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Hottest Videos -- Week of 10/7

10/13/2007 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was bitched out by a random passerby in Malibu this week -- and lil' sis Jamie Lynn stepped in to bitch her right back!

J. Lo almost took a dive after slipping during a concert in Connecticut. Those Jamiroquai moves can be tricky.

Haylie Duff's got a new boyfriend ... and surprisingly, people cared enough to make this the #3 video of the week.

It was fight night in Hollywood as yet another a bloodied up, drunk, wannabe brawler tried to break into fisticuffs in a club parking lot.

Britney Spears is "gorgeous" ... at least according to her.

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Still here cant get rid of us...........o yea we are.............. B's up

2501 days ago


Tha's the spirt, little sister talking up for big sister !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2534 days ago

Lenn K.    

I've watched how Lindsay Lohan has finally started to change, why does Britney keep run in these public places when she know the stalkarizzis are after her? Now you're dragging your sister who cussing like a sailor. Stay home for a least two days in a row and see how different that would be.

2534 days ago


You know, it amazes me that the paparazzi always knows where she is going. Apparently Britney and her lackies tell them where she is going to be. It's sad that someone can be so insecure/screwed up that they need that much attention. She is ruining places that regular people like to go (ie: her local Starbucks).

Does Britney deserve a normal life? Yes, but SHE will not allow herself to have it. She needs to stop calling around, looking for paparazzi (or however you spell moron with a camera).

As for her little sister, well she exuded the same class Britney had early on in her career, when she yelled: Move the !@#*)! out! It'll be sad to see her in a few years being just as screwed up as Brit. Note to JamieLynn: Pick a hair-color - two-toned hair went out when Shakira did it 3 years ago. You're too pretty to look that squid-like.

My suggestion to all media outlets and bloggers: LET'S HAVE A BRITNEY-FREE DAY OR WEEKEND. It gives us a break from her, and it gives you guys great videos of her going insane and probably pantiless as she goes out of her mind attempting to get the attention she desperately needs.

Random Thoughts by someone who sincerely believes Spears needs help desperately (and her parents failed her when she was younger)

2534 days ago


Another foul mouthed teen. Jamie girl, please cultivate some class while there is still time to save yourself. It was a natural response and nice of you to shut down that crazy woman. Just keep it clean and CLASSY.

2534 days ago

give it a rest...    

Unbelievable... is this all TMZ can report on? They might as well change the name of this site to I would assume this is what TMZ has to stoop to since they can't find any other celebrity to ruin. As for Britney herself, I've seen worse parents than her and Kevin. Only reason she's the focus and not the other children who need more help than hers is because K-crap needs money since he seems to think he's above getting a job. Oh well... I'm just ranting so who's the next story going to be on? DOH! Never mind we all know it'll be Britney because TMZ is lame....

2534 days ago


Way to go, Jamie!! Keep having your sister's back.

2534 days ago

sea salt    

she's gonna be trash just like britney. she'll be hitting the party scene in a few years, will be in rehad soon after.

the paps give these losers such an exaggerated sense of importance. most of them are uneducated - don't finish high school and have no college education. they are ruining our society.

2534 days ago

rock I.Q    

I agree with mia well put.Jamie spears is a Britwit in the
making.To the above comment britney free week...definitly in order.
Im so tired of all brit reality show( chaotic unfitney) and clearly running her own pr in
the trash tabloids and beyond. when is it gonna stop.I feel horrible
for the children in all of this,the more she is seen out in public the more she keeps showing us every day that they belong with Kevin Federline.I have been thinking Lynn spears
must be holding her head in shame this week.She used to be a
teacher.omg, I wouldn't let her teach my dog. NOTE to spears
family.Hire some PR and put Americans out of our misery

2534 days ago

J Archer    

I think it was awsome that Jamie Lynn stood up for her sister. I know if she were me family I would not allow someone to kick her while she was down. Family is famliy no matter what. DO you think Jamie Lynn will press charges against the lady who attacked her in the video not once but twice. I don't care how much you have dislike for someone you never have the rifgt ti put your hands on them. Furthur more her issuse is with Britney not Jamie Lynn, so if she wanted to put her hands on anyone it should have been Britney. ( that is still not even cool). I hope Jamie Lynn presses assult charges becuase there is not way the lady could deny she attached her with all the video of it.

2534 days ago


There is no excuse for those guys to scream 'Shut up Bitch!' to that woman.

she was not talking to them

2534 days ago


It amazes me how the paparazzi keeps following her for NO GOOD REASON. You won't find this great amount of paps following around the low-lying celebrities. Brit goes to Starbucks or Target and there's a herd of paps snapping pictures like she's dancing drunk on a table. WHO CARES IF SHE SHOPS? WHO CARES IF SHE GETS A COFFEE? That's all she ever does. Never stays home, enjoys her own company, tries to work hard to get her kids back.

I'm sick of seeing all these senseless videos and pictures of Britney doing normal, everyday stuff. And I'm glad to see Jamie Lynn is turning out to be trailer trash. Nice mouth on her. She needs to learn some class and respect. And I love how Britney says to the paps, "Don't let her come near me again." STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Or just let it go. Don't ask the paps to defend you. Maybe if you DID stay home once in a while this wouldn't happen.

Move on from Britney, please. It'll never happen, but whatever. I'm sick of all these sites reporting on Spears 24/7.

2534 days ago

Blah blah blah    

First Britney showing all her goods, now Jamie, maybe mama Lynn could ask the girls to go into family counseling for a start, then split into individual counseling. It's now to late to save Jamie. I wonder if Lynn gave Jamie any punishment for her actions, she is, after all, a minor. If it were my daughter there would have been some reprocussions for her behavior.

2534 days ago

Jack Meoff    

Jamie Lynn totally turned me on in this video. She is so much hotter than Britney ever was. I would teach her things that she didn't know were possible.

2534 days ago


Way to go Jamie Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be damn if someone talk to my sister like that!!!! And everybody needs to leave Britney the F* alone....Just because she's a celebrity doesnt mean she has to be stuck in her house for the rest of her life...good for her that she goes out ..since when cant somebody go to a gas station or go shopping...I say screw the rest of the world!!

2534 days ago
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