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Orlando Boom!

Actor Involved in Car Crash

10/12/2007 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomUPDATE: LAPD tells us that Orlando was driving the Matrix when he was cut off by another driver, causing him to crash into a parked Porsche Cayenne. Officers on the scene report speed was not a factor in the accident, nor were alcohol or drugs.

TMZ has learned that actor Orlando Bloom was involved in a wreck involving a car registered to Dariusz Wolski, the director of photography on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. The crash took place around 2:15 AM near Fountain and Vista in Los Angeles.

According to a traffic collision report completed at the scene by LAPD, Bloom is listed as the driver of Wolski's black '03 Toyota Matrix.

TMZ shot Bloom earlier in the evening getting into a black Matrix at the Green Door in Hollywood. The cars involved include the Matrix and a Porsche Cayenne that was parked on the side of the street. We also spotted a bloody rag on the ground near the scene. One woman, who was sitting in the backseat of the car, suffered minor injuries.


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Did anyone one see Lindsay Lohan or maybe Nicole Riche? Does someone have a lojack on these women and their cars?

2463 days ago


number 14, Keanu Reeves WAS in the Matrix. How is that relevant?

2463 days ago


This is getting ridiculous. something needs to be done about the paparazzi chasing people to take their picture. I know tha they are celebs and it is one thing to take their picture as the leave a club, award show, hotel, ect, but to chase them down in their cars just to get a picture, how many celebs and innocent people have to die or be injured before they do something!! He could have been killed or someone innocent like one of his passengers or someone on the street.

2463 days ago


So, how many A-holes like this can they fit into El-Lay? Oh, the owner of the car crashed into is director of photography for Pirates of the Caribbean? What a coincidence. Or are they starting to run out of room?

2463 days ago


LOOOL, that Matrix went Matrix on that Porsche! There's no doubt the Paps caused it. I have seen them in action on several occasions while visiting the Hills.

2463 days ago

Miami Spice    

Comment 47/Gina...Please tell me you really aren't that stupid, sweetheart!

2463 days ago

Michael Haase    

Somebody ran him off the road. LAPD says it was the other cars fault - which fled of course! There is no evidence that Bloom was drunk. Why make this worse for him by suggesting he caused this? I hope all involved recover soon and can move on with their lives.

Go right back to making movies, Orlando!

2463 days ago


look like he was kissing that guy...........

2462 days ago


I was wondering if anyone else thought that they were kissing.

2462 days ago


yes everybody the driver who caused the crash stopped right into a porsche this guy is a loser was apparently drunk and once again famous justice kicks in what a joke our legal system is

2459 days ago


Ah yes, celebrity justice rears its ugly head. Again.

2458 days ago

Syl C.    

They were all drunk and Orlando walked away from the scene of the accident, itts on tape. The Paps had to convince him to go back and check the medical status of the people that were hurt. HIs PR turns it around and makes it seem that big O was concerned and helped the victims. But, the paps caught it all on tape and it shows where he is leaving the scene of the accident. It took a Pap photographer to advise the drunken bum to turn around and check on his friends. Next day you read where he is a hero, baloney. He was drunk and thought the cops were going to test him and he took off. But then he turned on his acting skills and made out like he was genuinely concerned and smoothed it over with the police. Hey, acting skills come in handy when you need them, even in real life. No one caused this accident except the drunken fool behind the wheel. I hope both those women sue..

2458 days ago


#4: Your Hilarious. Your comments made me laugh my ass off!
#5: I agree with you some idiot wasn't wearing their seat belt. And to shame us all> she was a blonde! Thank god, I'm a brunette!

2456 days ago

Ms. Scrubs    

Well isn't it interesting how the story changes as the facts are reported?

If I may quote Don Henley, "We all know that crap is king, we love dirty laundry." Don't we, TMZ? (Thanks Don)

God bless you Orlando, sweetie. I'm a 50 year old RN and I think you're a darling. Be kind to yourself and know that you'll be in my prayers.

2454 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I swear half or more of you people don't read the stories you comment on. There is no evidence he was DUI. In fact the cops decided he wasn't. And what does this supposed "kiss" have to do with this story. What does Jennifer Aniston have to do with this accident? (I know they were "supposedly" going hot and heavy at the wedding) All this story says is there was a car accident in which Orlando Bloom was driving in which he says he was cut-off included some minor injuries and the cops decided that drugs, alcohol and speed were not involved. The weirdest part of this story is the disgusting pap who picked up a bloody rag off the ground. I hope he either wore latex gloves or, at least, had no open wounds. Too many blood-borne diseases around these days and no way of telling who has what.

2452 days ago
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