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Orlando Bloom to Attend Charity Event?

10/13/2007 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomBritish actor Orlando Bloom was scheduled to attend a "Breaking the Ice" charity benefit in L.A. today, but after Thursday night's accident, it's unknown if he will show up.

The event is set up by the Sea Shepard Conservation Society -- started by Greenpeace co-founder Captain Paul Watson -- to "end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans." The event includes an auction of two exclusive jewelry designs by North Carolina-based Catherine Original.

Orlando -- along with Naomi Watts, Uma Thurman, and other stars -- are Sea Shepard Honorary Committee members.


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Wow, i just saw the video of his accident on X17 and i can't believe what an idiot this guy is... not just the fact that he was leaving the seen of the accident.... but he left 2 passengers (2 girls) behind bleeding and injured still in the car. What man does that? what kind of friend does that?
This guy may be an O.K. actor, but to be unresponsible like that is beyond stupid. Orlando may have not been drunk, but he looked to be definitely under the influence of some drug.... what a jerk.

2510 days ago


What is the big deal? Orlando Bloom can do anything that he wants to and that's okay with me. He is the most beautiful man in the world and the world needs to just "LEAVE ORLANDO ALONE!!!!"

2510 days ago


this happened right outside my house and I saw everything. First: he didn't walk away he was calling 911 for help. Second he wasn't the one driving!DUH!

2510 days ago


Ally your a liar. There are pictures showing him driving and if he was calling the police then how come there's a video of him walking away with his hands in his pockets, no cell phone until the paparazzi tells him he has to go back. When he's walking back he then starts to get his cell phone out. Grow up and stop lying. Orlando even told the police that HE crashed the car because a paparazzi cut him off. Checks the facts before you come here and lie.

2510 days ago


she's not lying.

I was there with my girlfriend.
and There is a video of them ten min. before the crash and when they got in the car he was in the passenger seat. Maybe you should get your facts straight.He was in the drivers seat AFTER the car crashed.

2510 days ago


Jack I'm not sure what you or girlfriend are talking about. Are you drunk like Orlando was? THE FACTS ARE Some lady was driving when they left the club and then they switched Chinese fire-drill style on Sunset and Orlando took over behind the wheel. He crashed a few blocks later telling the police he was cut off by the paparazzi. There's video of him walking away from the crash with his hands in his pockets and when he turned to go back he got his cell phone out.

2510 days ago


#1 was right-who gives a rat's ass about Orlando? Nothing appealing about him, he looks like an elf. BTW, is he gay?

2510 days ago


#22 (Cromwell), dude were you there? No, you weren't. Have you seen video of Orlando and the girl switching seats before (not after) the crash? No, you haven't. They don't even have video of him "switching seats" with the girl that was driving. So stop hatin'. The bottomline is that you don't know what the hell happened because you weren't there. And even if he was indeed driving, the crash was most likely caused by the paps. It wouldn't be the first time they caused an accident to happen. And as far as Orlando walking away, he was most likely trying to process everything and make a call in private. Until they mentioned it to him, I don't think the thought even occurred to Orlando that him just walking a short distance away from the scene could be considered running. That's probably why he stopped dead in his tracks when they mentioned it him. When you're involved in a car accident, it can be disorienting immediately afterwards. It leaves your mind a bit scrambled. And that's how he looked -- like someone who was a bit in shock. He did not look like someone trying to run from a scene. Furthermore, it's very strange to me how there isn't any video of him from the time he starts "walking away from the scene." They just have him all of a sudden walking. People like TMZ and the paps are the most unethical editors. They show only what they want to in order to paint the picture they want.

2510 days ago


WHOA! who said she was my girlfriend!? do you always jump the gun like that? Think what you want... I don't care, I know what I say, maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm right. Don't beleive every thing you read sweetheart!

2510 days ago


There seems a little difference of opinion on what happened with Bloom during his accident between some sites. CBS4Denver, (AP) reports that according to Officer Ana Aguirre, it was a minor accident with Bloom driving alone in the mention of passengers being there and hurt. But TMZ has a different view. So which is right? Missing a few details in an accident is one thing, but it's a little odd that something like the AP would just happen not to notice that there were passengers, who were injured according to TMZ.

"Orlando Bloom In Minor Car Crash In L.A."

2510 days ago


And what has Miss Harvey Levin done for anyone but hersefff late-lee?!

2510 days ago


Leave Orlando alone! The accident wasn't his fault, there was no one badly hurt , what more do you want. He was driving ,got cut off and crashed into a parked car! End of story!

2510 days ago
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