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DOJ Press Release on T.I. Arrest

10/13/2007 10:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

United States Attorney David E. Nahmias
Northern District of Georgia


Arrest Comes After Harris, a Convicted Felon, Accepted Delivery of Machine Guns and Silencers; Additional Guns Found In Harris' Vehicle and House

Atlanta, GA CLIFFORD HARRIS, 27, an entertainer also known as "T.I.," of College Park, Georgia, was arrested in Atlanta at approximately 2:30 p.m. today by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), as he allegedly took possession of three machine guns and two silencers. Three other firearms were found in the vehicle HARRIS was driving. ATF also executed a federal search warrant at HARRIS' house at 4XX Creekview Lane in College Park, finding six additional firearms in his bedroom closet.

United States Magistrate Judge Linda T. Walker issued a federal criminal complaint after the arrest and search, charging HARRIS with the felony offenses of (1) possession of unregistered machine guns [and silencers] and (2) possession of firearms by a convicted felon. HARRIS will be held in federal custody over the weekend and then will make his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan J. Baverman at the United States Courthouse in Atlanta on Monday, October 15, at a time to be determined by the court. The United States Attorney's Office and ATF will hold a short news conference afterward at a location to be determined.

"Machine guns pose a serious danger to the community, which is why they are so carefully regulated," said David E. Nahmias, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. "The last place machine guns should be is in the hands of a convicted felon, who cannot legally possess any kind of firearm. This convicted felon allegedly was trying to add several machine guns to an already large and entirely illegal arsenal of guns. Thanks to the good and quick work of ATF, he is now in custody and his firearms have been seized."

"This investigation developed very quickly," said Vanessa McLemore, Special Agent in Charge of ATF's Atlanta Division. "We learned only this Wednesday that the cooperating witness was allegedly buying the machine guns for Harris. The cooperating witness told Harris on Thursday that he had obtained the items, and on Friday Harris made it clear that he wanted them delivered to him today. Harris then agreed to meet and took possession of the machine guns this afternoon. He now faces serious federal charges and a potentially long prison sentence."

According to U.S. Attorney Nahmias and the information filed in court: On October 2, 2007, an employee of a federal firearms licensee advised ATF that an individual was seeking to purchase a machine gun without registering the weapon as required by law. The individual was directed to an ATF agent acting in an undercover capacity, posing as a machine gun dealer. Last Wednesday, October 10, 2007, the individual was arrested by ATF after purchasing three unregistered machine guns and two silencers from the undercover agent in exchange for $2,200 and a pistol. The individual then agreed to cooperate with ATF, including with respect to his purpose for obtaining the firearms.

The cooperating witness (CW) advised the agents that he was purchasing the machine guns on October 10 on behalf of CLIFFORD HARRIS, aka "T.I.," an entertainer for whom the CW had been working as a bodyguard since July 2007. The CW admitted to straw purchasing about nine firearms for HARRIS and about 17 firearms for other persons on previous occasions. Firearm purchase records confirm that the CW has purchased about 25 firearms over the past 18 months. The CW said that HARRIS gave him cash to buy guns on four occasions. HARRIS asked the CW to purchase the firearms for him because HARRIS has a prior felony conviction and therefore cannot lawfully purchase or possess firearms under federal law, while the CW could lawfully obtain guns.

According to the CW, he purchased a Calico 9mm pistol on September 6, 2007, and delivered it to HARRIS at HARRIS' house on Creekview Lane, where he also saw multiple firearms in a safe in the walk-in closet in HARRIS' bedroom. The CW next purchased a Smith & Wesson .500 caliber revolver for HARRIS on September 18, 2007, delivering it to an associate of HARRIS' to give to HARRIS. On or about September 26, 2007, the CW purchased seven more firearms, three rifles and four handguns, using $7,000 in cash provided by HARRIS, and delivered the firearms to HARRIS at the Creekview Lane house.

Finally, last Wednesday, October 10, 2007, HARRIS arranged for the CW to pick up $12,000 in cash from HARRIS's bank, telling the CW to use the funds to purchase machine guns for HARRIS. The CW was arrested later that day when he attempted to purchase three machine guns and two silencers from the undercover ATF agent.

After agreeing to cooperate with ATF, the CW had a series of telephone calls with HARRIS, which were recorded by ATF with the CW's consent. On Thursday, October 11, 2007, the CW called HARRIS to say that he had"everything for you," referring to the machine guns he was supposed to purchase on Harris' behalf; HARRIS replied affirmatively.

On Friday, October 12, 2007, HARRIS called the CW. The CW asked HARRIS when he wanted to take delivery of what the CW had, and HARRIS told the CW that he would take delivery today, Saturday, October 13, 2007.

After the CW left HARRIS a message this morning, shortly after noon HARRIS called the CW to arrange the pick up. At approximately 2:22 p.m., HARRIS met with the CW in a shopping center parking lot in midtown Atlanta to take possession of the firearms. The meeting was recorded by ATF. The CW entered the vehicle that HARRIS was driving and displayed to HARRIS the two silencers and three machine guns that the CW had purchased from the undercover ATF agent on October 10. When the CW explained the function of one silencer, HARRIS said "no flash, no bang." The CW and HARRIS also discussed the selector switch of one of the machine guns, which switches the gun from semi-automatic to fully automatic fire. HARRIS also asked the CW for "change leftover" from the $12,000 that he provided the CW to purchase the firearms.

HARRIS was arrested without incident. A subsequent search of the vehicle located three other firearms, including one loaded gun tucked between the driver's seat where HARRIS had been sitting and the center console.

Shortly after the arrest, ATF agents executed a federal search warrant for HARRIS' house at 429 Creekview Lane in College Park. In a walk-in closet in HARRIS' bedroom, the agents found six more firearms (three rifles, two pistols, and a revolver), including three of the guns that the CW had said he purchased for and delivered to HARRIS in September. Five of the six guns were loaded.

Members of the public are reminded that the criminal complaint only contains charges. The defendant is presumed innocent of the charges and it will be the government's burden to prove the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.

This case is being investigated by Special Agents of the ATF, with assistance from the United States Marshals Service, the Atlanta Police Department, the Fulton County Police Department, and the Fulton County Sheriff's Department.

Assistant United States Attorneys Francey Hakes and Todd Alley are prosecuting the case.


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Wow....i'm not making excuses for him but this is a truely troubled young man...this is bigger than a rapper caught up in his image...this young man is truely blinded by crime, so much so that it makes him diregard his life. He has a family to support and a very long rapsheet, i feel bad for his girl, mom and children, he will most likely be in jail for quite some time...poor guy, had the world on a silver platter but too dumb to handle it

2565 days ago

One Struggle Hustla    

When your out playing in a game, someone has to win and someone has to lose thats just the way it is. The Game aint always fair, you lose some and you win some. You can bad talk T.I all you want, but until you understand the life of a hood figga turned rap star, just keep all that nonsense on the hush. Us sitting on the sidelines watching these young playaz in the game, all we can do is comment on the life which they live. Once we turn the channel its a done deal, poof gone, but somewhere out there that person we were just listening to is living that life, facing all types of major issues and dealin with it. T.I was gearin up for war, protecting his family and his legacy, thats what you do when you love and worked hard for something, you protect it. Being a convicted felon in america stunts your growth after you have been rehibilitated. Because once your free and have turned your life around you still have that felony hanging or your head. Which affects one of the most important things in your life "where you work". You dont work you dont eat. Cant take care of a wife and kids flippin burgers.T.I got down on his grind and became The King Of The South, he did what he felt was right for his family, they needed protection by all means neccessary. Its a bunch of haters out here that dont wanna see a playa ball, rise up and shine like he should, ya know. We have to fend for ourselves in our world aint no justice, its just us. Being from the ghetto, your damned if u do and damned if u dont. I hate how they intrapped my homeboy, he's still the king though.
1 Struggle Ent.
Motorcity Madman

2565 days ago


Now I have you, didnt I tell you that we would get you!!! KING OF THE SOUTH, BY THE TIME WE LET YOU OUT, YOU WILL BE AS OLD AS THE SOUTH.


2564 days ago

Miss Tiny    

Didnt the Micheal Vick ordeal teach you anything? I was so impressed listening to you on Hip Hop vs America, especially when you hold-heartly expressed that America should be glad you are only rapping about gangster life and not really imitating it! I really want to hear your side of the story!

2564 days ago


I don't understand why the f*** would he purchase that many firearms anyway. Hell! he must be obsess with guns. Was he planning to give his hood all them guns for the crime rates to go up in the Black Community? T.I. you was throwing money away, you could have donated to schools around the nation to help for books, and other things the schools need to help teach our childrens, etc..........

2564 days ago

Tha Baddest B***H    

T.I or T.I.P whoever this may concern,keep ur head up. And Tiny stick by ur man F these haters mainly the ones talking down on my boy. we all make mistakes and sometimes we have to do what we gotta do to survive.they betta be careful before they get Hurt, Merck, putem in tha dirt like that punk a** bodyguard need to be. I still support you baby.

2564 days ago

Tracie Blakely    

T.I I still love u regarldess of your mistakes. I hope everything goes alright and that you can get out of this and continue doing what you do best making music and keeping your fans happy.

2564 days ago


everyone makes mistakes. i still love T.I.

2563 days ago



2563 days ago

cocoa butter    

This is all I will say and that is to stop downing this brother this someting he has to deal with.This is something he will have to anwser to. TI this is something that I want to leave with you and that is pray about this. This is the time for you to talk to GOD and ask hime to lead you and guide you it might take somtime but he will anwser you stay BLESSED

2563 days ago


We all do things we shouldn't do at one time or another. Let's support eachother b/c "some people" already have it out and had it out for "us" a long time ago.

2563 days ago

sasha kelly    

I mean let me start off by sayin i thought that this was a very bad nightmare when my sister called me at about 2:45 saturday to inform me that u was on your way to jail i know how serious this thing may be but at the same time i love u and your music to death and i to was watchin that episode of hiphop vs america and heard the out come but its nto gonna make me look at u any diffrent i just hope u come out on top of things stay prayful and dont forget what god has for me it is for me.

2563 days ago


I just want to say #1. they should stop putting this mans address on these sights, its not fair to him or his family, its to many crazy people out here. all that would cause is possibly more trouble at his home.also so many people are making negative comments yes T.I. should have known better, but everybody makes mistakes, nobody is exempt from it not even him, no ones perfect, however he,s in the spotlight which gives him a better opportunity to make a difference in someone elses life whether its giving someone hope that they to can live out their dreams or some other positive message, so lets hope instead that he will learn from this, because that will give him the wisdom to help those youngsters out there who really look up to him to not make the mistake he made rather then think its part of the game, so let me do it too. because what people especially the ones thats been bashing this man, need to remember is one mistake/one sin is no worse then the other, Im sure T.I. has family thats hurting and children that are missing their father right now. it is not right to pass judgement, and also don,t forget you are innocent until proven guilty. I ,ve seen many who went before the same court and got sent up. the federal court is nothing like the state. my heart goes out to T.I. and his family, and whatever the outcome may god be with you. dont forget he is the miracle maker.

2563 days ago


I just wanted to add to my previous comment, sent 10-17-07 , Today I went online and on one of the sights there showing ATF officers inside of T.I. s house this is ridiculous, I have not seen the inside of paris,s house while she was getting arrested nor brittanys house, this is outrageous, and then Im reading comments about him getting off because hes a celeb, not! are they really thinking before they make these comments, Im not one to use the race card, but come on hes a black man without a rich well known father or rich well known mother, so that celeb thing doesnt apply to him statistic wise one out of ten federal inmates when a trial, this is no joke so again lets reach out to him with positive hope, instead of the negative.

2562 days ago


he knew this bodyguard for a few months and you got him buying u guns. are u stupid or what. he gets caught,he not ur homey. he's a bodyguard u known for a few months. he will rat. didn't he think of that scenario. if u from the hood, like he say he his. that was not a hood move. T.I. is a short skinny dude. the county jail is cake. 20yrs. in FED. prison is not. I HOPE HE KEEPS IS MAN HOOD> GOOD LUCK HOMEY. se-ya when i se-ya

2562 days ago
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