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Lauryn Hill

Baby Number Five

On the Way

10/13/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lauryn hillFashion clown Lauryn Hill is with child -- again. Hill, who has four children with Bob Marley's son Rohan, is now pregnant with their fifth child. Rohan has seven children in all -- just four shy of his dad's eleven kids. Keep at it!

Hill and Marley have had an on-again-off-again relationship -- and it looks like it's currently off. According to website Young, Black and Fabulous, Marley is now living in Ethiopia, and his MySpace page lists him as single. Ladies, he's on the market!


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Spell Check.    

She obviously shops at Macy's.
Macy Gray's.

2575 days ago

Grumpy old man    

Just like an idiot to bring up race -EVERY DAMN TIME a black person is mentioned on here. Stella s a dman idiot. Oh, and rest of you are idiots too.

2575 days ago


This relationship has been her down fall. This chic lost her mind behind this dude and she insists on continuing this crazy Crap! Now, I find it to be very curious if he and K-fed are indeed friends because…Brit Brits breakdown did make me reflect on Lauren’s…

2575 days ago


This is a disgrace. Who would impregnate an obviously mentally unstable woman? Lauryn was once a beautiful, talented artist. I hate to see her this way. She's been going down ever since she got involved with Wyclef and Marley. I don't care how much money the Marley's have, there's no point in having all of these kids.

2575 days ago


that was a very articulate response stella the stank ho

i brought up race because way too many people in the black community see nothing wrong with making babies without a dad in the picture and because i happen to think that's the single biggest reason why there are so many black kids drawn to gangs. boys especially need dads to become men. they need them to learn (and to see firsthand) how to channel natural male aggression into positive, productive male energy.

and while it is equally true for boys of all races - the black community in particular is suffering from this self-inflicted wound.

2575 days ago


Her get-up is holding at leat 15 kids in it alone!

2575 days ago


And one more thing, you teach people how to treat you. If Marley's wife, Lauryn's cousin, Lauryn, etc. simply said "no," there would be fewer random children in the world and much less drama..

2575 days ago

Marlb Man    

Isnt she lovely!

2575 days ago


Actually Erykah Badu has a son with Andre 3000, not Lauryn...

2575 days ago

John C jackson    

As long as they take care of the kids, who cares.

2575 days ago


Sad about Lauryn. Maybe another case of a woman dragged down by an irresponsible male. Happens all the time. WOMEN, DON'T RUIN YOUR BODY AND YOUR MIND BY HAVING BABIES FOR ANY IDIOT FOOL OF A MAN. You'll live a better life. They don't appreciate what you DO. Get it ?

I LOVED the song of Lauryn's that is on the "Jackie Brown" CD {of the film,"Jackie Brown". That was a smoking song, ! I knew nothing about her until I saw this sad article.

2575 days ago


#31, I totally agree with you.

2575 days ago


Good god people...... I am one of five kids and we were one big happy family. For you people to put her down for having another child...whats wrong with you? I don't get it, do you look at everyone with that many kids in the same way????? I am sure that her kids are loved and taken care of. Normally when a woman announces that she is pregnant people are happy for her. Is it because she is not with the father? Who cares they don't have to be together, just as long as there are two loving parents! Give her a break...I am sure she is an incredible mother.

2575 days ago

Linda Samuels    

It is just so sad to see a beautiful black person hiding behind such hideous makeup and costumes. Lauryn is very talented. How are your kids reacting to this new you? Or. . . .Is this only for the public? I want to see the old Lauryn, the mature Lauryn.

2575 days ago


So sad for her confused state. Lauryn comes from an excellent Family background. Wonderful mother and father that have a strong relationship and have been supportive and there for Lauryn throughout her career and her psychological ups and downs. Perhaps too much so. She has lost best childhood friends, close relatives that she employed, etc. over this man and being hard headed. Thank goodness these children have great grandparents!

2574 days ago
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