508 days ago


Who cares abot her face.. I can't take my eyes off of her ring!

2508 days ago


OMG, people leave that women alone. That breakout shows that she is a normal human. Because I know that all you people have had a break out at one point in your life.

2508 days ago


WOW....You would think she could afford Pro-Active....eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!

2508 days ago
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