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Britney Bails on Dancer Auditions -- Again!

10/12/2007 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was a no-show for the second day in a row, canceling dancer auditions for her upcoming tour and new video.
Britney Spears
TMZ was on scene at Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood today, where Britney had scheduled auditions of male and female dancers to take place between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Brit canceled -- via text message at 11:00 AM -- leaving dancers saying "Merde!" -- but in English. Some of the dancers, while disappointed, would have waited even longer for her.

Several dancers told TMZ that Britney rescheduled for a third attempt on Monday. Luckily for us, several of the terpsichoreans decided to show us a few of their moves, and reminded us to "Leave Britney alone!"


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And TMZ staffers are stuck in the office doing what ever the boss says. Its good to be the boss, now get me coffee or your fired!

2538 days ago


She thinks she is royalty - dismissing people as she pleases. What she needs is a crown made of turds to smash down on that tired, ganked-out mop.
I bet she smells like piss, stinky teeth, and Aqua Net hairspray.

2538 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

TMZ reports suck!

2538 days ago


I agree with Lysette.. she is a pain in the A$$ she needs to really grow up. There is no wayin hell she deserves to be raising children when she acts the way she does..

2538 days ago

Leave Brittney Alone!    

I am the best. I am the prettiest. I can dance great and an awesome singer. Give me more!

2538 days ago





2538 days ago


Have you seen the new cover of People, Britt Hits Bottom! my god she looks horrible, I think she has serious mental health issues and needs to be someplace safe and secluded where the paps cant get to her so she can get her life together... This is just like Whitney and Bobby, as soon as she got hooked up with Kevin (no talent wanna-be makes me puke) her life went to hell.

Her family really needs to step up and get her out of LA and into a treatment center.

2538 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Nice face Britney

If you hadnt done that tarted up lolita music video like a decade ago, you would be nothing.

Looking at your face and body you wouldnt even cut it as a hooters waitress or even a porn star.

Odds are that without your crap pop music you would blowing truckers for crank at a truckstop somewhere along the interstate.

your face and form is about 5 out of 10, and sliding fast.

2538 days ago


I wouldn't want to work with her anyways. You will always be dealing with frustrations. I have serious doubts that the tour will even happen since she doesn't commit to anything.

2538 days ago


Integrity issues. When you say you're going to be there, when you have people wasting their time waiting on you-you show up! Or at least cancel BEFORE it's scheduled to start. Other people matter too. She's done this to these dancers twice now. Self centered + no integrity = Immaturity.

2538 days ago

DEE-VA 1960    

SO WHAT !!!!

2538 days ago

Blah blah blah    

What does she have going on more pressing the restarting her career? She don't have her children to tend to, all I can see she does is shop, eat, stop at the gas station and little else. These poor dancers shouldn't waste their time on her, hell she'll walk out in the middle of a concert if the mood strikes her. Get your money up front guys.

2538 days ago


Panic! Panic! Dancing for a living is as shallow as any vocation associated to clothes 'n cosmetics. The entertainment industry is raft with squirrels, fruits, and nuts. Don't tell us that those dancing squirrels were surprised by that [BS] Nut!!!

2538 days ago

Jen, RN    

Even though I'm not to sympathetic to celebs who cry wolf so many times and receive special treatment when they do things us normal civilians do and get thrown into jail for, esp when they have all the money in the world yet cry to the public when they go broke, that I am not sympathetic to at all!
I don't agree with how the media and photographers are allowed to just ponce on Britney. I believe that her actions for the last year or 2 have been way out of line, but on the other hand I think it is a horrible thing that a judge or someone of authority can't do something more about the photographers in general who follow and stalk celebrities. There needs to be a limit or something, we already lost one of the best people due to the idiot photographers....our beloved Princess Diana.
I wish people would leave Britney alone so she can have some sense of normalcy to try and get her life in order. It can't happen over night either people, so give her breathing room!
I think it would be tough on anyone who won't let someone at least take a crap in peace. Geez people give her some space to heal. What is this world coming to when they think we all really want to see this on the news when there are other more important things in the world we as a country should be focusing on.

2538 days ago


LOL- how bad is your life if you're counting on Britney Spears to enhance it?

Only the truly desperate will show up for tomorrow's cancellation......

2538 days ago
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